Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This isn’t a strictly fashion blog, but it’s no secret that I love fashion, bargain hunting, putting outfits together, giving you unsolicited advice, etc.  

As I was organizing my closet for back to school I thought it would be fun to round up and show you and me what I bought this summer.  I have already shown you everything either in a Wednesday or Friday post, usually, and you probably think all I do is shop.  I browse, order, return more than I keep as I’m sure many of you can relate to.  I also make some mistakes.  I’m getting better with my clothing purchases but it still happens.

For our purposes today we will define “summer purchases” as only the purchases I made from June 12-August 9 because that was my full summer break.  

Let’s start with pants:  

On the left we have a “denim look” capri with cute ankle ties at the bottom.  I hope to wear these into fall with clogs and wedges.  I kind of think this denim look is going to be a trend because I saw a stylish girl wearing this material.  Yes, that is all I have to go on – you’re welcome!  

On the right we have some plain black palazzo pants that I think can even be dressed up.  They run way big.  I’m hoping these can even work in to winter.  I will wear these now with my new black mules and a printed top and later maybe with a long sleeve top and a vest – rule of three!  

They are both from Steinmart!  Yes, Steinmart has really been the VIP this summer for me.  During a summer day the over 65 crowd and I were shopping up a storm!  No offense intended to the over 65 crowd;  you are smart and good with money and I want to learn your ways.  


Now let’s move on to dresses and skirts.  On the left is my Amazon dress that I’m not sure is going to work and is more trouble than worth to return- more here.  On the right is my Steinmart fun print skirt.  

And, as you can see tops were my most purchased and most needed category.  

Plain hot pink from Steinmart

Plain yellow from Versona

Fruit blouse from Steinmart (Of these, this is what I’ve worn the most!)

Yellow paisley from a consignment but Steinmart brand

Charcoal and marigold Target Universal Thread tops

Pink lace tank from consignment

Bright stripe short sleeve sweater from Versona

Floral tie frront from Versona

Versona was my runner up and it’s obvious I had a thing for the color yellow!  I usually find a lot more at consignment stores in the summer because I have more time to peruse, but this summer I just didn’t find much that I liked.  

And, finally shoes…  (I am leaving out a souvenir sweatshirt, a cardigan for fall, and a bathing suit)

Amazon black jelly bow flip flops, White Croc Sexi, Steinmart mules, and Reef rose gold flip flops.  I ended up returning the higher heeled black clogs because they were just too high.  

Is this a lot?  Yes!  But, I think I will get a lot of wear (or I already have) out of most of the items.  

Any favorites?  Did you shop a lot this summer?  If you still need anything for a trip or if you live in a warm climate, this is a great time to shop.  I’m trying not to open sale emails, go into clothing stores, etc.  because I feel that I am pretty set.  

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Summer Purchases Inventory

  1. I love all the bright colors and prints you got! You did well and you’ll wear those pieces a ton. You make great decisions Amy! I am laughing at your comment about Steinmart – hahahaha! I don’t get in there much but when I do I always see things I like!


    1. Thank you! It’s true! They know what they are doing and there is a senior discount day that has an extra 10% off – something to look forward to!


  2. I really like all your finds and they will give you so much versatility! All the colors make me happy and I look forward to see the outfits that you will create!
    I will go for my normal rule: no pants before September and no socks before October! I love summer and warm weather, but I must confess that fall clothes are the best, it’s so easy to make combinations when it’s not too hot for pants and you don’t need a jacket!
    This year I actually shopped more clothes than normal, in spite of a high dollar… TJ Max was amazing as usual and Macy’s had a great sale!


    1. Thank you – the colors make me happy, too! I already have my tripod in my classroom for photos. I like those rules! Fall clothes are my favorite, too. I really like Macy’s and TJ is hit or miss for me!


    1. Thank you! Thanks for providing the link up. They really have a way of tempting me – I start believing I need something very easily!


  3. We went on a cruise once in December and I bought everything I needed for warm weather (we were in Alaska at the time) during the crazy sales in August…I agree!

    I totally unsubscribe from all the sales emails. It’s not worth the FOMO.


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