Tuesday, November 19. 2019

I have a great chili recipe in my opinion.  I always make chili on Halloween but I usually make my first pot when the first sign of fall comes.  This year I think it was the first weekend of October.  My son Mason loves my chili.  My mother in law gave me this recipe which she got from a neighbor which she got from the back of the tomato juice can I have found out!  

What you need:  

One can of Red Gold tomato juice (it’s in the juice aisle and not in the canned goods aisle!)

One pound of browned ground beef

One packet of chili seasoning mix.  I use the Kroger brand. 

One can of crushed tomatoes

One can of petite diced tomatoes

One can of chili hot beans (or kidney depending on your preference)

Half of an onion sauteed (can do at the same time as the beef if desired

One teaspoon sugar (it cuts the acidity of the tomato!)

One teaspoon cinnamon (trust me!)

Let everything come together in the pot for about an hour.

Serve atop cooked macaroni noodles and top with Fritos and shredded sharp cheddar.  That’s the way we like it around here!  

The finished product!  

Don’t dirty another pot – just do the meat and onion first in the same soup pot!  

Are you a fan of chili?  Let me know if you try this!


9 thoughts on “Easy Chili Recipe

  1. Swedes don’t know what chili is – they only know it’s a spice… We are more into bolognese! But I like chili, and I will definitely try your recipe. Do you know what I could replace chili seasoning mix with?
    Fun fact, in Britain chili goes by “curry” (another seasoning, very confusing!).

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  2. My family loves chili!! We use the Carroll Shelby chili seasoning kit. It is so good! But we always add extra beans and tomatoes. Pimento cheese has to be served with our chili. My husband won’t eat chili without it. LOL

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    1. I’ve never heard of that – as in the car designer from Ford v. Ferrari? I love pimento cheese and have wanted to try a grilled cheese with it!
      I will look for that seasoning mix!


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