Monday, May 20, 2019

Hi everybody!  How was your weekend?  I’m linking up with Heather, Tanya, Lindsay, etc. for another Hello Monday so please go here and check out other posts!  

O.k., let’s start with Friday morning and just hit the highlights!  I had a personal day and I hit the gym after dropping one son off at school (the other wanted to walk).  

I ran errands and took my sweet time and drove around with the sun roof down.  It was good for the soul!  

I found a Blockbuster tee and this son was thrilled.  We still mourn the loss of going to the video store – lol! img_6853.jpg

I enjoyed some reading, sunshine and Truly Rose.  Have you tried Truly?  The new rose is my fave. Most of the area is shaded so I had to sit in kind of a weird spot in my folding chair to get the sun!  Lol!  

Friday night we had Thai takeout and t.v. and went to bed fairly early so Saturday morning I treated myself to a Starbuck’s skinny vanilla latte on the way to Trader Joe’s.  

After Trader Joe’s I went to the Vineyard Vines reveal at Target.  It was disappointing.  They had very little clothing and mostly housewares and coolers.  

Then, hub and I went to the boating yard sale and also went inside the boatique again.  I just looked and didn’t buy.  

Some people are getting their boats out already but the river is a bit high so that evening we ate with our couple friends on the river.  It was almost 90 Saturday!  

Sunday morning I did my Kroger run and got this entire cart for $40 because I used my reward coupons from having a Kroger credit card.  We put all our gas and groceries on this card.  

Both sons were very busy this weekend with school projects, plays, etc.  so Sunday afternoon hub and I made a mall run and then a Mexican food late lunch in between the boys’ activities.  

So, that’s about it!  This week is weird because we have school today, but not tomorrow for Election Day and then we will be back again Wednesday-Friday and then it’s Memorial Day weekend already – the unofficial start to summer!  

Don’t forget if you haven’t gotten dressed already that today is STRIPES day!  

Tomorrow is floral, Wednesday is wear something from your closet that you haven’t worn yet this season, Thursday is dress, and Friday is graphic tee!  

How was your weekend?  Does it feel like summer yet?  I know many schools get out this week!  But, we are over here limping along until June 7.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I wish we had a Kroger here, you scored a great deal with rewards! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend and yay for opening the sun roof – I agree it’s such a treat and so good for the soul!


    1. Kroger is the king around here! You have Publix I’m guessing! Yes, wish you did, too. This is the first time I’ve ever had a sun roof!
      Have a great Monday!


  2. It felt summary today with temps almost at 80 but we’re supposed to be back down in the 60’s tomorrow. We did get out and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine though taking a nice long kayak ride around the lake in the middle of the day; we had the whole thing to ourselves too!


  3. I love a rosé and have been eyeing those cans. They would be perfect for the pool but I was afraid that they might have a metallic taste, now I’m going to give them a try!
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow!


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