Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Did you notice my Wednesday theme is different today?  I have zero outfit pictures this week!  I will blame it on summer and lack of routine.  

Do you own any palazzo pants – flowy, non wrinkle with no need to iron, feel like you are in your pajamas pants – that are still socially acceptable?  I have a few pairs that are just that and with an elastic waist.  As a teacher, I really hate to deal with fussy clothing during my approximately 1.5 minute bathroom breaks.  Even if you aren’t a teacher, I think these are office appropriate, weekend party appropriate, meeting appropriate and so much more.  The other benefit I have found is that I can wear them in most seasons here in Kentucky.  When I start school the AC can be freezing cold and in the winter our heater is way too intense so I find that I almost have to have a seasonless school wardrobe.  I’m most comfortable in pants and a short sleeve or 3/4 length top with a third layer than can be removed.  

Here is a photo of what I’m talking about.  I really like these – I feel the pattern is seasonless (like I mentioned before) and there is both brown and black which makes them versatile.  


The ones on the left below are definitely more spring and summer.  The other ones on the right can be worn a little bit longer into fall I think.  I always get compliments when I wear these pants.  I think they really make you look “put together”.  

Tip:  I have found it makes life easier to have black in all of these pairs for easy matching to a black top.  

Tip:  I am 5’4 so I have looked in the petite section for these or looked for a cropped version that will be full length on me usually.  

I also repeat this same technique with my skirts.  You may look better in an A line skirt, a midi skirt, or a maxi skirt, so you can use any of those styles, but I think the best for my shape is a simple pencil type skirt.  All of my skirts are pull on just like the pants and they all have black in them!  

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  This is the LulaRoe Cassie skirt.  It doesn’t wrinkle and no ironing required.  

The one on the left is the only one new this season – from Steinmart and it’s a linen type material so does slightly wrinkle, the leopard is from Chico’s, and the black and white jaguar is another Cassie.  

So, if all of these pants and skirts have black in them, what do you wear on top?  

I have a small collection of tops that will work with these.  I like to look for interesting details – flutter sleeves, tassels, criss cross – that type of thing.  img_8256.jpg

So, I think I can safely get away with one of these pants outfits and one of these skirt outfits per week.  

This also makes your footwear easy.  I currently own the Soda wedges on the left (better for school if I’m not standing all day but pretty comfortable), Tieks flats, patent Birks.  The two on the right are possibilities that I may keep.  


They are both from Steinmart.  The first was only $25. img_8262.jpg

This one was $44.  I like the 70s clog vibe and the almost suede material could work into fall.  img_8263.jpg

I am still looking for comfortable yet stylish teacher shoes to start school.  I am very picky and I am literally standing on concrete floors for 8 hours a day, so it takes a good shoe!

Tip:  I keep multiple pairs of flip flops, Birkenstocks, etc. in my classroom so that I can switch out during the day.  

I want to hear from you!  What do you think about patterned palazzo pants and skirts with a black top and black shoes?  Could this work for your lifestyle?  

Thanks for reading!



9 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday – Palazzo Pants…and More!

  1. You have a great collection of colorful bottoms! Great teacher wardrobe for sure because comfort is key. Love that you can rotate all of your black tops and shoes to change up the look. Have a super week Amy!


    1. Thank you! Yes, the longer I do this the more I know
      Comfort is key! This makes for easy dressing on those days when I don’t know what to wear!


  2. The combinations look great! I don’t own any pants like that, but I should – they look very comfy! My biggest challenge for 1,5 year ahead is that my school will move temporarily and I will bicycle five miles in the morning and five miles in the afternoon… How do I dress for that!?
    I envy you for having your own classroom, I would really like that!


    1. Thank you! I think leggings or tight fitting pants is what you will have to wear to be safe but you will get your exercise in! Yes we have our own room thankfully!


  3. Love the palazzo pants and the Cassie skirts! I’m all about comfort, but still looking put together and stylish! I really like the new clogs.


  4. I love your skirts and pants!!! You make me want to visit a Steinmart about an hour away from my home!!! I LOVE your taste and this blog!! You look adorable in your sunglasses! Someday I’ll be getting some cook Ray Bans!!!
    I teach Kindergarten so I totally understand the importance of comfy shoes! I like Dansko clogs! And i have a pair of cute Janko black shoes I wear a ton!


    1. Thank you Michelle! Stein mart also has a website. I personally have never shopped online with them, though. Thank you so much for the kind compliments. Ray Bans are definitely worth the money. I found a pair at my consignment store for $50 once. You have to be even more comfortable than me for kindergarten. I am thinking about some really cute Danskos from The Walking Company but they are just sooo expensive and I don’t know if I should do black or brown. I’m too cheap sometimes. Dansko has really improved their styles. I keep hoping they will turn up at my consignment store! I will do another blog post on teacher shoes I’m sure. Any topics you want me to tackle? Thanks for commenting and I hope you come back!!!!!!


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