Monday, June 17, 2019

Boy, Mondays feel different when you don’t have anywhere to be! If you do have somewhere to be, I’m so sorry!  I will be back there with you before too long. 🙂

Today I’m linking up with Heather and Lauren for Hello Monday and Weekending link ups.  

Let’s start with Thursday night.  It was hub’s bday and he wanted to stay in and have BLTs.  I also made shaved brussel sprouts (bought the bag already shaved at Trader Joe’s) with bacon and balsamic, roasted potatoes and onion, and mushrooms.  We opened presents and had a frozen oreo dessert that I made, too.  

Friday lunch I felt ok to leave my recovering boys (from Wednesday’s wisdom teeth surgery) for a couple of hours and I met my two besties for lunch.  We are really bad about remembering photos so we made it a point to do this right away.  

We sat on the pretty patio because it was a picture perfect day and was even a little cool.  

Having a cocktail at lunch feels truly decadent!  

That night was my niece’s grad party and I failed to take any photos!  But, it was a nice night and my SIL outdid herself with the food.  

Saturday one son had an audition so the other son went, too, and we visited a nearby record store.  It was good to get them out of the house.  I feel really bad that they had to start their summer this way!  And, I will tell you they didn’t eat any solid foods until yesterday so it takes about 5 days to feel almost normal.  They have to go get their stitches out this Wednesday.  

Saturday night my husband wanted to return his birthday gifts (I tried!) at the mall so I talked him into eating dinner at BJ’s.  I had their sparkling sangria.  It is so good.  We are into sitting at the bar lately.  I think sometimes it’s faster!  We split a salad, brussel sprouts (mine were better!), and some queso.  

I finished this book Sunday and I do recommend it.  It’s cute and a good summer read.  

Next up is this book.  I can’t remember who recommended it.  

My husband wanted to go see this – Men in Black International – and the boys were able to eat a bit of popcorn .  I wasn’t looking forward to seeing it, but it was pretty good.  I wasn’t a fan of the first one, either.  


Then, we visited a bookstore per the boys’ request and they bought their summer reading book. We came home and I read a bit and started a decent dinner for my hub.  

What did you do this weekend?  

Hope it was a great one!  


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. We like sitting at the bar at BJ’s too – it is much faster. The BJ’s near us always has a wait but the bar always seems to be open! Glad your boys are eating solid food. Nolan is still in so much pain I have to call the doctor today as he is almost out of pain medication. This surgery is taking a long time to recover from, ugh!
    Enjoy the week – it is so nice to get up and move slowly isn’t it?!


    1. Yes! The food wasn’t very good this time – maybe we ordered the wrong things. I’m so sorry about Nolan. It’s hard to come up with different liquid foods. My boys drank a bunch of my vanilla premier protein shakes so that was good. I hope he turns around soon. It’s so nice but I need a summer routine, too! Your weekend looked lovely! I’m going to work on Disqus commenting this summer – lol!


  2. Well, Saturday was all about traveling, and Sunday was about setting up internet, tv, mobile phone, visit mother in law, Dunkin Donuts… (yes, in that order :-)).
    I also enjoy sitting in the bar, it’s quicker and often they have a lighter menu.
    Summer reading, oh yes. I just started “The Mister” which I know is a silly romantic book, but that’s all my brain can take right now…
    And I have to ask – why do Americans remove the wisdom teeth? Is it for prevention? Does everyone do it?


    1. Hope your traveling was smooth! I didn’t realize your mother in law lives here. Is your husband from the US? I think almost everyone removes the wisdom teeth here because they don’t want them to mess up the other teeth? You don’t do that in Sweden?
      I understand about needing light reading. Do you read in Swedish or English?


      1. Yes, travel was fine, thanks! The toughest part is queuing through customs when you arrive after ten hours… We’re Swedish all through, but mother in law has a vacation home here, my husband has studied here, and I… well I just love America!
        No, we keep our teeth! I had to remove one because it was infected… I guess they are quite vulnerable?
        I do most of my reading in English (since I was a teenager, I’m not quite sure why!). I love to read, but during the school year I don’t read much except the literature I force my poor students to read!


      2. Yes that is the worst! I read about the teeth and it said they can decay very easily because hard to reach and they can become infected. I understand about summer reading for pleasure! We do lots of school reading too.


  3. Wow that sandwich looks so good!!!! I hope your boys are continuing to recover without complications. I remember getting my wisdom teeth out- not fun! I’m adding the beauty queen book to my list! I checked out too many serious books this round at the library and need something light!


    1. Thank you! Good to hear from you! I know – I have to switch from more serious to lighter!
      We are finally getting back to normal from the teeth!


    1. It has not been fun! They are just now acting normal and this is day 6. MIB wasn’t that bad! Aladdin was way better, though! Accidental Beauty Queen was really cute. You are smart to do college visits. With that ACT score, Grace will have pick of the litter for FREE!!


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