Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Happy Wednesday!  Today is my typical What I Wore from the last week with a few “extras” thrown in plus I’m linking up with Heather at My Glittery Heart for a Pin It Spin It where bloggers take some Pinterest outfit photos and put their own spin on it with clothes in their closet.  I regularly do this anyway when I’m in a rut.  You should try it if you haven’t!  I love Pinterest!  

This was my first day off and what I wore to take dinner to my friend’s house.  Versona top that I got for $8, Target Universal Thread olive drawstring shorts, MIA Susan clog sandal.  

This is what I wore to have lunch with friends.  I felt a bit fallish looking at this photo later.  My camo dress is Target Universal Thread, same clog sandals, and old consignment knit cardigan.  

I don’t have details of my friends’ outfits but they looked cute.  They have a bit more preppy vibe than I do.  

These are the Jack Rogers wedges below and she claims they are more comfortable than the flat JRs.  

I purchased the Amazon romper!  That is a paint spot on my mirror, by the way.  I think this romper can work into the fall, but the jury is still out on if I think it’s flattering on me.  I wore this to my niece’s graduation party and avoided going to the bathroom for the time I was there!  

This outfit below was my Saturday outfit and I don’t think it looks very good, but I’m wearing my new Crocs Sexi sandal.  

Close up of the Croc Sexi and check out yesterday’s shoe post if you missed it!  

Now, time for Pin It Spin It…

Camo with white is kind of unexpected and I like how she put this together.  


Here is my spin and I will really wear this in the next week.  Target Universal Thread white cut offs, Versona camo top, TB Millers, and some gold leather earrings.  


O.k., I was drawn to my second pin because of the round purse like the one I have.  


My take on it would be Target Universal Thread blue denim cut offs, a white knit Old Navy blouse, round purse, Millers again, and leather feather metallic earrings.  


And, finally we have a pin with cut offs, white shirt, and a kimono.


Amazon kimono, same cut offs, same white shirt, Miller sandals, and hot pink leather earrings from ADVdesigns.


I’m definitely drawn to casual outfits and cut off shorts right now!  And, this post was in no way sponsored by Target’s Universal Thread line – I just really love it and think you get a lot of bang for your buck!  

What’s your favorite outfit from above?  What have you been wearing lately?  

Thanks for stopping by!


14 thoughts on “What I Wore and Pin It Spin It

    1. Thank you! Loving the crocs. They are so comfortable. I have seen the JR wedge at my consignment store so maybe they will appear in my size one of these days. I’m getting better with the flat lay – who knew it was so hard!
      Thank you for the compliment on the romper. I can see it working well in the fall! Great rec. You do need black undergarments because the material is fairly thin, don’t you think?


  1. I love the romper on you! Black with a tan is so nice! Yesterday I wore a tunic with jeans cut offs – I remember you saying that cut offs look very nice with a long sleeved top, I agree! After reading your post I realize I need a kimono with flowers…! I walk around with very little clothes on (!) but when you enter stores you get very cold, a kimono would solve that. I’m going to Target today, maybe they will have something. Today’s shopping list for Target: Oil of Olay (for husband!), acne cream (for teenagers!), eye lash primer (for mama!), 50 sun screen (for pale Scandinavian family) and coffee maker (for you know – coffee!).


    1. Thank you! Yes, I love cut offs with long sleeves! Yes, you should be able to find kimonos in stores in FL. You may need to look in accessories or cover up section. Get the pink or white tube of Maybelline lash primer. I love a Target trip – as you know! The Target brand sunscreen is good but they may have some good deals on name brands. You have to buy your own coffee maker?


      1. So, no flowery kimonos in sight… But I did find a camo jacket/shirt in Ross for 12 dollars! Otherwise Target had everything on the shopping list; I chose a primer from No 7 with a black tint, a huge bottle of sunscreen from up & up (Target’s own brand I guess?) and of course the coffee maker (cheap but works, I’m drinking it right now ;-)). Yes, the coffee maker had broken down so it needed to be replaced, but it was really cheap. Question: what’s going on with the food prices? I mostly cook at home and food is so expensive!


      2. Shoot! Yes Ross and TJ Maxx good options.
        Also if you have a Steinmart in Fl that is a good option. Go to Amazon if you have time for it to arrive!
        Food in Florida is more expensive. Publix is their big one. Walmart food prices cheaper but I can’t handle Walmart.
        Is there an Aldi? If you are buying fresh fruit and veg a specialty store for those might be better. Corn, strawberries, zucchini are in season and very good now. Good luck!


    1. Thank you Kristin! I think the waist and belt helps and the pockets! I’m still not happy about the bathroom situation! Could you throw a cardigan or kimono over yours?


    1. Thank you! You should get the Amazon kimono. Length is good and price is right. Lots of bloggers have it but there are lots of great designs!


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