Friday, June 21, 2019

How was your week?  It’s hard to believe it’s Friday! I’ve accomplished a lot this week but summer needs to slow down!  

I have been enjoying time to read. 

Highly recommend:  

Recommend for a cute, fun, summer read.  Identical twins trade places in a pageant.  

I’m currently reading this.  Two young people do the Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain in honor of an injured military service person.  I really like it but it’s taking me a bit longer to read.  

I love to throw in a bit of non-fiction and this caught my eye on the shelf at the library.  The author made a conscious decision to slow the pace of her life.  She doesn’t have to sell me on that notion.  This was good reinforcement for my beliefs and had some good ideas and thoughts.  The cover is just gorgeous.  Highly recommend.  

Do you have a pop socket for your phone?  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but this is my favorite part of the pop socket.  You can buy a pop socket car attachment to hold your phone on your car’s dashboard.  I can’t/don’t want to live without this baby!  

You may remember me talking about trying to buy a Bogg bag online for a boat, pool, beach bag?  They were all sold out in every color, but I looked up boutiques that carry them.  A local boutique (the only one here that sells them) near was listed.  I called and they said they were out but they would put me on their list.  Well, they called this week and I chose orange.  I think it will be a great and durable bag!  

If you are local, this is the cute shop that also has lots of gift possibilities!  

I got a pedicure at a new (to me) place this week.  They massaged your legs with hot stones.  That was a new experience and very relaxing.  

I chose a bright salmon pink. 

I took my boys clothes shopping after they got their wisdom teeth stitches out.  They wanted to be on their own and then we met back up.  

Did you see my summer nails post yesterday?  I used the yellow I can’t Copa Cabana on my fingers this week.  

My husband loved this meal this week and said it’s 100% better than Qdoba.  That was a nice compliment and thanks to Andrea for the recipe.  

Remember this week when I talked about summer shoes?  I cannot take these Croc Sexis off.  I want to wear them all the time and I don’t even take them off in the house!  For just $17 on Amazon I’m seriously considering getting them in black, too.  

What have been your favorites of the week?  Any fun weekend plans?  We have rain in the forecast again and our river is up because of all the rain this year.  I’m hoping to hear some music, though, if the weather cooperates!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. I love books like this one! If you go to Trader Joe’s, I used their cooked chicken, frozen jasmine rice, and I’m going to use their jalapeño sauce next time, too! I can’t wait to make it again!


  1. Yes, time flies! I can’t believe we”ve been here one week already! Favorites this week is of course to re-discover all your fantastic stores and the lovely sunny Florida. Yesterday we went for happy hour at a Fishbone grill (seems to be a restaurant chain, maybe you have it?) and it was really good. I’m so happy to be here!
    Weekend plans are dinner at my MIL tonight (we’re celebrating a Swedish holiday called Midsummer) and maybe a barbecue by the pool with some friends tomorrow. Everyone asks us what we’re planning to do these weeks, but we are just happy with the sun, the pool and the beach!


    1. Yes I would be happy with those three things! Yes today is the official start of summer so I think that coincides with your holiday based on the summer solstice? Yes we do have that chain and it’s pretty good! The bang bang shrimp is very popular!
      Continue to enjoy your time! Wish you had a blog! Oh and keep searching for a kimono!
      Versona is another store you should check out. Your husband is going to hate me!


  2. Yes the holiday is to celebrate summer solstice and many Swedes start their vacation on this day. Families get together to dance around a May pole (crazy, I know), play games and have a good time.
    I don’t know if my blog would be very interesting, we’re quite boring… lol
    Husband is quite good with shopping, he is more annoyed with us girls (me and daughters) HAVING to buy something as soon as we enter a store… Well, you know…

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    1. You could listen to it? Lol! The bowls are great and since you are a TJ shopper you can get everything there – just chicken refrigerated section, jasmine or brown rice, corn, black beans, cheese, Tom, avocado, cilantro, limes and get the new jalapeño sauce! I’m so mad I forgot to put it on first time. My husband likes all my food but he gave this high praise saying it was better than our fave fast Mexican food!


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