Monday, November 25, 2019

Here we go – 2 day week!  How was your weekend?  Mine was kind of lazy, but good!  

Thursday night our son Jack was in a play called “45 Presidents” that went through every single president in our country’s history and had a lot of history and humor.  He played multiple small parts.  It was cute!  Tom and I ran to the little Mexican restaurant to grab a bite before seeing it.  They did it again Friday night and his brother Mason went that night because he had a school project Thursday night.  

Saturday was grey and rainy!  Mason had a quick recall tournament all day and Jack had theatre all day.  I ran some errands alone in the morning and then Tom and I ran some together in the afternoon.  

I love my see through umbrella.  Have you seen these?  They are great because your vision isn’t blocked!  

One of my errands was Thanksgiving foods.  I have to prepare about 5 things between our two sides of the family.  I was really happy because I got all of this for $9!  I used my rewards checks and some coupons I accumulated.  More money for clothes now, right?  

What luck!  I have been on the waiting list for this book and my youngest sister found it at her library and I was jealous.  I walked into my library and there it was on the shelf for me.  My sister and I have read all of these books and they are just fun!  

Jack, Tom, and I went to a tavern to watch a little bit of football while waiting for Mason.  

These were probably the worst nachos I have ever had.  Why am I showing them?  I didn’t take many photos this weekend!  

Saturday night Mason got home and then immediately got a phone call to celebrate a friend’s birthday so he left again.  I am getting a glimpse into what life will be like next year.  

Sunday morning I went to my happy place – Target – just to wander around.  I hadn’t done this in ages.  I bought two things and I will show you if I decide to keep them.  

The rest of the day was laundry, cleaning, school work, and reading my book.  

I decided not to do meal prep with only 2 days of school.  

Tell me what you did this weekend!  There seemed to be a lot of people scurrying about buying food for the holiday and some even doing Christmas shopping, too.  I think people are frantic with less time between the two holidays this year.  

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14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. That’s a lot of food for 9 dollars! Good job! You have a lot of fun to look forward to with two holidays so close to each other! Which holiday do you consider to be most important, thanksgiving or christmas? As you know we don’t celebrate thanksgiving over here, but christmas is a major holiday! Everything revolves around it during December!
    Thanks for recommending the book, I just ordered it to my library. I’m so happy to have a library close to me again!
    Well, weekend was spent at the cabin again… I feel like it is getting a bit too dark and gloomy out in the woods, but my husband wants to finish the kitchen…


    1. Thank you! Christmas is more important but also requires more work with the presents. Thanksgiving is just about the food. Also, Christmas is a religious holiday for most here.
      What time does it get dark there? It gets dark here at 5:30. I hope you get cabin kitchen done soon!


      1. I tell my students that thanksgiving has the same importance as Christmas in the US – is that correct? Any ideas what I can teach them on Thursday?
        The sun sets at 3 and it’s pitch black at 4… But it’s ok! And November has been very mild (around 42 °F) so I’m quite happy about the weather in Sweden right now! I love a white Christmas though!

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  2. I’m reading that book now too! I had requested it from the library and it showed up at my door last week.
    Hooray for 2 day work weeks! I wish our grocery stores had rewards, you got a great deal for $9! I bought my food for Thanksgiving and I paid way more than that!

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    1. I can’t believe you actually get them delivered to your house! Is it by mail or a library truck?
      I was so happy with my bargains! Food seems to be getting more expensive!
      Congrats on your son’s position!


  3. Where did you get the umbrella? I would love one! Got to love Kroger! Spent the weekend shopping for Thanksgiving and even accomplished some Christmas shopping!

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  4. We actually ripped up the carpet in my youngest son’s room and replaced his flooring… yep, we are that crazy family that tackles home renovations before hosting a holiday dinner. I did grocery shop too and got most of what I need for Thanksgiving though I will have to go back for some fresh green beans a bit closer to Thursday.

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