Friday, August 2, 2019

Happy Friday!  Let’s share some favorites from the week!  Please leave me yours in the comments, too!  Linking up with Andrea, etc.  here so this is a fun way to check out other blogs you may not know about. 

But, first, how was your week?  Mine was very relaxed – on purpose.  Next week I set up my classroom and my boys go to registration to get their senior! schedules and get their senior yearbook photos taken.  This week I did another Goodwill trip, did more organization, enjoyed slow mornings, and ran errands.  

If you are in the mood this weekend, try my friend H’s super easy sangria “recipe” that I posted yesterday here along with a new recipe and some meal suggestions.  I’m in a rut and desperately need some new recipes!  My latest recipe is Turkey Sausage Alfredo and it comes together in about 15 minutes and tastes like something from a restaurant in my opinion – it probably has something to do with the butter and heavy cream.  I guess I evened it out with the use of turkey sausage – ha!  I enjoyed my glass of sangria while cooking it the other night – refreshing!  

Shout out to my cousin and blog reader J for these favorites below.  I had heard of drug store brand Physician’s Formula but had never purchased anything.  She recommended The Healthy Foundation and it’s really good.  It is about $15.  It has a bit of a smell upon application but then goes away.  She described it as “your skin but better” and I think that sums it up.  I had been wanting to try the butter bronzer and I love it!  It has a nice smell and consistency and really makes me look like I’ve been in the sun more than I have. Walgreen’s had a deal and I got the butter lipstick for free in a mauve color.  I love it!  It really does go on like butter and makes your lips feel moist.  

Reporting back on my $25 Steinmart mules.  Love them!  I wore them the other day and they were super comfortable.  I think I will wear these a bunch.  I’ve included the Steinmart link if you are interested.  


My blog friend Kellyann recommended this and I cannot stop at one serving so not sure I should tell you about it!  

I enjoyed a Target run and got an iced doppio in a venti cup (means two shots of espresso) and then I proceeded to go buy new Premier Protein and emptied my half bottle of protein shake in the store – I’m classy like that!  This is 1 WW point.  Most people sing praises of the caramel flavor, but I prefer the vanilla.  It’s so good.  I only use half of a carton at a time which saves money and calories.  It is around $7 for a pack of 4 shakes at my Target.  

I purchased this phone tripod last spring but the holder wasn’t big enough for my phone.  And, I don’t have an oversized phone.  I finally ordered a bigger replacement holder and I’m excited to use this for my outfit pictures so I don’t have to bug people.  That hopefully will mean more outfit photos!  

This stack of library books is quite ambitious with only a few more days left of my summer!  I thought I would show you in case you’re looking for something.  These were either recommended to me or I thought the description looked fun.  

Pottery Barn has products from Friends!  I laughed out loud as I looked at these.  Remember the apothecary table from one episode?  Friends will always be one of my top favorite shows.  It started when I was in college and then after college my friends and I would hold viewing parties.  Or, we would call each other and discuss each episode.  So fun!  

Universal Thread at Target does it again.  I showed you some of my colored and patterned bottoms this week and these charcoal and marigold tops will be a welcome addition and work into fall.  Check them out here.  The shirt is knit and the sleeves are more like a linen/cotton.  I ordered two different sizes from and I am returning the one at the store that I didn’t choose.  So easy!  


What are you up to this weekend?  I am hoping to boat with some friends, see some progress on our renovation, spend some quality family time, and that’s about it.  

If you missed any posts this week, check out my palazzo pants and more post here, my sunglasses post here, and my weekend recap here and I already mentioned my recipe and meal post here!  

Any topic requests?  Let me know in the comments!  

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by!


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Well I’m making sangria and eating skinny pop!!! Ha! Glad you like it too – I think it’s addicting but at least it is somewhat “healthy”! I am hoping to find that sangria in my area. I have used Physician’s Formula bronzer before and liked it – the butter lips sound good. I am clearly on a mission to buy every lip product! Have a great weekend Amy!


    1. My friend actually used Riunite brand but I tried 3 stores and couldn’t find it. I think any kind will work. I’m the same with lip products! I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent in 2019 alone! But I think you would like this formula for a day time look!


    1. I think you would like it! I make it at home with instant coffee and my reusable Starbucks cup. It’s rare that I buy a Starbucks. If you like a vanilla latte and vanilla shakes I think you would like it!


    1. Has he tried the cheese flavor? It’s good! I know – I guess the sooner this summer ends the sooner next summer will be here – ha! What’s it like to be in eternal summer but with the added benefit of other seasons like fall?


  2. LOL the apothecary table.

    Do you have a link for the phone tripod?

    I’ve been doing a protein shake for lunch most days and it’s really helpful in just making me feel better, overall. Otherwise, I’ll eat chips while I attempt to feed Wells vegetables.


  3. Hey, I got a shoutout! 🙂 Glad you like the PF!

    I need to try the sangria. I’ve tried looking up recipes, but this seems much more simple than most I’ve found. And I’m all about simple. I’m sure it goes great with the Skinny Pop. Which isn’t so skinny when you eat the whole bag at a time. Not that I’d know… *cough*


    1. I forgot to text you that I was giving you the shout out today! Don’t you think it smells weird for a second? But it is on par with department store formulas. Try the sangria and let me know what you think. I ate most of the bag! It was so good! I need to use a bowl next time – I should’ve known. I think you’d like the PF butter lips for day.


      1. I’ve heard several people say they notice smell with it, but I never really have. I have one of the butter lips, too, and it’s really nice. I hope they come out with new shades. And of course the bronzer is amazing. I’m hoping for a butter concealer someday.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oooh a butter concealer would be great! Give us all the butter! You are the resident PF expert!


  4. Oh yes, I just love Skinny Pop! Those Friends items are adorable; I just LOVE that show and keep trying to get my boys to watch it… they aren’t at all interested..


    1. Skinny Pop is dangerous because the serving size is too small! My boys won’t watch Friends either! Maybe one day?


  5. Wow, good luck with all those books! 😀 I can really recommend my current read; The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain (2WW, polio, love – you know, a great read!).
    I love your new tops! It’s fun to have some new clothes for school start!
    Well, since we woke up at eleven today (jet lag) the weekend will be short… We’re going out to the cabin and we might go and look at a new boat…
    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. I won’t get through them all I’m sure! I love Diane Chamberlain but I read so many WW2 books that I just can’t right now. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend! You needed the sleep!


  6. that popcorn is seriously the best and I agree that one serving is impossible! I love that episode with the apothecary table. Friends is simply the best. thanks for the book recommendations! I’ll add them to my list!


    1. It’s so good! Try to read The Unhoneymooners and The East End – read both this weekend! So good! I love Friends so much. Such a feel good show! Hope you’re doing well!


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