Friday, May 24, 2019

Happy Friday to you!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. right here!  

Also, today is graphic tee and kimono day! Yesterday was dress day, but I didn’t do it because I hadn’t shaved the old legs!  Oops!  I will be showing photos next week!  

First up is my tanning regimen.  I have added the Jergens face as my daily mousturizer and I really think it has added color to my face.  I use the wet skin in the shower and I have been lazy about the best of all, the summer color.  It requires a bit more time.  The best way to do it in my opinion is to shower at night, apply and sleep with it on, then shower off in the morning to get the smell off.  The smell isn’t too bad, but I don’t love it!  And, now you can see why I have been lazy with it – it requires some work!  

I finally got a new pedicure and picked my old standby “Lincoln Park After Dark”.  I had been sporting a white color “Funny Bunny”, so I went to opposite extremes!  

Run, don’t walk to Trader Joe’s to get this!  I had tried the peach version last year and it is also great, but this is my favorite.  It has just the right amount of fizz.  Rose all day!  

Have you started watching this yet?  I’m only on episode 2 but I’m enjoying it!  

And, I’m reading this!  It’s been on my library wait list for a long time and I finally got it.  I’m enjoying it but I think a couple of chapters could have been cut because it’s dragging a bit!  

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!  

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Need new blogs to read?  Check out my post from Tuesday here!  

Thanks for stopping by!



12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Love your pedi color and sandals!! Been wanting to watch Dead to Me. Have a super sweet Memorial Day weekend!


    1. Thank you Andrea! Christina Applegate is really good IMO. Hope we get good weather – you included and you get to spend time by the pool!


  2. I watched Dead to Me – it was good and now I am hoping season 2 comes out soon! The self tanning regimen does take time. I tried going pale but broke down – couldn’t do it! Have a wonderful long weekend!


    1. Hoping to watch more this weekend! Too true on the self tanner! Time consuming but worth it! Happy weekend!


  3. I just finished One Day in December. It was okay. I didn’t love the characters enough to love the book. A few chapters definitely could’ve been cut!


    1. I’m with you Kristin! Why do some bloggers rave and rave? It’s just meh for me. Honestly 2019 has not been a great reading year for me!


  4. I shop at Frys grocery which is a Kroger to you and we have a light rose called Barefoot Rosé Spritzer. It’s a little fizzy and only $5.50 a bottle, see if you can find it!
    Have a great weekend- your fellow rosé lover, Nancy


    1. The wet shower is great for people who don’t want to take time to lotion and I think it works well at keeping the summer color, too!


  5. I am only on episode two or maybe three of Dead to Me and I am enjoying it (even if I have found quite a bit of it to be predictable). I thought the book dragged in places too and while it was a cute story I didn’t find it to be much of a page turner.


    1. I think we must have the same taste! Lol! Hope to watch more this weekend and finish the book, too! Happy weekend!


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