Monday, July 5, 2020

Hi guys! How does this Monday find you? I like summer Mondays. This is the day I use to lay pretty low, do my weekend laundry, make phone calls and get weekly tasks scheduled. I am linking up with Heather, Tanya and other so go right here.

Today I am excited because I have rugs arriving! I finally found an area rug and matching runner that I think will work for my Master bedroom. I bought it from Boutique Rugs online and I was able to pay through my Amazon account. It is really hard buying a rug without seeing and feeling it but I’m crossing my fingers. I also have a Dinnerly box arriving for the first time in a few weeks (I took a break to use up freezer supplies). I am going to try and follow their recipes instead of being a rebel.

Let’s go back to last Thursday as I do my Friday post a bit early.

Thursday morning and most mornings I did my morning routine outside as the sun was coming up. I cannot sleep in, you all. I just can’t! What is wrong with me? I was just reflecting with my husband that a year ago I couldn’t even enjoy the old lower patio because it was full of construction stuff. There was wood and supplies all over my driveway, I had no back door, and there was loud work every day last summer practically! So, even in the midst of what is going on or maybe moreso I am happy to have this space.

I met my friend B on a patio for brunch at a relatively new place called Biscuit Belly. We had to go in to order and we wore masks – most people did and there were only 4 others there. Then, they brought our food to the patio. I got a tequila sunrise. Is 10 a.m. too early to drink tequila? It has the word “sunrise” in the name, o.k.?

B got a Bloody Mary and it had tiny little biscuits on top! So cute! I wish I liked Bloody Marys but I do not!

We both got the “basic biscuit” with bacon, egg, and cheese, and a sauce that I got on the side. I guess we are basic! It was meh. The biscuit really wasn’t that good in my opinion. I think I like McDonald’s better. Now, you are really judging me for the morning tequila and that statement.

I went to my friend’s store last week and this is the tie-dye mask that I showed you. The fabric rather than elastic around the ears is much more comfortable.

Thursday night was homemade pizza night! I did two pizzas and did a combo bbq carnitas and cheese and the other was pepperoni. I needed more cheese! Don’t worry I added some of the shredded stuff. This was the good mozzarella! This is the “skinny biz pizza crust recipe” you can google if you are interested.

I made a red, white, and blue sangria-ish drink just for me. I used frozen strawberries and blueberries, pinot grigio, and 1/3 can of strawberry Fresca. It wasn’t sweet enough (and I do not like super sweet drinks at all) because the Fresca is simply a sparkling soda water so I added my favorite cocktail ingredient Crystal Light lemonade powder – only about 1/3 of a stick and this became sooooo good!

Friday Tom was off and he went paddleboarding on the river in the morning. He ended up having to help tow someone’s boat to shore. I went to Fresh Market for a couple of things and it was too crowded. I high-tailed it out of there. I had done my Kroger pick up on Thursday (this seems to be my normal day now?) and I guess people were crowding all the grocery stores for the holiday weekend. Someone posted a crazy line at Costco on Facebook. I was glad I shopped early.

It was so hot and was going to be all weekend, but I got motivated and Tom and I took the boat out around 2 and stayed out until 6ish. I was so relaxed. I haven’t felt the normal summer relaxation that kicks in mid-June. Maybe it’s because of all the anxiety around us. Anyone else?

The relaxation could’ve been in part due to the bourbon slush I brought on board. I stopped at the gas station by our house for an Ale 8 (like ginger ale) slush for Tom and I pilfered some to go with some bourbon. I do want you to know, though, that I have had many non-cocktail days lately. I have been having one drink maybe 3 days a week. My beverage of choice is water. I am really trying to drink more!

I must have my spray bottle. I went to the river with very wet hair which really helped me stay cool and then I used this to keep cool.

After several days cooking, we decided to get Mexican take out with the boys. We ate together at home and watched Scrubs. This is what we are currently watching as a family. I set out all of my 4th of July supplies for the next day even though I had no plans.

This is the boys’ fave arroz con pollo. I ordered two portions but they could’ve split one. Soo much food!

I did get my car washed in the morning. My car looked sooo bad. I used to be afraid to go in the car wash alone. I was afraid I would mess up the directions. I thought it would be much like the one and only time I tried a spray tanning booth. I couldn’t figure out or remember the directions and I got sprayed in the mouth. It was very similar to Ross’s experience on Friends except without the dark tan.

I also found all of my festive clothing. A girl can dream of a day with plans, right?

I made my traditional pretzel rolo things.

And, Saturday on the 4th Tom and I went back out in the heat again for a few hours.

I packed a portable charcuterie boat picnic.

We came home and I made a home charcuterie for appetizers.

and baked ziti for dinner. It was definitely not a traditional 4th. A friend invited us out on their boat for fireworks but I knew it would be a late night and we would be really close to other people so I turned it down.

