Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Today is our first day of school!  I will be back next week with some outfits!  

Do you struggle with finding time to spend with just your spouse?  It’s easy to go weeks or even months during busy seasons of life and it seems like a date night could be the first thing to go.  If you have young children, I really believe in a standing monthly date night or bimonthly if you can swing it.  Or, even dates at home after the kids are in bed can be a great thing.  Once our kids started middle school, we started leaving them for short periods of time and when you get to that stage, it is quite nice.  Now we go out a couple of times a week without them.  Sometimes we offer for them to go but they turn us down about half of the time!  

My husband and I are not late night people so we prefer to go out early and then come home and spend time with our kids.  Last week my husband came home a bit early unexpectedly on a Wednesday (finished up an out of office work meeting early) and I suggested we go out for a bit.  I keep a list of restaurants or places I want to go in my phone for when such a time occurs.  I like the idea of doing something on a Wednesday because Wednesday is that halfway point to the weekend and gives me something to look forward to.  

So, he agreed to head to an up and coming neighborhood called NULU (like “New Louisville”) For some reason I hadn’t ventured to this area on my own or with friends this summer.  We wandered in White’s Mercantile, Six Sisters Boutique, Revelry, and Mahonia.  The first three are more clothing, jewelry, and gifts and the last one is a plant store.  


Below are air plants.  They don’t require soil or water but just a weekly “bath”.  I think these are so cool and my good friend B has some.  Have you heard of these?  

Mahonia was his favorite because he really likes plants.  We are both wanting to add more plants to our home and have heard that many plants can naturally rid your home of toxins.  One of those is the peace lily and we are happy to say that we have kept two of these alive since December.  Fingers crossed that we can continue with it.  If you are local, this shop is simply inspirational.  

We didn’t buy anything from any of the stores but it was fun looking.  

Then, I wanted to head to my student’s family business “Bandido” Tacos.  This is a new location near NULU.  

They are attached to a brewery and this is their lovely outdoor space.  

We want to try to do a planter like this on our current patio.  

Hub and I ate in the restaurant and took carryout home to our sons!  It was a fun Wednesday weeknight date and I highly recommend it!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weeknight Date

  1. Sounds like a fun night and NULU looks like a great place to shop and eat. We don’t have too many cute places like that – Orlando is very commercialized and I really adore small businesses.
    Have a great 1st day of school!


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