Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hello and happy hump day!  It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…I’m back with some “real” outfits.  But, I’m learning how to use my tripod and the photos are not that great.  After bugging my co-workers – I let three of them take turns – ha – I decided to invest in a tiny tripod from Amazon that cost $13.  So, I’m learning where to stand and how to use it.  The photos are turning out kind of grainy so I’m not sure what that’s about.  

First day of school outfit:  Love a swing dress and kimono.  This blush color is not as forgiving as a darker color, though.  

Second day outfit:  img_8640.jpg

The third day was a Friday so I went a little more casual:  


Monday of this week – started out comfy and when in doubt – choose black!  

And, yesterday:  


Here is yesterday’s outfit before I added the vest:
The lighting is poor, but now I added the same color vest:  

Then, I added my necklace, glasses, earrings, and bracelet.

If you notice in the photos this week the outfit always looks better if you add a third or a completer piece – a necklace, a light vest, etc.  

These are my new half price Danskos.  

I love that they are a metallic so I think they can work with black and brown and many other colors.  I also think they can work into fall.  

What was your favorite outfit?  


8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday, The Rule of 3, New “Teacher Shoes”

  1. All of your outfits are colorful and fun – I bet your students love the way you dress! I got good advice once about taking pics with your phone – make sure you wipe the lens before taking pics. You may already know that but I never thought of it and still forget to do it. Glad you got a tripod that fits your phone!

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