Monday, July 29, 2019

How was your weekend?  Mine was really good!  And, let’s go back to last week, too…I had a busy but fun week – and a bit productive.  Linking up with Heather, etc. today so go right here!  On Tuesday, my son and I got to be extras in a movie!  We had to pretend we were moving him into a college dorm room!  Eek – too close to home!  It was a fun experience, though.  I will let you know when this movie comes out and also the one I got to be an extra in last February.  You may remember I had to eat a cookie in a bakery – it was rough! There is a production studio in our city that does a lot of Lifetime and Hallmark type movies so I expect these will also be on those channels!  

Here is son waiting for our scene:

img_8145 Then, on Wednesday I got 3 more professional development hours for a total of 6 out of 12 needed.  The boys did two ACT tutor sessions on Tuesday and Thursday and then on Thursday for lunch I met the sweet French teacher that teaches next door to me.  There is a 20 year age difference between us but we have a lot to talk about and I just adore her.  I love having friends of varying ages – do you?

So, she is rather new to our city and I suggested this French restaurant that she hadn’t been to yet.  It’s in a strip mall and you wouldn’t think there would be a nice French restaurant there, but when you walk inside it is so cute.  

We had a rose because it’s summer!  

We split a croque madame and it was perfect.  And, I guess I forgot the photo of the creme brulee we split!  Divine!  

Thursday night my boys went to a friend’s house and hub and I ate leftovers at home.  I’m really trying to cut down on food waste around here.  

Friday my friend invited me and our other friend for lunch at her beautiful home.  She made sangria (recipe coming soon)

and pasta salad and ordered us the sandwich of our choice from her nearby sandwich shop.  I thought this was a great idea.  I ordered benedictine and bacon which is a rare treat.  Benedictine is a Kentucky thing – a green cream cheese and cucumber spread. She also made homemade chocolate dipped strawberries and had a lovely table setting.  

Friday night we all stayed in and had hot subs for dinner while watching some t.v. I had kind of wanted to go out, but everyone was tired.  

Saturday morning hub had a bike riding malfunction and I had to pick him up near the river so I brought this boy and let him swim.  I should show you a video of him jumping with perfect form from the dock to retrieve his stick.  

The rest of the day Saturday was laundry, cleaning, and me getting 6 more professional development hours for finishing up listening to 6 podcasts and answering corresponding questions!  I was so excited to get this done.  Now, unless something crazy happens, I have all 12 hours and can check that off of my summer bucket list and reduce my stress this school year.

Then, Saturday night our friends dropped their son at our house to hang with our boys while we went to an outdoor concert.  

The first group was three guys who were excellent.  They played Van Morrison, The Eagles, stuff like that.  

It was a bit hot at first but it was comfortable for the rest of the time.  

The second group was awesome, too, but in a different way.  They played more pop music but every song was one that you knew all the words to – Prince, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Meghan Trainor.  They had so much energy.  This picture doesn’t do it justice – there were tons of people there and several food trucks.  

And, the sunset was a sight to behold.  

Sunday morning we had our friends meet us at the boat and we did a little cruise and brunch.  I kept my phone put away and enjoyed the day!  


Then. we went as a family of four to the Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  I knew it was going to be long so I bought a coffee!  It kept my attention the whole time and was really good.  All four of us really liked it.  Our boys are into film, cinematography, etc. so they were pumped.  

How was your weekend?  What’s on the agenda for this week?  Soaking up the last of summer?  School supply shopping?  We are pretty set for school clothes and supplies around here – one advantage to kids getting older is that I no longer have to do the super long list of specific items.  And, we did some new clothes shopping in June.  So, I’m planning to just keep enjoying my days and checking a few more things off of my list – more decluttering, a movie by myself, a happy hour or lunch with friends – fun stuff like that.  

Thanks for visiting!


11 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Wow, you do so much! We’re soaking up the last days of sun and do some last shopping. TJ Max is fantastic! I bought cute mules with a little heel – so tired of flip flops by now! Otherwise my favorite shopping find this summer was the Half Moon Satchel Handbag from Universal Thread – It’s fantastic!
    We have two more days here, today we’ll go to South Beach and tomorrow will be about getting this place clean and all our things packed!
    It’s great that you can do your professional development hours in advance. What are those podcasts that you listened to?


    1. I try! Enjoy your last days! TJ Maxx can be a fun treasure hunt. Yes, ready for real shoes! I looked that bag up – so cute! South Beach as in Miami? The Cuban food is so good there!
      I sent you the podcasts!


  2. How neat to get to be movie extras! We once participated in a Flash Mob scene at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but we never learned where they were using that video they recorded.


  3. We were talking to my sister and her husband about the Tarantino movie last night and want to go see it. My BIL feels that the F Bomb is used gratuitously in Tarantino’s movies, how was this one?


  4. I don’t usually like his films but I am interested in this one. Is it really violent? I am a baby about that. We have seen yesterday and really liked that, and we also went to Stuber and thought it was pretty cute.


    1. I don’t usually either. This was the best of his I’ve seen. Only one part was violent and yes, I agree. I don’t like to see that either. I liked Stuber and might see Yesterday today!


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