Tuesday Tips

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Guess what?  I’m off school today for primary election day!  I love to start my day with a cup of coffee (or three), a devotional, and my favorite blogs – or as many as I have time for.  And then, of course, I’m off to vote!  

Also, today is floral day if you are playing along with me!  Tomorrow is wear something you haven’t worn yet this season, Thursday is dress day, and Friday is graphic tee day!  

*I didn’t put in links, so you are on your own – meaning you will have to type the name of the blog in your browser!  This teacher didn’t have time for that!  Sorry!  

Primarily Fashion Blogs: (sometimes they include recipes, product recommendations, trip review, etc.  )

This Blonde’s Shopping Bag – Kellyann is my faithful first commenter almost every day and I consider her a friend now. She finds affordable fashions and shows how she styles them.

CoasttoCoast2.com – Lisa also styles affordable fashions and also has given me some of my favorite recipes.  She is a fellow Trader Joe’s lover. 

Living on Cloud Nine – Andrea has fashion and recipes and is a mom of a high school boy and two college age boys.  She lives in northern Indiana and goes to Michigan a lot and gave me recommendations for my last trip there.  

Sheaffer Told Me To – used to be Pinterest Told me To.  I have taken her advice and some of my favorite clothing pieces are because of this blog.

Hi Sugarplum – Cassie styles Nordstrom pieces among others.  She has a great style.  

The Queen in Between – Shelly has great style with affordable pieces.

Bright on a Budget – Tiffany is a fellow Kentucky blogger.  She also styles affordable fashions for the real working mom.


Lifestyle/Mom Blogs:  (These blogs sometimes include fashion, but they are usually talking about their family life, product rec’s, recipes,etc.)

Mix and Match Mama – Shay is very well known as a cookbook author, travel agent, long time blogger

My Glittery Heart – Heather is a great mom with great style and a love for entertaining and eeking the fun out of every weekend.  She has an Etsy shop and is also following Weight Watchers.  

Lindsay’s Sweet World – Lindsay is the most organized person on the planet with some great ideas!  

The Other Side of the Road – Tanya is a new blogger friend and also has high school kids.  She does great book reviews and Amazon Prime product reviews. 

Polka Dotty Place – Whitney has great style and great recipes and is the most creative SAHM.  

Momfessionals – Andrea is super mom and hosts the Friday Faves link up.  I love her style and have also gotten many good recipes from her.  

The Slaughters – Erika has great style and is besties with Mix and Match Mama.

Carolina Charm – Christina has a beautiful blog of home design, recipes, fashion, family life.  

Big Mama – Melanie really only posts two days a week at most now, but I love her Friday shopping picks and she is a great and funny writer.  

Penny’s Passion – Penny always knows what shows and movies are coming out and she really lives life to the fullest. 

Stuff, Things, Etc.  – Kristin is a blog friend of mine.  She is learning the ropes as a new mom and is a military wife, too.  She is a great writer and a former teacher.  I bought her Madewell tote when she was ready to let it go.  

Kelly’s Korner – I love Kelly’s style and she gave me the rec for my favorite all time lip color – Revlon’s Goldpearl Plum.  I even found a matching Lipsense shade because I love it so much!  

Our Unschooling Journey – Rashawna is a homeschooling mom who is doing WW. She really makes the most of her days at home with her three boys.

All About That Mommy Life – Lauren is a teacher and a mom and has great product recommendations.  

I read a couple more but they don’t post with much regularity so I only wanted to recommend ones that post most days.  

My favorite blogs are the ones that show fashions for the “real woman” and recipes for real life.  I also love product recommendations.  I avoid blogs that feel that they are selling me something.  I prefer a blog that uses a bigger font and full size photos, too, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.  I try to make my blog the kind of blog I would like to read, but I’m sure I don’t always succeed.  

Now, do you have any blog recommendations for me?  

I can’t accept that blogs are obsolete because they have added so much to my life!  If anyone tries to tell you that tell them they’re wrong!  

Happy blog reading!


14 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Blogs you should read

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out!
    I agree that full-size pictures are the only way to go (as well as easy commenting), but I think I do need to make my font bigger.


    1. You’re welcome! Sorry I didn’t do links. I think Blogger v. WordPress affects fonts but I use WordPress and do every post in bold. You have cool fonts and I can’t change mine – unless I just don’t know how to do it. Did you like what I wrote about you- “she sold me my Madewell tote?” Lol! Have a great day!


  2. You are so sweet Amy! Thank you so much for the kindness! I read many of the same blogs but there are a few I need to check out! I’m so happy to have connected with you! Enjoy your day off – I think that’s so nice that y’all get the day off to vote – FL should take note and maybe we wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the nation when election day rolls around!


    1. You’re welcome and I am, too! I love to see others’ blog lists. I think it’s a state law that we have to be out because they use schools as polling places. It’s a little weird to have school Monday and then Wed-Fri but we will take it!
      Have a great day!


  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! We read lots of the same blogs, and yours is on my “must read” list every day! 🙂 Have a great week!


  4. I was reading through your list and thinking “We love all the same blogs!!” and then stumbled across mine at the bottom!! Thank you so much for the shoutout– you made my day 🙂


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