Thursday, August 22, 2019

Today’s post will be short and sweet but maybe it will give you an idea!

I have been meal prepping my breakfasts for quite awhile and I love having this stack in my refrigerator ready to go.  

I also want to give a shout to these crackers.  They are really good and I have pre-portioned them in baggies within the box.  These make a good snack with a laughing cow wedge of cheese, salsa, bean dip, etc.  They taste like a tortilla chip.  

So, I decided I needed to get better about meal prepping my lunch.  

I can have the same lunch for a whole week without really getting tired of it and then mix it up for the following week.  I only have 20 minutes for lunch so it needs to be easy to eat.  

Bean burritos:

a can of fat free refried beans mixed with about a half packet of taco seasoning and about 1/2 cup of jarred salsa (don’t use the fresh).

Spread on your tortilla and sprinkle a little cheese before rolling up.  

I keep the bean mixture in the fridge and make a fresh burrito in the morning but I think I could also freeze these.  

Heat and eat.  Yum!  

Turkey Wrap:  

Spread a laughing cow wedge and top with turkey.  Roll up and cut if you like.  Yum!  

This brand of tortilla is really good and only 1 WW point per tortilla.  

Everything I’ve talked about today is Weight Watchers friendly!  



4 thoughts on “Lunch Ideas

  1. I love those Ole tortillas – they’re the only ones I use! I make a big salad for lunch and eat it all week. It’s a bag of coleslaw mix, edamame, shredded carrots, 2 chopped up red peppers, green onions. I put baked chicken breast on top. I make this dressing: 4 Tbs PB 2 powder, I Tbs garlic, I Tbs water, 2Tbs Amino Acids (or soy sauce) 3 packets of stevia. It’s delicious! The only points are the dressing and that dressing is 2 servings at about 2 pts per serving! It’s so good!


    1. That sounds great! I’m trying to get disciplined again and once you find what you like it’s not too hard! I need to get back into at least one salad a day!


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