Wednesday, July 28. 2021

Happy Hump Day! I am linking up today with The Style Six here!

I don’t have many outfits for you this week I’m sorry to say.

This is what I wore to dinner Thursday night – the black $13 Walmart dress, gold jewelry, and my cognac MIA clog sandals. We ate with Beth and Bob and Beth had on the same sandals. I should have gotten a photo of her outfit – all white – white jeans, white tank, and these sandals and she looked chic as always.

On Friday, I wore the yellow but didn’t take the time to adjust it for the photo, apparently. This time I made it more casual with gold Birks. The black is the most flattering of three colors I own. I have black, yellow, and a dark cornflower blue.

Monday for my professional development I wore this new blouse. I love the pattern. I wore it with the white Old Navy jeans that I frayed myself. By the end of the day they were so stretched out and looked frumpy. Do you all have that problem with Old Navy, too?

Tuesday for the professional development I wore the black dress but paired it with the gold Birks and my leopard headband.

O.k…. I have managed to not get on the Nordstrom website for their famous anniversary sale, but I have made two more purchases since we last spoke about new purchases – ha!

This first one is going to be controversial. Please don’t send me hate mail. I kind of think of the goose that lays the golden egg but then it makes me chuckle.

I purchased GOLD clogs from Lotta of Stockholm.

I warned you….the summer of 2021 is the summer of gold in my school wardrobe. Did I do this because of the Olympics? I don’t know. The summer of 2020 was the summer of red – remember my red saltwaters and my red clogs and my red Dr. Scholl’s? Yes, I do realize I have a problem. I am consistent, though.

I picture styling these gold clogs with my fun ruffle pants, skirts, dresses, and jeans.

And, I went to another TJ Maxx for some reason and found this Cynthia Rowley blouse. I thought it was super pretty.

What have you been wearing lately?

What have you purchased lately?

I can’t believe that one of my consignment stores is putting out fall stuff this week!

Thanks for reading and remember not to bully me about my GOLD clogs. Don’t they say “Go for the gold”?


17 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. AS long as you love your gold clogs that’s all that matters! I think your Old Navy stretched out because they’re too big, since you’ve lost weight you probably need to size down. Love the new blue and white blouse!

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    1. Thank you! I agree! It’s funny because they fit perfectly at first but then look too big! I ordered final sale J Crew white jeans for $19 and I’m close to fitting in them. Lol! But, I do think Old Navy stuff can do that based on the quality of their material. I haven’t shopped there in quite a while.
      Thank you – I love it, too!


  2. Of course you should have gold clogs! It makes you happy, right!? I’m still happy about my red ones (will I buy golden next summer? am I one year behind you? :-D)
    My summer purchases have been a long white shirt dress (fantastic in the heat! but can I wear it to school? don’t know…) and a short sleeved baby blue shirt – I’ve dressed for the warm weather!
    Are you free for a couple of days now? How was the professional development days? (in the church!)

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    1. Yes! Love someone who supports my purchases! That would be great if you were one year behind me! Those two purchases sound great! I’m free for a handful of days – the rest of the week and four days next week. Where did summer go? Why do we start so early?
      I’m really sad. We found out we go back in masks – everyone – vaccinated, too. It’s just put a damper on my attitude. I was so looking forward to a “normal”


  3. You know that clogs are the best…no matter what color they are, right? I also bought some new clogs for the fall…black suede….with a higher heel than I normally wear, but they are still comfortable. They are Danskos. Gold shoes are just fun!

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    1. I know you are my clog sister! I can’t do too high of a heel and this height seems about right – I need them to work for school! I want to see your new ones!


  4. Well, I did break my no shopping fast for a pair of pants (like I styled on Monday’s post) on ebay: had been looking for one for months as the company does not exist anymore. So back to no shopping till end of August. I have turned around the hangers of things I haven’t worn this year so I make sure I wear them: I tried them one and still like them but some of the things, I haven’t worn in 2 years! If it stays, it needs to be worn! Love that new blouse and your clogs will be fun to wear!


    1. That is o.k. in my book. My fast became a feast! Actually, I did much better than in summers past. All of my purchases were pretty well thought out.
      I love those pants! Are you a fan of Matilda Jane Big Ruffle pants? They are such good quality and you can probably find them on ebay. I have worn mine for maybe 4 years now at about $50 a pair retail. I found all of mine but a couple at consignment stores. You look fab in that outfit and you can tell that you feel fab, which is most important!


    1. Thank you, Sarah! Bright orange sounds so pretty! I think the black looks best because the line placement kind of bothers me or cuts me off. Oh well! There are much bigger problems! You, too!


  5. I’ve enjoyed seeing your gold shoes. You’ve inspired me to think about purchasing a pair. Maybe sandals or flats, we’ll see.


    1. Thank you, Ruth! I have sure worn them the most this summer! I think a good argument can be made for a metallic shoe in a shoe wardrobe. I think bronze, silver, or gold depending on what jewelry you wear can be super useful! And, metallics are fun! LIfe is too short to not have fun in your clothing!


  6. I love the clogs, I bet every time you put them on they make you smile!
    I have the same problem with Old Navy jeans and every time I buy a pair I say never again, but I do it again! Have a great rest or your Wednesday


  7. So I bought THE DRESS and am wondering if it shrinks? The medium fits and looks better, but if it shrinks I worry it could annoy me along the shoulder seam … TIA for any feedback 😉


    1. OOOOHHH! I don’t think I will wash mine, but rather spot clean it? I don’t think I will iron it either because of the material. I will spray Downy Wrinkle Release.


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