Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Do you all like hair posts? I do! I have always loved working with hair. I wouldn’t say I’m that good at it but it was always fun. I am the oldest of three girls and we had hair stuff out the wazoo.

I have very fine hair but a lot of it. My hair styles the best if I wash at night, sleep on it, spritz a bit of water and brush it out, then style.

My favorite way to style my hair is to curl it. I have very stick straight hair naturally, but my hair does hold curl. Another advantage to washing at night is that I do not use many heat tools on my hair.

You can’t tell but I clip up each side with those old jaw clips.

I curl the bottom and I leave it alone with the exception of spraying a bit of hairspray.

I use a very old one inch barrel traditional curling iron. If it ain’t broke, don’t order a new one off of Amazon.

Then, I release the upper hair and curl.

Spray a bit more hairspray but leave it alone – this is my best tip to getting your curls to last. Now, go get dressed. Then, return to your mirror and use a pick or just your fingers to style it the way you want. This really only takes me about 7 minutes.

Recently, I have been itching to try out some new hair styles.

I did a headband one day.

I have a collection of headbands; none are from this season.

Headbands work best on me on second day hair. I think my hair needs to be a little flatter. So, I can curl my hair when it is fresh, then the next day, do this.

I still pick or comb it out and do a bit of water spritzing, then I add a couple of bottom curls.

And, another of my headbands. Place it back a bit and style some hair in front.

I picked up some 97 cents bobby pins and some $2.99 clip barrettes.

I do not know what I would do without my spray bottle. I keep it in the bathroom for hair and then in the summer I use it on the boat or at the beach. In fact, I am kinda famous for having a spray bottle now. My SIL Jessica taught me this trick for hot boat rides many years ago.

These hairstyles also work better on second day hair.

Take a very small piece of hair and twist then bobby pin in the desired place, groove side down. Did you know that the grooves are supposed to be down?

Example here:

Cute hair goals:

Covet on the Go from Instagram:

Pinterest Inspo:

What is your hair routine? Any favorite hairstyles? Any products you can’t live without?


27 thoughts on “A Hair Affair

  1. I have naturally thin and straight hair too but I was born with ringlet curls that lasted until I was nearly in grade school so my hair holds curl well too. In fact I get a perm once a year and it sustains me for the whole year so I really don’t have to do much with it at all. I wet it in the morning and use a diffuser on my blow dryer to dry it slightly while scrunching the hair with mouse or spray gel and then let it be. When it starts getting long between cuts I will French braid my hair or use headbands/ wraps but in the winter especially I prefer my hair down for a bit of added warmth.

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    1. I am the worst about shampoo and conditioner. I just don’t care about brands and I’m using Kroger brand right now!
      I do use not your mothers she’s a tease volumizing hairspray I get on amazon and I love it. I have been using it for a long time.
      I also use tresemme heat tamer before curling. That’s it. I would say just try a different brand and consider changing your part to a different side. That sometimes helps me.


  2. I have started going to a new hair girl, and she styled my hair so pretty with one inch barrel curling iron. I had a 1 1/2 in one. So I’ve been using a smaller barrel now. Hair and makeup are not my strong suits at all. Hadley knows more about both than I do (& I don’t let her leave the house in makeup 😂) I a few years ago, I finally started purchasing good shampoo (living proof or pureology) and have seen a difference in my hair. I’ve also finally started using a thermal protectant because my front layer tends to get split ends. Honestly, my hair has been the healthiest this year because I haven’t been styling it as much . I love hair and make up posts. I always like to see what others do.

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    1. The barrel size can make a difference! Hadley! Lol!
      I probably should use a better shampoo but I swear the lack of heat tools I use means my hair is super healthy. I do wash it too much probably. I’m trying to go every two days.

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      1. Somehow I’ve gotten to the point, where I can get by with 2 washes a week. I used to do every other day but then realized I could stretch between washes. Sometimes I used dry shampoo and sometimes I don’t. That being said, sometimes I go an extra day when I probably wouldn’t if I was going to school in front of 100 kids that day 😂

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  3. I started using Olaplex hair products close to 2 months ago and noticed a difference in my hair. I bought the smaller bottles of the shampoo and conditioner (3.3 oz) at $14.00 each and it’s still going strong. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and a little of the product goes a long way. You can definitely see the quality of this product and I recommend it. I follow Covet on the Go via Instagram too and I love her everyday elevated style. If you like her check out TheFancyAshley and honeywerehome,

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  4. Thank you for the hair inspo! I usually do a top knot. I got a new headband that I want to try soon. I love the side twist style on you! I have not been very successful with the barrettes. I think it is about placement and I can’t seem to get it right 😉

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  5. i love hair posts and if you want to “use up” some free time, you should check out you tube hair cutting videos if you haven’t already. talk about a rabbit hole, in the best possible way of course!
    you are lucky to have such thick hair and so much of it. i have always had fine thin hair and i can identify with your mention of hair products growing up. my twin sister and i had to try one of everything it seems! and we are still that way many years later. i lost my hair with chemo and when it came back it was like hair on someone else’s head it seemed. finer and thinner and wavy in all the wrong places! your headbands look so cute on you! i

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    1. I should do that! I always forget that everything is on YouTube! Oh, you have a twin sister! Love that! I have heard that hair comes back so different after chemo. Thank you for the compliment.


  6. Love your tips!
    Have I told you about “Life in Pieces” on Hulu? One of my current favorites- and Colleen on the show has super great hairstyles- check it out!

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  7. I also like to wash my hair at night. Washing, drying, styling all in a row rarely works for me in the morning. It takes too long and I can never quite get it dry enough.

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  8. I love hair posts because I have NO IDEA how people with straight hair do their hair. I usually wash my hair every day so it’s not frizzy from sweat/exercise, put a curling cream in it and air dry. It’s always a surprise to see what it looks like after an hour or so. I love your twist with a Bobby pin. I think I could do that. Have a great day! The

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