Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Since school is out, my mind is focused on much more important things…like my summer shoe collection!  Ha!  My mom can attest to the fact that I’ve always been a shoe girl.  But, with age comes wisdom and I know I’ve learned a lot through my shopping mistakes.  Gosh, I think I’ve made the most shopping mistakes with shoes!  

Here are a few of my shoe “rules” at this stage in life:

-Try not to get sucked in by Target’s cute shoes and decent prices.  I know there are some exceptions, but as a general rule I don’t buy Target shoes or other cheap shoes.  Some ladies have had great luck with Target’s wedges this season, but I didn’t need them when I found my consignment wedge.  I may eat my words if I try on a pair!  

-Don’t buy all the colors of the rainbow.  Tan, black, and metallic work best for me.

-It’s not quantity but quality and comfort.

-I just can’t do a really high heel.  Stick to my comfort in regards to heel height.  

So, let’s see some photos…

I find myself pretty happy with what I have to choose from right now. 

Let’s start from the back.  

-New $40 ish MIA Susan clog sandals.  I have now worn them 4 times and they are great.  They won’t work for school, but I’m only thinking summer right now!  

-Consignment $18 OTBT wedges that retail for $130.  Very high but comfortable; still best for dinner out and things like that.

-New $30ish Soda sandals from Amazon per Lisa of Coast to Coast blog’s rec.  These did work for school.  Love them!  

Middle Row:

-Black patent Birks

-Bronze metallic Birks from consignment 6 years ago – paid about $18

Forgive the weird toe prints!  Ha!  

-Tory Burch black wedge flip flop – paid full price about 6 years ago

-Tory Burch Miller – consignment for $70 about 7 years ago


Bottom Row above:  

-new this year Birks (fun to call them Birkencrocs) .  They were $40 and are super lightweight and super comfy.  I broke my rule and went with a fun bright pink/salmon

-Pierre Dumas Jack Rogers look alike from Amazon for $25ishlast year.  These were per Lauren from All About that Mommy Life’s rec and a teacher at school’s rec.  These are not high quality but I love the cork and so much more comfortable than the real thing.  I had real Jack Rogers and they were like walking on two pieces of plywood.  

-Tory Burch flip flops for $12 from consignment – not comfy at all but look good if need a dressier flip flop and silver accent

-The newest member of the shoe family on a rec from the internet about the comfiest sandals – the Croc Sexi (forgive the name, please!).  These were $17 from Amazon and I can’t take them off.  I’m even wearing them in the house.  Here’s a better photo below.  It’s all one piece.  They are kind of ugly in a cute sort of way.  

I would still like a new pair of Reef flip flops and I didn’t include my rain boots, my tennis shoes, or my flats.  I don’t like wearing closed toe shoes in the summer.  Gotta show off that pedicure!  

Do you see any holes in my shoe wardrobe?  What do you need to add to yours?  


12 thoughts on “Summer Shoes

  1. I used to be able to wear any shoe from anywhere but those days are long gone. Now I have to have a comfy footbed and they can’t rub anywhere. It’s crazy because a shoe will work for awhile and then it doesn’t. No clue why. Maybe they stretch out or something? Anyway, I’m with you and the Target shoes except this year my wedges are so comfortable from Target I can’t believe it.I’ve always wanted TB Millers and Jack Rogers but can’t do it – the footbed just doesn’t work for me – boo!


    1. We are lucky that there are so many comfy and stylish options out there now! I don’t think that used to be the case. Also, I think if people have high arches they may think a different type of shoe is more comfortable. Honestly the Millers are not that comfortable. And don’t get me started on the Jack Rogers. Neither is worth the price. I am still thrilled that I got the Millers in my size for $70 and the quality is superb.
      You should try the Soda that Lisa has if you are looking for a different color. The one inch height is good.
      Do you have the Dr. Scholls anti rub stick? I really like it and helps with certain pairs of my flats.
      Have a great day!


  2. Well, right now my shoe wardrobe consists of flip flops in every possible color! You can wear them in sun and in tropical rain (:-)) which is practical! Back home the coolest brand for flip flops are Havaianas, but I don’t see them much here.
    For vacation I also have nice black flats from Tory Burch (I traveled in them; I looked like Michael Jackson with white compression socks, lol), beige sandals with heels from Kenneth Cole and dark blue wedges from GAP.
    I think your shoe wardrobe looks great! I’m quite intrigued by those white crocs! I think I will order those. Size ok?


    1. This made me lol! Michael Jackson!
      The size of the Croc is good in length. The strap around ankle got a little tight as day wore on and it’s not adjustable. Still so very comfortable!


  3. I have blue Birks, just like your black patent ones and those things are AWESOME! I walk everywhere in them. I’ve even hiked in them! Just this Sunday I hiked up a sleet slope to the toe of a glacier with no problems!


    1. That’s quite a recommendation for this style! Haha! I think I like the look of that style the best of all of them! They keep getting more comfortable over time I think! Hope summer has arrived for you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope they still have it! I think I got it in April? Did you see that I gave you credit for the fake Jack Rogers?


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