Friday, November 22, 2019

3 more school days until Thanksgiving break!  I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. for one of my favorite link ups – where everyone shares their favorites of the week.  I love the positivity and I often get ideas for my own life!  Go here to check out some other posts!  

As always, thank you for reading and commenting!  It is definitely a highlight of my week every week to engage with my readers.  This is just a hobby for me – but one that has enriched my life so much.  I have made genuine friendships which sounds crazy.  Please pray for a very special blog friend of mine who is going through a tough time.  Also, please know that I realize the holidays are super hard for many.  If you are one of those, please know that you are in my thoughts, too.  

Today my favorites are a little bit different.  I wanted to share with you what I did with the remainder of my birthday money.  I talked about my other purchases here.  Maybe some of these things will serve as gift ideas for you.

O.k. so the flat lay (laying items out for a photo) is harder than it looks.  Do you notice anything different about my background?  I am using my new floors in the new master bedroom!  No, we are not moved in yet, but I am taking advantage of the light from the many windows and doors and the beautiful (to me) wood floors!  

Do not, I repeat, do not pay full price in the store at Old Navy.  They are practically giving things away online.  There is always some sort of extra percent off. I got the first three things for about $40!  That might be less than at a consignment store!  You can see me wearing many of these items here.  

This is the Old Navy loose fit tunic length button down.  I love buffalo plaid and this is the perfect length and perfect material.  I think this will be worn a lot!  I would really like to get another pattern.  Tip:  My work friend is very tall and orders tall versions from Old Navy.  If you are looking for longer length tops, this might be an option for you.  Tip:  I like to buy things with black in them because I know I have black bottoms.  Boring, maybe, but also smart.  

This is perfect for the woman who over heats easily.  You can take a cardigan off if needed and still look seasonal.  I just love black watch plaid. img_0311.jpg

These jeans/jeggings in petite are the perfect length for me.  I ordered regular size but in the petite/short length. img_0312.jpg

And, I ordered these two vests from JCPenney for $40 for both.  I avoided shipping costs by having them sent to my local store.  The great thing about these is the sweater material in the back and surprise! – they have pockets.  They are the Liz Claiborne brand which I think is really good quality at JCP.

What do you think?  These items came to about $80 and change.  That is pretty good for 5 items!  I think I used my birthday money wisely and had fun doing so.

So, those are my favorites from the week for the material things.  

For the non-material things, my favorites were my senior boys whose year is flying by (sadly), my hard working husband who is working hard on our renovation on the weekends, my sweet and funny students, a job that I love most days, and so much more!  

What are your weekend plans?  Our son is in a play tonight at school and then has theatre all day Saturday.  Our other son is in a quick recall/academic team match all day Saturday.  And, we will see where else the weekend takes us!

Thanks for reading,


10 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Recent Fall Purchases 2

  1. You are so right about not paying full price at ON! You scored some great deals and I know the sweater vests from JCPenney will get worn a ton for many years – they’re classics! I love your new floors too and can hardly wait for the big reveal.
    Have a terrific weekend and thank you for your prayers!

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  2. Your second paragraph was really heartwarming and beautiful, thank you! My life is so blessed and it’s important to be grateful. I have a habit of writing down three things that I’m grateful for everyday, you can always find something that feels good if you thing about it!
    Weekend plan is two nights in cabin without kids again! Soon all the weekends will be busy with other things so we’ll do it now that we can. (Kids are left with strict budget this time!) We’re planning to install the kitchen fan above the stove, scary!
    Happy happy weekend!
    (Your flooring looks amazing!)

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    1. That’s a great idea! Thank you! You are getting used to these
      cabin weekends without kids! But I guess it involves work! Thank you for compliments on flooring!
      Have a hygge weekend with some Fika!


  3. Yep, the lighting is great in there for flatlays and your new floors are beautiful. Those vests are adorable. I’d love a fur vest, but I’m afraid I’m simultaneously combust and go up in flames. It’s just not cold enough here. #notreallycomplaining HA! XOXO

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