Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How about a random post for you today?  I had a bunch of things to tell you but none of them are very lengthy, so I thought I would do a stream of consciousness/camera roll type post for you!  

-First off, let’s talk about sunglasses.  I’m a little obsessed and love my sunglasses.  I wear them all year long and have pretty sensitive eyes.  Plus, girls, it’s another way to accessorize!  

TJ Maxx is a great place to get pretty decent quality sunglasses for $10-$12. They hold up better than a Target pair IMO and they probably cost less. Is it just me or has Target upped their prices on clothing, shoes, and accessories?  I love Target, but I’ve had to limit myself because you can seriously drop some $ there.  

My college roomie got these below at The Dollar Tree and is quite happy with them! If she hadn’t told me, I never would’ve known.  

I also know women who stock up on readers at The Dollar Tree.  They are cheap, cheap, cheap so I don’t like mine from there very much.  I am obsessed with my readers from Whole Foods that I got more than 6 months ago for $20.  They are clear in the front with wood sides and I love them and have kept them safe.  Sometimes it pays to spend a bit more if you really love something and therefore only see a need for one of an item?  

-My hydrangea has become this beautiful periwinkle color! There are currently about 10 blooms!  I showed you a photo a couple of weeks ago when it was barely turning from a white to a light blue.  I am so happy!  

-I am the oldest of three girls.   All three of us are teachers and all of us are also Moms.  I absolutely adore my sisters and even though we don’t live in the same cities we talk often and share ideas.  My middle sister came up with this great tip for kids using too many cups in the summer. She bought cork coasters and put their names on them and each kid places their cup for the day on these.  It looks like my poor niece Nora may be dehydrated on this day – just kidding!  


-I really want to like Bloody Marys. I love tomatoes but I just can’t like these! Are you a fan? There is a new biscuit restaurant opening up and they posted this picture.  It’s like a meal in a glass.  My mom and youngest sister like them.  What’s up with biscuit places?  This must be the trend for 2019!  


I do, however, love a mimosa! I love a bit of carbonation in my drinks. To make your own, just pour about half oj and fill rest of glass with champagne. I have also added pineapple juice and that is awesome! The line of “Simply” at the grocery has some interesting flavors you could experiment with.  You know “Simply Orange”, “Simply Lemonade”, etc.  

Below are the giant $5 mimosas from the drag brunch I went to in the spring with my SIL.

Another great morning beverage – is it wrong to drink alcohol so early in the day?- is a Tequila Sunrise.

Pour in clear glass: (so you can see the colors!)

3/4 of the way full of oj

One shot glass of tequila

Half shot glass of grenadine

Don’t stir

It stays in layers and is beautiful and yummy!  I think it has something to do with sugar content.  I used a lite orange juice this time and that may have affected the colors.  

I guess you can drink this any time of day!

Look, Kellyann!  Amazon delivered me a shot glass.  My blogging friend was quite appalled that I didn’t own a shot glass for my measurements of my cocktail recipes.  She was right; I really had been needing one.  

It looks really cute in this mason jar with my 4th of July reusable straw, doesn’t it?  

-I follow a blog called Frugalwoods and I’m doing a July money challenge. I feel like I spend so much more in the summer – more on food, clothing, entertainment – do you agree?

-I am super excited (more than I should be) about my second new library this year! This one is even closer to my house and it will have a coffee shop!

I might have gone to the grand opening yesterday!

-I canceled my Ipsy subscription a few months ago. The little products that weren’t quite right were bugging me and I couldn’t use them fast enough. I did find many products that I wouldn’t have found otherwise, but it just felt wasteful. This past weekend I did a major toss of all of my lip colors and only kept what I love and what suits me.

The Dreaded Dishwasher

I think I’ve figured this out. I start each day with an almost empty dishwasher (only has the dinner dishes from night before). All day we load the breakfast and lunch and cups and snack stuff and I run it as I’m cooking dinner that night. After dinner, the boys unload and reload. They don’t complain anymore and most of the time I catch them laughing and joking while doing it. They would kill me for this photo but I love it.

They are sharing headphones to listen to something while doing dishes. This photo is about a year old.

Did you enjoy this stream of consciousness/random post?

It was fun but now you might think I’m crazy to see how my brain works!

What are your random thoughts for today?  Any tips that you want to share?  

Thanks for reading and if you’re new here, welcome!


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Randoms- Sunglasses, Morning Cocktails, & More!

  1. Cheers for the shot glasses arriving! Of course that was totally selfish on my part so now I can make all of your yummy drinks perfectly! I am totally going to try the tequila sunrise – so pretty!
    I think all the biscuit places are crazy – one half of the world is so carb-phobic and the other half can’t get enough sugary coffee drinks and biscuits!
    Fun post – sometimes you just gotta let that stream of consciousness flow and this was lovely!!


    1. Thank you for pushing me. I really did have it on my list! If you’ve never had a Tequila Sunrise I think you will be surprised by how good they are! Isn’t that the truth about people today – one half is Keto and the other half is going to get all their calories for the day in one meal! It’s all about balance which I am still struggling with myself.
      Thank you – this was fun to write!


  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed that post! You have very nice pictures and your sense of humor is spot on!
    Fun, my favorite sunglasses are actually from TJ Max (bought them last year) and I have a bunch of reading glasses from Dollar Tree. I’m going to buy a necklace with a ring where you can hang your glasses, perfect for school!
    This summer I have actually created a budget sheet on my computer, and it feels very good to be in control. Last year the expenses came as a chock in the end of the summer, not this year!
    Oh yeah, the dishwasher… My teenagers also have headphones when they empty it – why!?


    1. Thank you! Yay for TJ Maxx! I had some black Fossil sunglasses from there that must have lasted 8 years! I have avoided the glasses chain thus far but might need one soon! I am going to start writing down what I spend each day. It’s easy to let it get out of control.
      My boys have headphones in all.the.time! They never hear me the first time! Lol!


  3. The headphones… it drives me crazy to have to say everything twice! :-D.
    I agree that the glasses chain is very old-lady-like, but this one (from Dollar Tree) just looks like an ordinary necklace where you accidentally can hang your glasses… I always wear them hanging from my neckline so I thought I try this instead.


    1. I know! Good tip on the chain from Dollar Tree! Will look for it!
      I usually wear my glasses in my hair until I need them.


    1. I love that they want the other to hear something that they are listening to! The Daisy Jones book was there on the shelf! I think you recommended it? Can’t wait to read it!


  4. I agree about Bloody Marys. Tomatoes are for eating, not drinking. When we were in PCB, we visited a winery that makes a wine that tastes JUST LIKE a Bloody Mary! The husband likes it. I say it’s a waste of fruit that could have been much more in its life.

    Eh, who needs shot glasses? A couple, three, four fingers of vodka will do the trick every time. 🙂


    1. Why would you want to make a wine that tastes like that? Haha! I eyeball everything for my drink and food recipes but I guess if I’m giving directions it will help other people I guess.
      It’s finally a non rainy day here!


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