Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I love darker nail colors! And, it is about that time!

I did not purchase anything new for this post, but rather, I got out my old faves. I have been loving Essie for fingers lately. The brush is tiny but it helps you to not make too big of a mess.

Left to right:

I love burgundy/wines, greys, green-greys, and navy! I also have included a metallic.

OPI We the Female (a burgundy with a bit more of a brick red tone)

Essie Wrapped in Rubies (a nice gold glitter mixed in with the burgundy)

Essie Wicked (a super dark burgundy)

Essie Exposed (this is the one I saw on my friend and had to have – a grey/green)

Essie Smokin’Hot (a grey-lavender in the bottle but looks darker on with two coats. This is what I will show you below)

Essie Penny Talk (a nice metallic gold)

Essie Dressed to the Nineties (currently have this on my toes)

Now, you do not have to go out and buy these brands. You may prefer a different brand and can simply use these colors for inspiration.

Tip: Put a tiny drop of remover in a polish bottle and shake, shake, shake for best results. The polish will come out smoother instead of clumpy.

Help! I hope you can see from the photo below. I am waking up with hair marks? in my manicure. I follow with a shiny top coat and I wake up to a dull and scratched up mani. I polished at 3 p.m. Saturday and did not go to bed until 11. That would give me 8 hours of drying time. What am I doing wrong?

What are your favorite fall nail colors and favorite brands? Are you a polish girl or a natural girl?


14 thoughts on “Fall Nail Colors and Help Needed!

  1. Ow, that’s annoying! But I guess you should use thinner layers? And change your top coat! Is that really Seche vite…? (the best!)
    I envy your Essie stash! It’s so expensive here! Like 13 dollars! At TJMax I payed 3 dollars…
    No, too early for fall colors… I’m wearing pastel apricot right now, but my nails are a mess… the length is ok, but they split and then the color falls off….
    Always nail polish! I love all colors, but try to be a bit seasonal.


    1. I do use pretty thin layers! I must sleep like an animal is all I can think? I have been using OPI top coat but Seche Vite is really good. I have an old bottle. Most of the Essie here are about half of that – $7 ish dollars. The TJ Maxx polish is sometimes a great deal!
      It has felt very fall here – thus the fall colors!
      My nails are the healthiest they have been in years! I keep them pretty short and squareish and I think that helps.
      I love polished nails but hate when they start to look bad.


      1. Haha! Maybe you roll around like crazy!
        Do you really have fall…? I don’t believe you… Boating and sittin outside in the evening – that’s not fall! ;-D
        Yeah, maybe I should wear my nails shorter… Feels like I’ve tried everything…. But you should see my nails after a Florida summer! Sun is medicine!
        Chipping nail polish is not nice… Especially with darker nails.
        I’m jealous of your four day week! Enjoy!


  2. You have to let each thin layer of polish dry completely before putting on the next layer. The top of each layer may feel dry but it is probably still wet underneath. Ample time for each layer and no quick dry top coat. Maybe this will help. I had been getting my nails dipped for over two years consistently until Covid shut down nail salons. I have not returned to the nail salon.(not because of Covid) My nails look pitiful but I don’t think I will return to keeping them “done” all of the time. But who knows?? And I love wearing dark colors in fall/winter!

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    1. I feel like I am doing that but maybe I’m not! Good tip! And that is how the pros do it with very thin layers. My nails look so bad without polish and my hands look like “man hands”!


  3. Seche Vite has never worked for me. With either dry time or wear time.

    You know, what I’ve had really good luck with is the Sally Hanson gel polish and topcoat.!

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    1. I haven’t used my Seche Vite for a long time and I think it may be too old.
      I think the problem with the SH is the brush is so darn big! I do have her shiny top coat so maybe I will try that.


  4. Wow, that is a long time to dry and still get marks on your nails. I don’t have a tip other than to do thinner layers of polish as others have commented. Love all the colors.

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  5. I just picked up 3 fall colors with my flu shot coupon at CVS! I am still wearing my new favorite Essie Talk To The Sand from the summer collection but I think I’m ready to go fall soon. I like orangy/rusty colors now and then will wear burgundy colors later in October and November.

    I hate when that happens with sleeping. I’ve started using essie’s good to go top coat after years of their gel setter and I really like it. Shiny and easy to apply. Have a great day!


    1. Nice! I love orange/rusty and burgundy! My Sally Hansen shine is doing well so I think my OPI top coat was the culprit! I will have to look for that top coat. I would love to dip my nails again. I just don’t know if I should!


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