Monday, January 11, 2021

Hello to you and hello to Monday! I hope I can keep this post from being too long as I am linking up with Hello Monday here and Not Just a Mom here.

I want to apologize for being a bit down last week. I am feeling more positive now for a couple of reasons. January is flying by and it is my least favorite month and I am seeing real progress in our days staying light out later. Also, I think it was probably good for me to get back in my routine and I had a pretty good first virtual school week back after break.

Also, you know you aren’t dressed yet, right?

Participate in my wardrobe challenge!

Today – blouse and long necklace – I know it’s Monday but dress the way you want to feel, right?

Tuesday – jeans that you haven’t worn in a while

Wednesday – scarf

Thursday -t- shirt with cardigan

Friday – plaid

Do one; do all. The point is to wear what you have in your closet and to help you get dressed to be productive each day. I will show you what I wore after the week is over.

Friday morning is one of my days that I start teaching early (so I wasn’t able to go out in it right away) but it was still nice to wake up to a bit of snow!

You can tell that it started getting lighter out in the later photos. So pretty!

Friday called for my favorite top of the winter I would say… the Aerie pullover.

Ernie got a little lunch time snow walk. He had already had a morning snow walk with his Dad.

And, then I stopped taking photos for the day on Friday! The kids had a Covid test that was mandatory for moving in on campus – both were negative. Mason went ahead and moved in on Friday afternoon because he is in a play(that will be recorded) and had rehearsal Friday night from 6-10, Saturday 10-10 (ended up getting done much earlier), and Sunday 10-10. Wow!

Tom, Jack, and I had pizza for dinner and watched some t.v. Jack is still at home with us because he is changing dorms. I am very happy about this; he will be in a single room in the same dorm as Mason for this semester. The dorm is a little nicer and the rooms are a little larger. So, the room had to be sanitized from the student who moved out. I am guessing that student is commuting now or moving to another dorm, too. So, I think his new room will be ready today or tomorrow. He still has his old room if needed. But, classes are online for the first week.

Saturday morning I read a bit of this. I had read it before but I remembered it and requested it again. I am kind of skimming it. It is kind of along the lines of The Happiness Project about making the most of what you have and being content and grateful. I love this kind of stuff.

Then, I went to Kroger at 8:00 a.m. I had not been inside in weeks. I did not get a big load because I had already done a pick up earlier in the week; I just needed a few things.

Not only is the Valentine stuff out in full force, but there is also Easter stuff! Hold the phone!

I picked up some 97 cent bobby pins and some little clips for $2.99.

Also, I am not really married to a particular shampoo right now and I saw these for $2.99 each and thought I would try them out. I am a fan so far!

Trigger Alert:

Cooked chicken coming your way…

I prepped chicken for a couple of recipes – blog post coming soon. This chicken is way better than rotisserie with way more flavor and I think I can cook it faster than I can get the meat off of the rotisserie chicken. That gel on the bottom of the rotisserie wigs me out. What is that? I have made some big claims here, I know, but I will show you my way very soon…stay tuned.

I made some Chex Mix.

I did some Zumba. I discovered that there are some free workout shows on Amazon Prime Video.

And, I learned something amazing. I asked my friends on Facebook for coffee maker suggestions earlier in the week because I think my Keurig is on its last leg. I have thought this before, too. It is 8 years old and the original model. One of my friends told me about this $12 gadget on Amazon by Melitta. It is super easy and I think I really like it! You put this little filter think on top of your cup, insert a paper filter, put 2 T. of finely ground coffee, then pour boiling water that has been left to sit for 2 minutes into the cone slowly while swirling it around the whole filter and then you have a cup of coffee. I decided to try this before investing in another Keurig or a Nespresso. Any thoughts on coffee makers? I am the only coffee drinker in the house and I drink 2 cups every morning and sometimes do an afternoon cup.

A wonderful surprise happened in the afternoon – Mason texted and said he was done with rehearsal and he would like to eat with us. He loves his roommate but his roommate was gone for the weekend and I think maybe Mason wanted to take advantage of home life a little longer.

We picked up Joella’s Chicken and had one last family of four meal for awhile.

Ernie also likes Joella’s chicken.

I watched a bit of The Proposal after dinner and then we watched a bit of Gilmore Girls. Now Jack is getting Mason into it and telling him how good the acting and the dialogue is. I may have two actors in the family. They talk about camera angles and stuff like that, too.

Sunday morning Mason had rehearsal again. I went to The Dollar Tree and Target but didn’t buy much. I realized Valentine’s is only a month away and I need to do my decor soon. There is a lot of good stuff at The Dollar Tree, by the way.

O.k, folks, the next strange pandemic shortage is chopped green chilies. I am sorry to be the one to tell you this. I use them in my breakfast casserole and in my soups and a few other things. First was the toilet paper and now is the green chilies. They were not to be found at Kroger and Target was my second and final stop. Kroger had a dramatic sign up telling us about their absence.

Target has a Black History Month section which I thought was cool.

The rest of Sunday I did meal prep for the week, tv show watching, blog work, and school work. I also did laundry and cleaning both days.

Now, for the Not Just a Mom link up. This month the topic relates to being cozy and small comforts. I am big on this and talk about this often. I learned about Hygge a few years ago and it really made sense and helped me embrace winter. I love having four distinct seasons but there is something I don’t like about each of them and something I love about each of them.

My ultimate goal for my home is for it to be cozy and a place of comfort. Have you ever been to someone’s home and thought, “how do they lay on this couch and eat chips?” I have.

I think so many things can make a home cozy and the people in them cozy. “Cozy” is a very funny word. How many times can I say “cozy”?

I love twinkle lights. Lighting can really create a comforting vibe.

