Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I have always loved having a fall birthday!  I make a list of fall items I want to add to my closet and it seems the perfect time to do some shopping for myself before I shop for others for the upcoming holidays.  I still receive some money for my birthday and it is always fun to have a guilt free shopping spree!  

Here we go…

I took my son Jack shopping at Kohl’s and found this on clearance by accident in the accessories section.  I am not a big fan of Kohls for myself.  I do not want to play the Kohl’s cash game and I think the prices are high without a sale.  Please don’t hate me!  I know many people love it.  I do think it’s a good option for men’s wear, but again, I feel like the prices are pretty high without sales.  My son is very picky, so I went where he requested.  

It is a lightweight poncho and it was only $17.  It is by Apt. 9 and the quality is pretty good and it is super soft.  I have already worn it a few times so I think I will get my money’s worth.  

Tip:  Look for ponchos, shawls, etc. in the accessories section of department stores.  Also, some shoe stores like DSW have ponchos.  

This is my JC Penney Liz Claiborne weekend cardigan.  It is super soft.  It was 40% off of $44.  I have already worn it several times.  

This is a blouse that was $16 from Marshall’s.  The brand is Green Envelope and I have another shirt by this brand from TJ Maxx.  It has buttons on the sleeves and is a great non-wrinkle material.  I have already worn it twice.  

I just loved these mules when I saw them on Lisa from Coast to Coast.  I wanted the rust, too and at only $22 a pop I ordered them online.  They are super pointy.  I think they will look nice with leggings.

I bought these pretty earrings for $10 from Old Navy.  I found myself needing this burgundy color and have already worn them 3 times.  

And, I finally decided on my half price Kendra Scott piece.  This was $46 and I love how lightweight it is.  It is soooo pretty.  I decided I wanted a longer necklace.  

What do you think?  Any favorites?  I have a few more things coming but I have to wait and make sure I can vouch for the quality and that I am going to keep them.  

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Recent Fall Purhases

  1. I 💕 the poncho. Looks very warm and chic. Great idea to plan for a fall wardrobe. I just recycle my thinnest last winter’s items and pretend they are for fall.. its not working for me, let me tell you 🙂 Great post. Thank you for the ideas.

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    1. Thank you! I have a decent base from last year but I always look at new trends and styles and get excited to add to my wardrobe. There will be lots of sales soon so hope you can find some good stuff! Thanks for commenting!

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  2. Love the Kendra Scott necklace! I don’t own any Kendra Scott jewelry and I’m thinking it’s something I need to check out! Maybe add to the Christmas wish list? Loving all the animal print this season too. I just purchased an animal print cardigan and I’m loving it!

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    1. Thank you! Her pieces are gorgeous. Some are pricey but you can get several pretty chains for around $40. Also check Nordstrom’s website. They often go on sale. I can speak to the quality. I have 5 long necklaces – 3 of which I have had for 5 plus years and have worn the heck out of.
      Hope you get one for Christmas!


  3. I feel the same way about Kohl’s. I’ve found a few good things there over the years but meh. They’re just so overwhelming with their “sales”. I always liked their housewares though. That was one of the only places I could buy cute housewares in Anchorage, so we have a LOT from Kohl’s.

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