Friday, January 25, 2019

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

Happy, happy Friday!  And, just like that January is almost over!  Maybe I will get motivated to put out some Valentine’s decor this weekend?  

Today I am linking up with Andrea, Shay, and Erika for Friday Favorites.  Go here to check out some other posts!

Here are my favorites from this week:

I think that lucite or acrylic lightweight earrings will be all the rage this spring and summer.  Amazon has some amazing selections in my opinion.  Each of these pairs was around $10 and they are divine!  Go here to purchase some, but I have no affiliation.  I just love them!

I wore these yesterday – so you can see the size!

I also bought some athletic leggings from Amazon – with pockets!  I have never had pockets!  You can find these here.

These are the Jamberry nail laquer stickers that require no heat.  I have had them on for about five days and have showered, washed hair, and done a lot of dishes.  I think I really love these!  

New Trader Joe’s find:  cooked chicken that is not slimy and gross! I have been eating it plain for lunch with rice and green beans and using it for soups, nachos and quesadillas.  

Target cleaner that smells like the Capri Volcano candle!  This is only a buck fifty!  It was flying off of the shelves at my Target.  It was a tip on a Friday favorite last week, but I can’t remember which blogger mentioned it.  I also bought one for each of my two bffs that I had lunch with on Saturday.  We all love that candle so I knew they would love it, too.

I had to repurchase my students’ favorite lotions.  They had discontinued Happiness so I had to go with Energy but it is very similar.  The Bath and Body Aromatheraphy line is really good.  I am all about the good smells today, no?

I have been wearing boots to get to work and then changing into flats. These are the original Uggs and I think they are 18 years old.  My husband gave them to me when I did not even know what an Ugg was!  Talk about price per wear being really low on a good quality item like this that has lasted so long.  

What is on your weekend agenda?  I am hoping for some fun social time! Maybe I can watch a basketball game at a bar?  

Thanks for reading and happy weekending!



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21 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I need to look for that cleaner at Target – I love all the good scents! Your nails look so good! I am afraid I can’t make those wrap colors look good on my nails – I tried a different brand and made such a mess. I am seriously challenged – I can’t even file my nails evenly!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. You will love the cleaner! I put half in another bottle for my classroom! I had a bit of a hard time putting them on and filing them but if I can do it anyone can! I have been happy with how much longer they last than polish!
      Loved your blush jacket and Madewell tote! Great staples!


  2. I was a gifted a Capri Volcano candle – I LOVE that scent! Hope you have a great weekend. I may be making a shopping trip with some friends to the Crate and Barrel in Cincinnati this weekend. I need to get out of the house! Wish you all were going to the show tomorrow night, too.


    1. Isn’t it a great scent? Enjoy your shopping trip and the concert! We are getting really busy with theater stuff for J! Hope to see you soon!


  3. I love those lotions. Those earrings are so cute. I wish I had a Target close by…the nearest one is 2.5 hours away. Happy Friday!


  4. Oh no! I cant say goodbye to Happiness, that one is my favourite! Insert wail here.
    Good thing my hubs bought me loads of the stuff for Yule. Bless that man.
    I’m happy to hear Energy is similar. I just love that stuff. The lavender and cedar one is good too. I think its called Sleep.


    1. You are so lucky! Why do they always discontinue things I love? Energy isn’t as good. I also have Sleep but don’t get that for my students! Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazon has become such a goldmine for clothing and jewelry, right? I have worn both my pairs and live them! Great birthday gift idea for girlfriends, too!


  5. I need those earrings (leopard) they are so cute! Energy from BBW is one of my favorites too and we need all the “happy” smells right now as we trudge through winter!!! Workout leggings with pockets are total life changers – I have two pair and I actually hate the material of the ones I have but the dang pockets keep me sliding them on in the evening when I go jog. I am hoping and wishing your weekend to be the greatest!


    1. Amanda! You need these earrings and leggings! You can have both for under $30! I have now worn the leggings twice and washed them and they are so warm and keep you tucked in. The earrings are so gorgeous for $10. What would we do without Amazon? I don’t even want to think about it. Happy weekend! Hope you have some fun planned!


    1. I hope you can find the cleaner and yes, get the earrings and the chicken! Sounds so random, right? Haha! Happy weekend!


  6. I too have the earrings, love how lightweight they are. You are so sweet to have lotion for your students! I’m sure they look forward to your class!


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