Monday,  August 26, 2019

I refuse to use the exclamation point now that we are back in school.  And, a period seems to weird so my title will go punctuation-less, o.k.?  How was your weekend?  Mine was really good!  I’m linking up with Heather, etc. so go here if you want to see more weekend posts.  

Friday afternoon at 3:30 my son who is in theater and choir left for his choir retreat.  They were going to a camp about an hour away with cabins, a cafeteria, a pool, a softball field to learn new songs and to have some fun and bonding.  This is his first year to be in choir even though he is a senior and he was very excited.  

Our other son had a friend over after gaming club and they hung out and ordered pizza.  

Around 7, hub and I crossed the river by car (sadly) to meet our friends at a restaurant.  Our boat needs a part and has been out of commission for the last couple of weekends.  We went to O’Shea’s – an Irish pub – with our friends and their daughter and a friend of the daughter’s.  After some steamy hot weather last week, our weekend weather was in the low 80s and just perfect.  In fact, I don’t think we will see above 80s the rest of August.  But, September and October can be super hot in Kentucky.  

We met at college orientation when we were 18 and roomed together all through college (except when I was in Spain and doing student teaching) and then lived together for four years after college and I met my husband through her husband!  

After we ate, there was music on the river.  

This is our pedestrian bridge from Kentucky to Indiana and it gives off a light show in the evenings.  

We stayed out until about 9:30 and I was proud of myself for making it out on a Friday night two weeks in a row!  I’m so tired on Friday nights when school starts, but it really does add to your weekend to rally and do something to celebrate, you know?  

I told my son to give me a daily text while he was gone.  So, this is what I got Saturday morning. Teen boy texts look very different from teen girl texts – or so I’ve heard. img_8809

Yup – so much information in that text, right?  

Saturday I tried grocery shopping at Walmart.  I went to a nicer one that’s further away (because the one closer to me is not good)  and I also wanted to look at their clothes.  I did buy a fall top that I will show you Wednesday but other than that the quality of most of the stuff I saw was not good in my opinion.  I saw one top for almost $30.  I’m not buying a Walmart top for that price when I can go to Steinmart, Versona, or TJ Maxx.  I hope you don’t hate me for saying this – but these bloggers and influencers that are pushing Walmart clothing so hard…beware. I am not a clothing snob in the least.  I’m one of the biggest bargain hunters there is, but I need the clothing to feel nice and not scratchy and to not fall apart after one washing.  I know some people don’t live in a big city with lots of options and they rely on Walmart.  Maybe I’m just not seeing the right stuff?

After Walmart, my son and I went to the library and it was nice to spend time with him.

I took my son to the movies with his friend and they had a great time while hub and I met friends at our favorite outdoor concert venue for food trucks and British music.  

She is my other friend since I was 18 and I met her the first day of college!  We found out we are from towns only 15 minutes apart and we have been best friends ever since.  

It was another fun night.  We picked up son and friend and took him home and called it a night.  

I did my breakfast prep and lunch this week will be spinach wrap with garden veggie cream cheese and tomato and cucumber.  See my lunch ideas post from last week here.  


I pulled a chair to the front porch to sit with my fur baby because he misses his back stoop.  We had brick put on the addition all weekend long and I hope to see it finished this coming week!  

I started this and I think I’m going to like it.  I loved The Rosie Project.  

I bring a bunch of school work home at the beginning of the year and spent about 2 hours on it. I still believe in doing work on paper for those of you who hear that some classes have gone paperless.  I think they still need to write!  


I took myself to Versona just to get out of the house and just looked around.  

I also ran in to Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Kroger and then I picked up my son!  We missed him but it was apparent he didn’t miss us!  

How was your weekend?  

Hope it was great!



12 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. We don’t have a great Walmart near us too but the one a few towns over isn’t bad for grocery shopping and can work in a pinch but I feel the exact same way about the clothes! I look every time I go in (which admittedly isn’t often) but their stuff looks and feels so cheap still.. however two of my favorite pair of fall booties came from their last year and held up real well. I’d still be wearing them if my feet hadn’t shrunk so much that I can now slip them off without unzipping them.


    1. You lost foot weight? Wow! I know – the material feels cheap and I am big on texture and feel. I don’t even like their groceries. I didn’t even look at the school selection since I am on my feet for 8 hours. I think I would be too hard on them!


  2. I say this all the time – you have the best weekends! I love all of your outdoor activities – it’s too humid for most of that here. It’s great to see you with long time friends – they are the very best! I’m with you on Walmart – $30 for clothing there? NO. I believe the bloggers who are sharing their clothes are doing it because they are getting paid and maybe they’re trying to show a more affordable option for their readers. But I can find affordable options that are better quality. I’m starting to feel that way about Target. Some of their prices are getting high and I refuse to pay high prices when I’m throwing clothing in a grocery cart alongside my milk and eggs!


    1. We really do have some nice weather here! Long time friends are the best! I’m sorry I come off as so cynical but I’m a realist. I’m also over Target – trying to look like a department store? I love Universal Thread but I’m not paying $30 for a Target shirt either!
      Thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one!
      Have a great day!


    1. You know how boys are different than girls! I know! I don’t want to be mean but Walmart is doing a number on influencers lately!


  3. I get workout tops and sports bras at Walmart. I don’t see the draw of loading up on regular clothes there when it’s the same price as other places. The bloggers who push Walmart make THOUSANDS for their advertising.
    It was definitely the only store we had in Laramie so I got a lot of $5 workout tops last summer and a few sweatshirts. The tops were great, the sweatshirts shrunk up or lost their shape.


    1. I like their Danskin stuff but I don’t have any anymore and I don’t know if they still carry it. My hometown relies on their Walmart so I get it. Yes, you are probably right about the money they paid these bloggers. It just feels so fake to see a blogger that only wears Lily Pulitzer and high end designers suddenly start gushing about Walmart.
      Hope you are doing well!


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