Friday, October 2, 2020

Linking up with Andrea, etc. here!

My first favorite is that I am off today! I am going to try to not even look at my computer! I am off because this was on our original calendar as a flexible professional development day – teachers can work it ahead of time. So, I did that. It is a flex day because it is the weekend of the huge St. James Art Fair here in Louisville that is not happening this year because of 2020 and nothing happening anymore! The students have off today and Monday so it is like a mini fall break. Monday is our virtual parent teacher conference day. That should be interesting…

My next favorite is my first PSL of this year! I had to go out in the rain around 3:00 (unplanned) and I thought I would treat myself. I just got a tall and it was perfect!

Here is the reason I had to go out in the rain – hub locked his keys in his truck at work. Does anyone want to know how many times he has done this? No, o.k.! Anyway, I got a PSL out of it and it was my almost daily trip out of the house in the car for the day.

Ernie enjoyed a rainy 11:00 am walk one day this week. Our walks are so good for me to break up the work day.

Not just a favorite, but the highlight of my week was this:

My friend met me at Gravely Brewing Co. for happy hour. We sat on the rooftop deck and had a nice visit. I had been before but did not realize they had this space. They were super strict about masks on until you got to your table. They had really good safety protocols in place. They not only have beer and cocktails, but also have a permanent Mexican food truck.

We split some guacamole. Later we ordered tacos for her and burrito for me. It sprinkled a few times but the sun came out and it felt amazing. I love this weather!

And, on the way home I was treated to this!

And, here are some more random favorites from the week:

I have been sitting on my patio in the evenings during the week and not just on weekends.

And, even though it has gotten chilly in the mornings, I am still trying to have my coffee there most days, too.

I have been looking for the plain flavor of these for forever – like a year. I did not want to try apple cinnamon. I finally found these in my Kroger. 50 calories for one roller and it tastes like Sugar Smacks cereal! I am obsessed!

I got my flu shot this week at Target and it was free with my insurance card plus I got a $5 coupon! Have you gotten your flu shot yet?

I made the pumpkin pasta dish from Jen from Show Me and Sweet Tea blog here! I wish I had had the good parmesan. I thought I had a block of it but I did not – so I used some of the bag stuff. It was like something you would have at a restaurant! It was also my first time using whole wheat pasta and I really dug it!

What were your favorites this week? I hope you will read my Fall Goals post from yesterday if you missed it here! I also talked about fall nails here! And, Wednesday WordPress failed me but you can still see my outfits and a couple of new purchases here.

I hope you had a great week and I hope you have a great first weekend of fall! I really appreciate you visiting my little space!


21 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. How nice for you to have a mini break! Enjoy! I have one week of Fall break in three weeks, it will be divine!
    You shared really nice things, thank you! The pasta looks great, but we don’t use pumpkin over here. You can find it in the store, but people only buy it for decoration. I wonder if our Starbucks even sell PSL? I have to check it. Is it good? What does it taste like?

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    1. I only get 3 days but I will take it! Thank you! I love pumpkin. Have you ever had an American pumpkin pie? If you like squash and zucchini you might like. Yes, check out your Starbucks and let me know!


    1. I’m so jealous! I would love to do a weekend away – I need to plan something. You will love the weather and rooftop bars – hope you get the best weather!


  2. I’ve heard people talk about the rollers…but wasn’t sure where to get them. Then, I saw those at my Kroger this week. I didn’t pick them up but will next time! So glad you enjoyed the pasta and PSL. I tried Starbucks coffee with a pump of pumpkin and creamer and it hit the spot. Felt like a lighter version of PSL but probably not too different. Enjoy your day off today

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    1. If you liked/Sugar Smacks you will like these! I really love all things pumpkin and I’m tempted to buy a Costco pumpkin pie and freeze it!
      Thank you and hope you enjoyed fall break!

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  3. My favorite this week is evening walks with my dog since it is cooling down a bit when the sun goes down. I’ve not had a PSL yet but am enjoying the PS cold brews! Have a great day off!

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  4. We are heading back to our Happy Place but just for the night. need to put back all the garage stuff! My happy was we ordered our California closets for the beach house garage, our master closet and my pantry! We have them in our Tulare home and love them. A purchase we have NEVER regretted so I am super excited they came in under our budget and will get installed by 2nd week of December. Be here before we know it. I wish we had rain here SOOOOOO BADLY I wish for it. Sadly, the air quality is awful and even over at the beach it is super hot and that stinks. At least the ocean breeze can help somewhat when the sun goes down. No one has AC over there but in recent years, we have needed to more then ever. Ok well have a great weekend and enjoy the weather. I hope we cool off eventually. FALL……I NEED YOU! LOL

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    1. We priced out Closets by Design and OMG! But so worth it I know! My husband ended up getting a really good deal on a nice enough system for our master closets.
      I love rain and so does one of my sons. I once went camping in the rain and the sound on the tent was so nice and it was waterproof!
      You guys seem to be having an unseasonably hot year? And the fires! I love my four seasons but we do pay for it in the winter with some extreme cold.
      Good luck getting your garage put back together!


  5. One of the best things about owning a Ford/Lincoln vehicle is the KEYPAD!!! You can lock your keys in the vehicle on purpose and still get in. I love those rollers. And, yes, they do taste just like honey smacks cereal!!! I have NEVER gotten a flu shot. I really am on the fence about getting one this year. I really don’t think that I will.

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    1. Next car – I will make sure! He is so bad! He even has a key wired under the body and can’t find it! The rollers are so good! Never? Since I’m a teacher they have always pushed it and given them to us at school!


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