Thursday, October 1, 2020

Do you make a seasonal list? I really like to do this. It keeps me accountable and helps me to be intentional about my free time. I miss having little kids and getting to do kid stuff! Most of the things on my list are for my husband and I to do together or with friends. I am really trying to focus on what I can still do during the pandemic, instead of what I cannot do. I think it helps my mindset.

Fall evening boat ride with charcuterie and another couple?

Have people over for chili on patio

Treat myself to a couple of pumpkin spice lattes! (Had my first one on Monday!)

Attempt to wear my black felt hat somewhere!

Watch my high school’s home football games – three coming up in October and November.

Go somewhere to watch a UK football game – outside on a patio at a restaurant or a home of a friend. Anyone want to invite me?

Make a German Oktoberfest meal – maybe with friends?

Do something for Halloween? It does fall on a Saturday this year? Maybe I can just do something on my patio?

Sit by the river at The River House (a seafood restaurant on the river) with their fire pit.

Go to new charcuterie restaurant that I just heard about with a huge outdoor area

Go to outdoor flea market

Make apple and pumpkin recipes

Make apple sangria

Start Soup Sundays

Celebrate my birthday as much as I can – but definitely one day with my hub and boys and hopefully with a dinner out with my two besties and their hubs. We made a pact to go out three times – this past weekend for one, October 16 for one, and then early November for mine.

Get my half off Kendra Scott piece during my birthday month of November. Below is what I am considering!

Start Christmas shopping

Figure out how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving

Any other ideas for me?

What is on your fall list?


11 thoughts on “Fall Goals

  1. Yes, I guess I have some things I like to do every fall, even though I don’t write them down. Fall always go by so quickly, don’t you think!? I can’t believe it’s October!
    Halloween isn’t very big in Sweden, but it is on the same weekend as a very old Swedish holiday called All Saints’ Eve (or something like that). It’s a night where you visit the graves of your loved ones, all the graveyards are drenched in candles and it’s really beautiful and moving. We have a tradition where we go to a really cozy glasshouse café by a river after the graveyard – dark, candles, city lights in the river… you know! I really look forward to that!
    At 6 pm my daughter is home on weekend leave! It will be a blast! She’s ordered pork chops with pasta and bearnaise… a favorite around here.
    Have a lovely day! (btw, I could read your post from yesterday, since I get the posts on e-mail!)


    1. I can’t either! We don’t know what Halloween will look like – probably no trick or treating. We have All Saints Day. Your tradition sounds like Mexico’s Day of the Dead! That café sounds awesome!
      I am so happy you get to see daughter and cook for her! I bet she will have stories but will want to sleep a lot!
      I’m glad you could read my post – technology!


  2. Great fall list. I am also going to try to do a few of the things you listed. Like celebrating Oktoberfest with a meal, apple & pumpkin dishes & drinks, enjoy pizza (Oct is pizza month), & watch halloween-ish movies.

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    1. Thank you! Ooooh – you just gave me an excuse to eat pizza! I am trying to watch the fall Hallmark movies but they are so cheesy! Lol!
      Thanks for commenting!


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