Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Today I’m joining Tanya for her Prime Purchases link up! Reading others’ purchases could be dangerous for me today.  I get the best recommendations from other bloggers!  

I didn’t do as bad as I had feared when I looked back at this month’s purchases.  

First up:  

I saw someone recommend these so I bought them and really like them.  They have basically no support but they are cute and good for the pool or the boat or I guess the rain.  Even the bow is made from the same “jelly shoes” material. Raise your hand if you owned these in the 80s?


I haven’t had any black sunglasses this year and I wanted to try this style.  The price was right but they are huge.  I do like them but my son accused me of trying to be Elton John.  I guess I should have paid more attention to the “super oversized” in the description.  Go big or go home, right?


And, finally:  

Warning:  this takes a long time to ship and they are now giving me the run around about returning it.  It’s a little tight in the chest area but I can probably make it work with a minimizing bra. Lesson learned to only do prime and free returns.  Also, it is a bit sheer and may require a lip of some sort.  I just really wanted a multi-purpouse LBD.  

This is not this month’s purchase, but…

You may remember that I ordered this popular suit before our Michigan trip.  It is a really nice quality.  I wanted to show it again today because I was watching Southern Charm on Bravo and they took a trip to Colorado. In the background at the hot springs they went to you can see a random woman (not part of the cast)  wearing this!  I’d like to know just how many of these suits Amazon sold!  

What have you purchased lately?  

Also, I used Amazon to send my nephew a Spider man car for his birthday last week and I used it to send my sister in law an e-gift card because she loves Amazon.  It has really revolutionized the way we shop!  Also, I love the returns to UPS stores and to Kohl’s.  So easy!


7 thoughts on “Prime Tuesday

    1. That’s me, too. I have a UPS store really close so I’ve just done that. Lol! Kids will always tell the truth! Thank you!


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