Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Where do you get style inspiration?  Do you have a style icon?  A favorite store that puts clothing together in a way that speaks to you?  Favorite bloggers that you look to for inspiration?  I think you can find style inspiration everywhere around you.  

Confession:  sometimes when I’m watching a movie or a t.v. show, I forget to pay attention to the dialogue because I’m studying the outfits.  How fun would it be if your job was to dress a character for a show or movie?

I recently watched the entire Netlflix show You in a matter of days.  My senior girl students were talking about it and I was curious.  I’m not giving anything away today just so you know! But, I plan to talk about the style of the main character Beck.

Basically, her hair and makeup are perfection in my opinion and I love her clothing style.  It isn’t exactly me, but I think there are some good style lessons here.  

-She has a beachy wave hairstyle and a couple of half up hairstyle variations.

-Her makeup is very natural.

-She has an olive green military jacket and an olive green moto style jacket!  Many fashion bloggers swear by theirs. I would really like to add one to my jacket collection.  I had a knit one years ago but the fit was off.

-She has a cognac tote style everyday bag that again, many fashion bloggers swear by.  I had a Nordstrom one for years and now I have a Madewell transport tote.

-Her clothing is very J.Crew/J.Crew Factory/Madewell/Modcloth/Target Universal Thread in my opinion.  Not too trendy so it will be in style for several seasons.

-She has a signature half circle gold necklace that never comes off.


So, who would be your tv or movie style icon?  Mine used to be Rachel from Friends!  Now, in addition to Beck from You, I really like how Claire from Modern Family dresses!

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Style Inspiration with Beck from You

  1. Oh my gosh, YOU was sooooooo good! I binged it last weekend – I couldn’t stop. I love Beck too – such a natural beauty. I am drawn to the fashions on Ms. Maisel too, I love anything from the 50’s and 60’s – the styles were so feminine and put together!


    1. It’s not normally my speed to watch dark things but it was really good.
      I heard from students there will be a sequel set in LA?
      I couldn’t have dressed for the 50s! Too formal! But I love how prom and proper they were. I need to watch season 2 of Maisel! Have a great day!


  2. Ok, so this is so funny because I seriously cannot stop checking out her outfits throughout the show either! I love her style. Another person whose style I love is Joanna Gains…she can wear casual (jeans and a tee) so well!


  3. All of these are great! I need to check out “You!” I can’t think of a style icon off the top of my head but I remember loving all of the fashions when the Sex and the City movie came out.


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