Friday, August 23, 2019

I’m so glad to see you, Friday!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites so go right here!  

Still loving this easy dinner – Southwest Bowls.  I make it once a week, usually!  

We started the brick on the addition this week!  

This was the two week photo of my dip nails.  I’m pretty happy with it but I kind of wish I had gone with a bit darker color.  I also think lighter colors have more longevity – or look better longer at least.  I think I like it more than gel.  It seemed easier to apply.  We will see about getting it removed when I go to change colors.  I plan to try to wait at least another week – making this service cost about $1 a day.  

My boys have changed so much since freshman year.  They are way taller than me now!  I miss the American Eagle blouse I’m wearing! I loved that so much but it literally fell apart because I wore it so much; now I wish I had taken it to the tailor to repair it.  


This book is so cute!  I am almost finished.  

Yesterday I talked about my lunches.  This is what my breakfast looks like.  

One of my boys had some trouble sleeping the first couple of nights of school.  I bought these – melatonin gummies – and now both boys are taking them 30 minutes before they want to sleep and they report success.  I have heard that some use them in a kid’s version for their little ones.  

This is what my packed lunch looked like yesterday.  

After doing some serious lipstick testing this summer I really think you can’t go wrong with classic Revlon.  They are usually around $6 and their colors are beautiful and the formula is moisturizing.  img_8741

I have on a combo of “Wink for Pink” and “Blushed” .  I will be changing to more fall lip colors soon but “Blushed” will still work.  

What have your faves been this week?  

What’s on tap for you this weekend?  


17 thoughts on “Friday Faves!

  1. How fun with the house! I’m really jealous!
    Southwest Bowl looks so good (I’m hungry), I have to search your blog for the recipe!
    My faves this week was meeting kids in school again, a sunny lunch break with my husband on a dock, some online shopping (checked trousers and blazer from HM) and the search for a moped – cycling is ok now, but comes November… – a moped would be nice!
    TGIF! All teachers are worth a nice weekend after the first week! (kids too, lol)

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    1. I wish I had organized tabs for the blog but maybe try the search and if not let me know – you can really do anything you want – rice, beans, chicken, etc.
      That lunch break sounds nice! I only get 20 minutes. My students are really sweet so far. A moped would be fun! Happy transition back to school!


  2. How sweet is that picture of your freshman twins? And now they’re seniors! I agree Revlon is a great lipstick. I bought a new one on Wednesday after seeing it on the Today show – they said Cherries in the Snow is the one red lipstick that looks good on everyone and it’s been around forever. So you know I had to grab it! Ha!! #lipstickaddict
    Have a great weekend!


  3. I am now judging you and questioning the value of your opinions because of that brown banana. *pukes*

    Might have to pick up some of those vitamins for Rodney. He needs all the sleep help he can get.


    1. It got tossed! Judge away – my house is under construction and I’m a mess now that school has started!
      I usually have no trouble sleeping. I go to bed at 9 and wake up at 5 without an alarm.


  4. I love my dipped nails…and I only do them every 4 weeks. They really need it by the time I go, but I streeetch it. How much do you pay? I’ve got to try those burrito bowls. Yum! Finding a great new lipstick is soooo hard for me. UGH. I hate buying them and then they don’t work out. Have a great weekend!!!


    1. That’s good to know! What brand and color do you do? Mine was $30 I think and I tipped $5. The burrito bowls are so good and I need to swap cauliflower rice now. I hate wasting money on bad lipstick!


    1. It’s crazy when it happens, isn’t it? My boys were under 3 lbs each at birth and I still look at them in amazement. You too!


  5. Did you say your boys are going to be Seniors? I have a son who is going to be a Senior. We are deciding now which college……he is looking at three private colleges in MN. I love looking at your lunch! I teach Kdgn and will start packing a lunch after Labor Day is when we always start school. Do you bring a protein drink everyday?


    1. Yes, my twins are seniors! We start early – August 14. I know the northern states start after Labor Day – I’m
      Jealous! I’m going to schedule 3 college visits for our fall break in October. I think they each have it narrowed down to three also. I’m so nervous! Have you visited yet? We did one college visit last year. They are taking September ACT so hopefully we will have that back for our visits.
      That’s so cool that you are a kindergarten teacher! Are you ready to start packing lunches again? I mix a half of vanilla with instant coffee and make my own iced coffee. It’s delicious!


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