Monday, June 24, 2019

How was your weekend?  I hope it was good!  I’m linking up with Heather, etc. so go here to see other posts.  

Thursday evening I started my weekend by going to an outdoor shopping center that has music every Thursday.  It was a beautiful evening.  

We ordered sangria which was delicious and a blackberry pomegranate something which was really salty and just bad.  Because it was $12, we told our server and he got us a different drink, which honestly wasn’t really an improvement.  Maybe I’m a tough critic, but my drinks are so much better!  

We sat on the patio at Mitchell’s Fish Market, which is a chain.  Do you have one?  

We tried the crab, spinach, artichoke dip.  It was just o.k.

This was a strawberry mule. It tasted like an air freshener smells.  

Friday night we just stayed in and I made a Greek version of the Southwestern bowl I told you about here on Friday in my Favorites.  I did Mediterranean beans from Trader’s, hummus, corn, cucumbers, tomato, feta, chicken and shrimp, and I didn’t have tzatziki sauce so I made a little dill mayo sauce.  It was really good.  

I finished this book below and really liked it.  I think you can consider it a Young Adult book because the main character is 18.  It involves Spain so I loved it.  However, there were several Spanish mistakes and I really wanted to get out my red pen!  

Now, I’m reading this cute book.  I may have already read it years ago but I can’t remember!  Oops!  Do you ever do that?  

Saturday we woke to more rain.  Our river is too high to go boating now, too.  I treated myself to a local coffee, Heine Brothers.  

My boys had a friend over and I made what I call “Teen Charcuterie”.  

We stayed in again Saturday night because of the boys’ friend.  They ate dinner and then went to an ice cream parlor.  They walked because it turned out to be nice out.  We don’t leave when our kids have friends over.  We trust our boys, but feel like it’s our responsibility to stick around.  Are you like that?  

I have no good pictures from Sunday!  I did a Costco run, took the boys’ friend home after I made them lunch, and just did a few little things around the house.  And, then around 4, it rained and stormed again!  And, we had the tornado sirens going off.  

I hope you have a great Monday and thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Love your teen charcuterie board! Yes, we stay home when the boys have friends over and they are both over the age of 18! I think it’s important to do that and they don’t mind. It’s nice when you make good drinks at home – much less expensive and they’re better – it really makes me want to stay home.
    We had a Mitchell’s Fish Market and they had the BEST HH! Sadly they closed and no one can replace them.Have a great week!


    1. The board isn’t the healthiest but they scarfed it down! We leave them alone in the basement but we are there just in case. I would’ve liked to go out but it saved money.
      So I really like Mitchell’s but this Time it wasn’t that good! Also, the happy hour specials are only inside at the bar and not on the patio! Why? I spent way too much for not great food and drink. Do you have a Bonefish? We have one but it’s not that convenient and I never think about it but people love their Bang Bang shrimp.


  2. We usually stay in when the kids have friends over too. They are all good teens, but I like to do that anyway. It sounds like all your restaurant food/drinks were just mediocre…ho hum! I love the idea of a teen charcuterie board…so fun!
    Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


    1. That’s how I am. And I hope their friends’ parents are home when they go there, too! I go out so rarely that I want it to be good, you know? I cooked all weekend after that! Thank you!


  3. I’m very picky too, and I mostly just take a glass of wine if we go out for a drink. I’m not a Masterchef, but mostly I do better than the restaurant… We didn’t do anything special this weekend, husband is renovating a bathroom, so most energy is put into that. So today will be spent poolside mixed with noisy floor job!
    I don’t read as much as you do, so I don’t re-read books by mistake (lol) but I do forget movies! Me and husband is often like – haven’t we watched this before!?
    An Aldi has opened quite closed! We’ll check it out this week, hopefully cheaper than Publix!


    1. That’s probably a good policy but I like the fun seasonal cocktails! I do better than the restaurant, too! I understand energy in renovating. My husband was pretty busy with that, too – post coming soon. I have not been to a pool yet and I badly need to!
      I do that with movies, too. I fall asleep during a lot of them! I’m not an Aldi expert but their fruit and veg prices are really good; their meet scares me a bit. Their cheeses and snack foods are supposed to be good. I will see if I can find a post for you! What is your favorite American food and your daughters’?


  4. I must say that everything that includes meat is our favorite! Steak, burger, chicken, pork chops, tacos… I don’t know what you do with your animals, but they taste really good! 😀 And ice-cream! Your Bluebell ice cream is just too good! We have to restrain ourselves from buying it everyday!


    1. Haha- we treat them well! I have never bought BlueBell. I buy the Kroger brand flavor called Artisan Vanilla Bean and it’s always $2.50 for a half gallon. That’s cheaper than a single cone most anywhere! I sent you an email!


  5. Hello! I am a new reader to your blog and just had to comment on your teen board – what a cute idea!! I would’ve never thought to change it for a different age group.


    1. Thank you, Ruth and welcome! They made fun of me for calling it teen charcuterie but it makes me happy. I hope to do a better one next time!


  6. Salty sangria? Weird! I don’t even like salty margaritas and always ask for sugar instead. But I’ve found if you order a fruity one (instead of regular), they give you sugar anyway.

    I would probably stick around if my teen had friends over just because, but this is something I haven’t actually thought about. I’ve always been around the under 10 crowd in elementary schools, so parents are always around anyway.


    1. It was really bad! I like a bit of salt on a margarita but this was just bad. Sugar rims are the best. I could start doing that at home! Parenting teens is not for the weak. I’m pretty lucky so far!


  7. We get tornados here too but we don’t have sirens. Everyone watches the sky though when a good storm whips up! Green sky and boiling clouds, eek!
    I always stayed home when our kids had friends over. It used to piss me off when other parents did not. I’ve heard too many horrible stories.
    And I always read books again by accident! This old brain loves the repetative!


    1. I’m super scared of tornadoes! The siren is at the school behind our house so we can hear it really well. That’s how I feel about the parents being home. Sometimes I’m ok with reading it again!

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  8. I often pick up a book to read and think it sounds familiar enough that I probably read it but really can’t remember the details to be positive or not… I almost always end up realizing at the end that I did in fact read it before. I am re-reading a book right now; the author came out with two other books to make it a series and it’s been 2 years since I read the first book so I figure I’ll just read them ALL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do the same! Yes, that helps if you are reading a trilogy. I tend to forget details quickly because I read so much I guess. Our new beautiful library opened today! One son and I went to the grand opening! What does that say about me that I get more excited about a library opening than a store these days?


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