I love warm drinks to make me feel cozy. This was a hot toddy at a restaurant but I have made bourbon hot chocolate at home. I would like to learn some more hot beverages.

I even think smells can make you feel cozy. When I made apple butter in the crockpot this fall it was such a comforting homey smell.

I prefer natural smells, but I don’t find Glad Cashmere Woods to smell artificial at all. In fact, I took a break from this scent from last winter/spring until this winter and when I recently plugged this puppy in I got the best feeling. It is currently in my closet and that is it for now. I also have the candle I will start lighting soon.

A fire indoors or outdoors is the ultimate in feeling cozy. We love our Solo Stove and have used it at least 20 times since we got it.

I think a sectional is the bee’s knees in cozy furniture.

Last winter we bought a new “winter” bedspread at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Did you know they carry Ugg for home? This comforter is by Ugg and the underlayer is faux sheepskin. OMG! It is wonderful! We liked it so much we used it in the summer, too. Ernie also likes it. Yes, we are dog on the bed type of people. And, that in and of itself is cozy! Have you ever had your feet warmed by a 90 pound chocolate lab? There is a “dog sheet” on top but as you can see Ernie doesn’t let little things like that affect his comfort.

This fall I started “Soup Sundays”. I make a bowl of soup on Sunday and we have it for dinner that night; then I eat it for lunch a few more days.

Last week we had cabbage vegetable soup with kielbasa.

Yesterday I made tortilla soup.

I am also very big on nice feeling fabrics. If something is itchy or not soft enough I won’t buy it. Slippers and robes are also a way to give yourself a small comfort at home. Many small comforts don’t have to cost much money, either. There is nothing like taking a shower at night and getting into a bed with clean sheets.

How was your weekend? What are your favorite small comforts?


30 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Not Just a Mom – Cozy Edition

  1. For some reason, January isn’t my favorite month either. I always feel so out of sorts with new routines and the New Year! Yay for the negative tests! Wishing your boys safe moves back to their dorms! I agree, twinkly lights are so soothing and comforting to me! Maybe its because they remind me of Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate to wish a month away, you know? But, I always breathe a sigh of relief when February makes it here. Thank you – yes, I didn’t expect positive tests but it was still nice to hear. Luckily for this mom they are only 20 minutes away. It makes things easier. I think we need to twinkle lights until it starts staying light out later. I plan to incorporate them in my Valentines mantel, too!
      Good luck with online school!


  2. Oh January!!! LOve the idea of christmas lights… i should have left some up for January!!! Was wondering if the Ugg bedding was good from BBB…. So nice that you had some cozy times with your boys!


  3. I love the the hygge approach to life in the winter. Twinkle lights are still important to me after Xmas, too. Have to bring some cozy light inside, you know. My family makes fun of me, but I actually try to have a “cozy hour” most days in the winter. I make some hot tea, light a candle, sit in my chair that has a sheepskin draped over it, and watch the birds out of the window. So good for the soul, and I great practice to survive winter. 🙂


  4. Funny you couldn’t find green chilies because we can’t find green enchilada sauce here! Cans of red everywhere but no green. Spices are also pretty limited since more people are probably cooking at home. I finally found chili powder yesterday.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We didn’t get any snow, so it must have stayed to the west. So pretty! I love that you had both your boys home for a bit longer and that they will be in the same dorm. Last semester, were they able to see each other much since they were in different dorms? I’m thinking you mentioned students couldn’t hang out in other dorms? I love all your cozy ideas. We are dog in the bed people too…whether we want to be or not 😂Homer likes to sleep right between us. Haha The comforter sounds amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wished it had snowed Saturday but it did stick around a bit. They can’t even visit from floor to floor in same dorm! They hardly saw each other at all and that was so hard. I think they know they can and need to come home more to be together this semester. It’s so sad and not what college should be, but I commend their college for staying safe and for their strict protocols.
      Awww Homer!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The snow looks so wonderful! I was excited because it was cooler here this weekend and that was so nice. I love twinkle lights – everywhere – they do make things feel cozy. I am anxious to hear about your chicken prep too and what you decide about your coffee. I had a Keurig and decided not to replace it when it started acting up. I am the only coffee drinker in the house and use a cheap little coffee pot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I always miss them, too! If you go back to my Prime Purchases post last week I found a 4 pack of fairy lights that run on batteries and that are bendable to put around things? If that makes sense?
      Thank you for doing the link up!


  7. I just have to make sure I shower early enough that hair is mostly dry or else crawling into bed actually feels freezing when my cold wet hair hits my neck. LOL. I can’t to hear your chicken tip– I make tons of chicken all the time for snacking, for recipes, for my picky eaters, etc.


    1. Yes, I shower around 7 and my hair is mostly dry by bedtime. O.k. – my chicken tip is coming tomorrow and I hope I have not oversold it! Ha! I do, too, I seem to always need chicken for my recipes.


  8. Loving My Actual Life is on my to-read list! I loved the Happiness Project so it sounds like Loving My Actual Life will be right up my alley. Thanks for linking up with us today!


    1. I think it is more suited to those with small children so I think you will like it, Lauren! Nothing can beat The Happiness Project for me. But, I love anything that helps you feel content and grateful for the life you are living and maybe gives you a hack or a tip along the way. Thank you for providing the link up!


    1. Thank you! Thank you – It is actually a faux leather ottoman that opens for storage – blankets, pillows, etc. It is seriously like 12 years old. I really cannot remember where we found it but I know Tom found it. He is super picky about furniture and I always like what he picks. Kinda weird, right? But, he works in construction and has seen lots of design elements.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m not sure when I found your blog, 2019? but I really enjoy it. I am SO WITH YOU on the rotisserie chicken goo! To be fair, when we wrap up leftover chicken that we’ve grilled we’ll see some of that, but come on …. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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