Monday, August 12, 2019

I’m back at school today.  I have two days of meetings and prep and then it’s go time on Wednesday.

How was your weekend?  I’m linking up with Heather, etc. so go here to see other weekend recaps.  

The band that we heard recently was playing on Thursday night so hub and I went out from 6-8.  I got a mai tai.  It’s so pretty!  

They were playing at Captain’s Quarters and there was also a margarita competition going on.  I think I need to get tickets to that next year!  

Friday the boys had a friend over and I made a teen snack board. img_8520.jpg

I also received my Fashom styling service box.  Review coming soon!  

One son and I went to the library.  This book was really interesting.  It has examples of people all over the U.S., how much they make, and their money diary from one week.  

I started this and it is GOOD!  It’s about a monthly supper club.  I’ve always wanted to be in one and I like the food descriptions in the book and the drama with all of the characters.  

Saturday late afternoon we decided the day was too beautiful to waste.  It wasn’t typical August heat and the skies were blue!  

We found a new to us restaurant upriver and across in Indiana called Summers.  

I gave hub free reign to order and he picked a Hawaiian pizza and it was probably the best one I’ve ever had.  

The ride home was so calm and peaceful. 

Sunday I did chores, laundry, read a bit and picked up a couple of things from the Back to School aisles at Target.  The boys want to want until after the first day when they have their syllabi but I picked up a couple of notebooks and folders.  

I really wanted this backpack for myself.  Isn’t it perfect for a Spanish teacher?  

Close up:

I’m really regretting not splurging!  It is so cute!  

We also had workers here all weekend and some more progress made!  

Hope you had a great weekend, too!  



8 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Last “Official” Weekend of Summer!

    1. It’s not my first choice but it was really good! It was surprising that a hole in the wall on the river was so good!


  1. That afternoon on the boat looks like the perfect end of the last official weekend of summer! I finished the book The East End this morning, it was a good fast read, now I’m going to check out Table for Seven. Your nails look really good, what is a dip nail manicure? I’ve never heard of it!


    1. It was so tranquil! That’s how I felt about The East End. I love Table for Seven so far! It is called dip powder and there is no curing with ultraviolet light. I’m really happy with it so far – thank you!


    1. I think backpacks are so practical anyway! Maybe I will get it but I’m trying hard not to spend frivolously because of our construction project!


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