Mason had a outside party to go to after dinner. Jack hung out with us and then I found one of my favorite movies The Holiday. I love the Jude Law and Cameron Diaz scenes in England the most.

Sunday seemed to be the hottest day of all. Tom did a 2 hour bike ride, then mowed and did yard work. I worked inside on some organizing and then re-read some magazines before recycling or giving away while my ceiling fan was going.

I am not really into this. I’m trying…

I got Disney + for a month for just me – no one else was interested – and watched half of Hamilton Sunday after lunch. It’s a commitment. I knew basically nothing other than the premise. It’s kind of weird watching a musical recorded as a movie. A friend gave me a tip to put the captions on and that has been helpful to not miss anything. Can you believe my actor/singer son is not interested?

For dinner, I made an entree salad with homemade bread. One of my goals was to eat more big salads for dinner and everyone loved this. I used iceberg, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, ham, hardboiled egg, bacon, cheese, the everything lemon pepper chicken recipe from Carolina Charm blog, homemade croutons from older bread, and homemade honey mustard dressing. Who am I?

After dinner, I filled up my bird feeders – they are eating us out of house and home! Immediately a cardinal came – Tom and I were wondering how they know to come check to see if was full again?

And, I have one hydrangea bloom – it’s way back there and you can barely see it!

How was your weekend? Did you socialize? Did you follow your annual traditions?

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Thanks Amy, so much fun and I agree on everything! 😀 I love the McMuffin! When we’re in Florida (WHEN, we’re in Florida…) we often have it for breakfast!
    Oh, the cardinal is beautiful! I don’t think we have it in Europe?
    The Hamilton craze is of course not as big over here (it’s your history!), but I would really like to see it. I agree, musicals on tv is a bit strange… We finished You yesterday, what a twist in the end!! I have to find a new show now. Have you seen Secrets and Lies? The first season with Ryan Philippe was really good, I think we will give season 2 a shot.
    We’re in the city for a couple of days, the weather is really bad… A fun thing is that I suddenly appreciate the city and our wonderful apartment so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love an egg McMuffin! Could you make it there? Do you have English muffins and Canadian bacon? The cardinal is beautiful! It is supposed to be a symbol from a loved one who has passed so it might have been my Dad.
      Hamilton is very modern with lots of rap and lots of slang. I will try to finish it today. I may need to watch it again.
      Did you think You 2 was better? I loved her clothes. I have not seen secrets and lies. I will look for it. Have you watched New Girl? It’s so funny.
      This gives you new perspective on your city and your apartment! I’m sorry you have bad weather! Ours is 90s for next several days.


      1. Well, I can go to McDonald’s! 😀 But you cannot buy the muffin in our stores. You could always bake it, but… It’s quite similar to scones, and that’s much easier to bake.
        Whenever a magpie turns up I think it’s my mum! Especially at the cabin, since she loved that place.
        I don’t know which season of You I prefer… They are both good! But I do love New York (even if I’ve only been once). Yes, New Girl is good!
        Today’s problem: where are we going for lunch!?


      2. Oh yes! Haha! I need to look up what a magpie looks like. It’s a nice thought.
        I don’t usually like dark stuff like You but it’s so well done.
        I hardly ever go to lunch. My husband goes out every day again with his co-workers.


      3. In Sweden many restaurants have special lunch offerings, really nice. And we do need some cheering up! haha! I think all four of us will go to a really good mall that we have 10 minutes from here with car. It’s actually a big mall, even compared to American standard…! Me and husband were there a couple of days ago, and it’s actually quite crowded, strange… A few with masks, warning signs everywhere, hand sanitizer everywhere… but people really seem to go on as usual. Except for traveling of course! Swedes are huge travelers, I saw statistics that 70 % travel abroad a normal summer. But this year we’re all stuck here, it’s surreal!

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  2. I started Hamilton yesterday but had a hard time getting into it and it is a huge commitment. I think I need to see it in person to really enjoy it.
    That big salad you made for dinner looks so good – yum! Oh and I totally think a Tequila Sunrise is for morning enjoyment!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I felt the same! I turned on the captions and that helped but I was googling different people in the show.
      Thank you! I agree on the tequila sunrise!


  3. We stayed home on the 4th and did fireworks in the backyard. We also met some family about 1/2 hour away at a nice lake with picnic tables. We brought Chick fil A! It’s been SUPER humid in Minnesota! Ugh. I also went strawberry picking social distancing and then made strawberry jam! It’s always a summer tradition! Homemade strawberry jam is our FAVORITE!!
    No one else in my family wanted to watch Hamilton, so I watched it by myself. I LOVED it!!


    1. That sounds like fun! I need to plan more outside with others! I really want to learn how to make jam. Do you do freezer or stovetop?
      Same boat here with Hamilton!
      Happy Monday Michelle!


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