Monday, October 5, 2020

I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and others here. This is going to be short and sweet because I am writing this at 6:30 Sunday before my college girls dinner!

I had the day off Friday and today is Parent Teacher Conference – virtually – so I get a bit of a break today. I will be using all of my down time for planning for the upcoming week, though!

Friday I checked a big thing off of my list and did the eye doctor. I ordered glasses and prescription sunglasses and I will show you everything when it comes in.

Hub asked if I wanted to meet him at a Cuban restaurant on the patio for lunch. It was a bit chilly but in the sun we were fine.

I had salad and hub had a sampler plate. Yum!

And, honestly, I went home around 12:30 and did not go out again! I read on the patio, watched Emily in Paris on the patio, and just relaxed and it was much needed!

I had a pumpkin spice (homemade) in the afternoon.

Saturday the highlight was seeing one of my sons. He was doing a monologue in the park for his community theatre. I took some photos of the beautiful structures.

Son ordered chicken and waffles at a little cafe and hub had a sandwich. I had already eaten because it was 3:00 so I just had a

peach beer! Yum!

and then we got Graeters ice cream. A kid scoop is enough for me – chocolate toffee chip.

Saturday evening Tom and I had a fire and watched some shows on the patio.

And, Sunday I gave up on Lucky Dog and started Bringing Down the Duke and I read most of the day Sunday except for picking up groceries and cleaning. The book is rated R but I am loving it!

I took your advice and did really thin coats and then I used Sally Hansen Shine topcoat and it worked! Thank you!

I also made a daytime fire – all by myself because it was perfect weather for it! I need to do this more!

By the way, we really love our Solo Stove!

What was your highlight?

I would love to know!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Looks like a perfect weekend. I’m glad you enjoyed your Friday off! Doing things like eating out for lunch on a Friday makes the day feel so special! The peach beer sounds yummy. Have a great day! (My highlight of the weekend was seeing my mom and gma) 😃

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    1. It really does make it feel special! The peach beer was surprisingly good!
      You are lucky to still have a grandma and that time was a blessing I know!
      I have a rec for you tomorrow in my blog post. Target men’s section quilted pullover by Goodfellows brand. Melanie Shankle recommended it on podcast and likes it more than her Patagonia! I know you like stuff like this!

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  2. A fire, a book and a cozy drink? My idea of heaven!! We finished Away on Netflix (so good) and watched the first 2 episodes of Emily in Paris, especially love the Paris scenery in it.
    Happy Monday!


  3. Tell us more about your solo stove!!! I might need one!! 🙂
    I love your blog! Your photos are so fun!!
    I , too, have a son who is a Freshman at college in St. Paul, MN. He is loving it and so happy! He is an hour away from us.

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    1. Hi Michelle! Hub bought the Solo Stove last November for like $300. It isn’t huge but it keeps smoke down and I can move it and start it myself. We just use Firestarter and wood.
      Thank you for the sweet compliments. How are you doing with son gone? It makes it better that he is happy!


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