Thursday, January 28, 2021

I had already planned to do a Valentine’s post when I found out about a fun link up! Click here to get some more Valentine’s ideas!

  1. How do I show love? I think I am a words of affirmation, acts of service, and a giving gift person. I like to receive words of affirmation, too, I think.

2. Do I have any fun Valentine’s traditions? I have done different things in the past. I like to leave something next to my kids’ breakfast or dinner plates, I have packed something fun in their lunch, I have been room mom and planned fun activities, I have left something in hub’s car. Maybe I should do that this year!

Honestly, I am big on celebrating little milestones and holidays. I really hope that my boys remember those things or more importantly the way I made them feel through these little things.

3. Favorite Valentine’s Memory? I guess the first Valentine’s Day Tom and I were together; he gave me ski pants and we went skiing. We had been dating about six months.

4. Favorite Valentine’s Treat? Chocolate!

5. Do you wear Valentine’s fashions? Heck yes!

I had this sweatshirt custom made by a former student who started a business. The heart is metallic.

I also just pull out anything with pink or red!

Like this old Amazon Burberry-looking cardigan.

My new poncho from Jack for Christmas.

This bright red velvet top is a fun one to wear.

This really old Old Navy scarf is a fun item to wear. I have it with a long sleeve white t-shirt and a red vest.

I also have a couple of other scarves with pink and red and a white scarf that I can pair with something.

I couldn’t believe I had this many red/pink earrings!

Don’t forget the fun nail polish colors!

6. Valentine’s Day – like, love, or hard pass? I personally love it. I think it’s important to take any opportunity to show love. There isn’t enough love in the world!

7. What do you think is the most romantic song? I like the old classics like It’s a Wonderful World.

8. Dine out, take out, or cook this year? We hate crowds anyway, so we sometimes will go out a couple of days before and then cook the night of. One year I got heart shaped pizzas and that was fun. This year I am wanting to make something really special but I don’t have any ideas. It falls on a Sunday this year!

9. Pink or Red? Both!

10. Flowers or chocolates? Both!

My little Valentine’s touches around the house make me happy!

I love this sign and isn’t this the truth?

Other Fun Ideas:

-Pick up donuts

-Surprise with a Door Dash of a favorite food for lunch

-Surprise with an Amazon package

-a red charcuterie tray with all red foods?

-A bath for your child – run a bath with pink bubbles and bring the child a tray with a drink. I did this once and the boys loved it when they were like 8!

-Leave a surprise in your spouse’s car on Friday morning so they have a good day at work

-Serve breakfast in bed because it is a Sunday.

-Let each family member pick favorite food and have a wacky meal.

-Let each family member pick a favorite restaurant food and have a progressive dinner with take out food.

That’s all I’ve got! What about you?


19 thoughts on “My Pandemic Valentine

  1. Valentine isn’t that big over here… but I love all the sweets and candy! Sometimes I buy something small for the girls, like a hair clip or a bracelet with a heart…


  2. You have so many cute pink and red clothing items. I think it’s fun to celebrate Valentine’s but we aren’t in to big gifts, not my love language at all. Check out Cheryl’s cookies to send fun things to your boys at school. I sent mine each a box of Valentine’s cookies for $9.99 each with free shipping. Cheryl’s cookies are soooooooooo good!


    1. Thank you! Tom and I are mostly no gifts now because our gift is renovating! That is a great idea. I should send cookies. I’m so close that I don’t think to do that but they would like it.


  3. I LOVE your new sweatshirt. I need one of those. I knew you’d have great ideas! I love the idea of each family member choosing a favorite food and having a whacky meal. We got 3+ inches of snow. It’s so pretty and I’m officially sad we don’t have a snow day


    1. Thank you! The funny thing is that I cannot teach in sweatshirts or sweaters when we are in person because the heat is out of control in my room. So, I’m enjoying pulling these on for virtual.
      I think your age kids would love that meal idea! Oh, I miss that!
      We did, too! It is our best one this year! I think we would be so wrong if we never have the traditional snow day again. Stop talking about how you care about the kids’ mental health and then NOT giving a day off! Right?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your outfit with the Old Navy heart scarf. And oh my goodness, I love your extra ideas of fun ways to celebrate. My daughter would LOVE the pink bubble bath with a special drink. I might have to do that for her this year. And thank you for the reminder that I need more red nail polish. I’ve used mine all up!

    Liked by 1 person

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