Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July everyone!  

I’ve been keeping a “secret” and wasn’t sure how much I wanted to share on the blog at this time because there is no end in sight yet.  I teased a bit at this when I showed you some tile samples on my Hello Monday post, so here it is…  We are doing a pretty major renovation on our house.  

A little history:  We bought our 60’s ranch right before our wedding and have never lived anywhere else.  That was 19 years ago!  Our house was a 3 (4 if you consider the basement bedroom a bedroom) bedroom/2 bathroom house and it seemed huge until we filled it with a chocolate lab (our first boy was Archie and now we have our second chocolate lab Ernie) and twin boys.  And, it was still fine for our family of 4.  What I liked and still like about it is there is no wasted space.  The layout is comfortable and I really love my house.  

Right away, we did new appliances, new paint, and filled the house with replacements for our college furniture.  We put in new windows, we built a fence for our dog, we put on a new roof, and we did a new HVAC system.  

A few years later we added a garage with side patio and then a few years after that we redid the basement with drywall, a new fireplace, new built ins, and added a third bathroom to the basement bedroom.  

Our basement family room.  Yes, we let our dog on that part of the sectional!  

Our garage and side patio

New basement bathroom 

Why didn’t we just move?  Well, our boys walked out of our backyard to their elementary school, they walked out the front to the middle school and to the high school after that and located in between the middle and high school sits their daycare/preschool, orthodontist, and their oral surgeon.  Plus, I work at the same high school, as you know, and we have tons of restaurants, grocery store, and many other amenities within walking distance but still live in a quiet neighborhood with old trees in a good property value part of town.  

Current main floor living room:  Just wanting to rip up carpet because there are hardwoods beneath

Current dining room:  This will stay the same, except hopefully new paint

I’m not showing you current bathrooms, kitchen, or bedrooms because they are just bad.  Maybe I will at another time.  


We started phase one when we had to dig up an old septic tank in the yard by the house and take off our old concrete back steps.  This was Ernie’s spot and I took this photo because he looks so confused.  

Not to fear, we built a temporary wooden back entry that would eventually have stairs, too.  I can’t find a photo of this.  Just picture wooden railings and stairs – very makeshift.  

So, what are we doing?  

We are adding on to almost the entire back of the house.  We are adding a new master bedroom, two new master walk in closets, a master bath, a new hall bath (combining existing hall bath and existing master bath to created one), a mudroom/laundry room off of the kitchen, adding a patio off of the master bedroom/mudroom, extending the kitchen and redoing the kitchen.  In addition to that we are re-doing boys’ bedrooms, ripping up carpet and refinishing hardwoods throughout and painting the main floor of the house.  

We are doing this in stages and it will be a long time before everything is finished.  This will be an exercise in patience for me because it doesn’t come naturally.  I’m extremely nervous about the cost, the time factor, the chaos factor, and all that we have going on this year with the boys’ senior year, college visits and decisions, and much more.  But, that’s life.  There’s never a perfect time to rip up your house, is there?    

So, I will show you some progress if that’s your cup of tea and if it’s not, that’s fine, too. 

This was exciting because we were able to start the framing after the foundation had been poured.  We had lots of rain to contend with as we were trying to get this going.  \

This photo made me laugh.  Ernie lost his back porch, his wooden porch, and now he’s lost his driveway space.  I feel you, Ernie!  

It’s fun to see the progress!  The people working on it are so nice and such hard workers.  I try to give them ice water and popsicles as much as I can.  I think I painted a depressed picture of Ernie but he also loves seeing new people that come to work on the house and he has to sniff all the building materials.  

Have you been through something like this?  Any tips for me?  

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Home is where the…construction is?

    1. Thank you! I will do updates every couple of weeks I’m sure. I’m so nervous! Enjoy your day in your festive outfit!


  1. Wow, that’s great! Good job! I look forward to see the process! I’ve lived through a lot of renovations, it’s tough, but I think it’s good for you to shake up/change things sometimes! So my tip is to remember that nothing is impossible; you can make dishes in shower, you can cook everything on grill, etc. When I last packed a kitchen I created a box with the really essential stuff; coffee, coffeecups, basic utensils… The rest you can live without for a while.
    Oh, your poor dog! But I think the same goes for dogs; change can be good!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I don’t want to wash dishes in the shower but I may have to! I don’t expect to be ready for the kitchen phase until next spring so I have some time to get prepared for that part! That’s a great tip about packing away all but essentials. I am using this time to declutter, too. Happy 4th of July!


  2. Oh yeah, the decluttering! I love it! It’s so refreshing! Here in Florida we only have the basic stuffs (no pots from grandma, no paintings from inlaws…) and it’s so relaxing!
    Happy fourth!


    1. Yes!
      I think the kitchen will be next spring. Yes, crockpot and I think I will buy a toaster oven. I’ve been told to set up a makeshift kitchen – maybe in the dining room. I’m really worried about chaos when school starts so wish me luck!


    1. Thank you! I will show some progress Monday. It’s slow going when your husband is directing it himself in addition to his full time job!


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