Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I love my sunglasses collection!  Why wouldn’t I?  It’s another accessory and if you have been reading for awhile you know I love my accessories.  I also wear my sunglasses all year long.  My eyes are very sensitive to the sun.  

Are you an expensive sunglasses person or a cheap sunglasses person?  I have a mixture.  I will say that the more expensive do hold up really well and I tend to treat them more carefully – putting them in their case and not wearing them on my head.  

Here are my current favorites:  

Back left:  Classic Ray Bans in a squarish shape.  I thought this shape looked better on my face at the time but now I kind of wish I had the classic aviators.  These were a Mother’s Day gift that I picked out about 8 years ago.  

Back right:  These are really nice by Guess.  I got them for free because my husband’s work gave them a catalog to pick an item and he didn’t want anything so he let me pick.  They are silver so I only wear them with silver jewelry.
These are two years old, I think.  

Front left:  New this year from TJ Maxx.  These were $12 and I have worn these the most this summer.  The rose gold is just fun and trendy IMO.

Front right:  These are my husband’s black Ray Ban aviators from 1995!  He still had the receipt in the case which is so him – ha!  Last year I told him I wanted some of these and he said he had them.  He hasn’t worn them since we’ve known each other in 1996 (I guess that was a bad purchase on his part!).  So, I have taken them over.  


TJ Maxx rose gold:


Classic Ray Bans:img_3601.png

Black Ray Ban aviators:img_3175.jpg

What is your sunglass style?  What are your favorite brands?  


5 thoughts on “Summer Shades

  1. That’s funny, I also have my husband’s old RayBans in the original case! Absolutely as old as yours! Another funny thing; you in a cute towel-on-your-head mirrored in the pink glasses! 😀
    For pool life here in Florida I have a pair of ugly motorbikey glasses, too sporty in my opinion, but they are so comfortable and have a reading glass square in the bottom – perfect. If I want to look nice (…) I have a TJ Max find from Fossil, big, brown, squared, really cool!


    1. What a funny coincidence! Men tend to take good care of expensive sunglasses. I was wondering if anyone would call me out on the reflection! Lol! I love Fossil brand – sunglasses, purses, and watches! TJ Maxx strikes again!


  2. I love the classic look of aviators, my husband looks great in them I do not! I wear glasses and need prescription sunglasses, so I go to Costco optical and get a pair there when my prescription changes, usually some kind of tortoise frame. I especially like the rose gold on you, I like the new look of shiny metallic frames with a reflective lens, they really brighten up your face.


    1. I love men in aviators – Top Gun throwback! Your Costco idea is a great one and I should do that. I love tortoise shell so much and you can’t go wrong. It works with black and brown and in all seasons! Thank you for the compliments on the rose gold! Did you notice my reflection? It’s pretty funny and I didn’t notice til I posted! Lol!


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