What I wore Wednesday

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Today is “wear something you haven’t worn yet this season” day if you haven’t already gotten dressed for the day!  Did you wear your floral yesterday?  Did you wear your stripes Monday?  If you are playing along, tomorrow is dress day and Friday is graphic tee day.  

Let’s start with a couple of school outfits from last week.  I don’t know why this photo is so hazy, but this is a couple of years old Loft blouse and my green Matilda Janes.  I’m not following the rule of three here as you can see, but I still like this outfit.  

Now I am wearing an old TJ Maxx blouse, black Matilda Janes, and a consignment sweater.  I am following the rule of three.  I’m wearing old Target sandals.  They do not make the grade for a full day teacher shoe.  I was hurting by the end of the day. What’s up with my hair here?   I am trying to wear every single piece of clothing and determine if it’s worth closet real estate or not.  

Friday was my personal day and I had just ordered and gotten my Target cut offs in the mail the day before.  I was playing around with this white blouse and my consignment OTBT sandals.  The white blouse is old from Old Navy.  I think I would wear this with flat sandals, but this didn’t make the cut for the day’s outfit.  

Below is what actually got worn outside of the house for my errands.  I love long sleeves with shorts.  I can pull this off in the spring and fall but rarely in the summer.  This blouse is consignment from Target and the Tory Burch Millers are consignment from several years ago.  They still look perfect.  And, I was happy to see this TB style with the gold logo is in the Von Maur department store this season at my mall.  The denim shorts are good!  I think they are considered high waisted and I will put them at the bottom of this post.  

Saturday night I wore my Old Navy light denim skirt from last year and a new TJ Maxx floral top I found on Friday for $16.99 – with the OTBT sandals.  

I also picked up these denim wide legged crops at TJ Maxx for $16.99.  I think I need to wear a more fitted top (this is my most worn top from last summer from Target Universal Thread).  This was my Monday school outfit, though, for the stripes theme.  

And, here are the denim shorts if you are interested.  I wanted non cuffed, light denim.  And, this price can’t be beat at $15.  I have three new pieces in today’s post and all of them were $16.99 or less.  My husband would get mad that I’m not saying $17, but $16.99 is the exact price and it just sounds better, you know?  




Universal Thread does it again!  I’m just never going to pay $70 for denim cut offs.  Can’t do it.  Not going to happen.  Fit tip:  Maybe go up a size so they are a bit more slouchy?  Also, I like to order two sizes and return the one that didn’t work (or both) to the store near me.  

What have you worn lately?  Send me any outfit pics from this week’s challenge and let me know if you are willing to be on the blog!


As always, thank you for reading and if you missed it, check out my favorite blogs here from my post yesterday!  


8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I may need to get those denim cut offs – you are the second blogger I’ve seen them on and they are too cute! Don’t you just love those OTBT wedges? You find the best deals at your consignment shops – ours are all getting kind of commercialized so the deals are few and far between but it is fun to hunt!
    Have a great day!


    1. Yes – you really should try these cut offs -for $15 can’t go too wrong!
      Our chain consignment store has disappointed me lately – prices have gone up and I don’t find as much! That’s too bad!


  2. Well, yesterday I was in sweats because of Track & fields day with school. It was a crazy summer’s day (75°!) and I was a happy schoolteacher out in the sun with all the kids.
    I really enjoy your outfit ideas and try to follow them! And I love your new shopping! You are so good at summer outfits! I agree, cut off with a long sleeved blouse is really nice!


    1. Nice! Thank you! It’s fun to wear summer clothes and like visiting old friends that have been put away since last year! When is your last day? Mine is June 7 for students and 10 for me.


      1. I agree, I really treasure my clothes and it’s nice to see them again. This morning I suddenly remembered I own a black shirtdress and started looking for it – found it in the back of my closet, yes!
        The kids in my school finish June 5, my daughters June 11, and 19 for me, BUT… I have taken time off, because we leave for Florida the 15th!


      2. Nice! Love when I forget about something and then find it! I can’t believe they let you take off! Our school won’t let us take off the last 5 days!


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