Tuesday Tips

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I was recently the recipient of several meals and it served two purposes – I didn’t have to think about dinner and it showed me that I had people around me who cared about me and what I was going through.  I was also blessed with meals when I brought my twins home from the hospital.  

I like to cook, so this is not a hard thing for me to do.  Maybe you don’t like to cook and that’s o.k.  

When do your people need to be blessed with a meal:

-a death in the family

-an illness

-loss of job/government worker furlough

-newborn baby

Consider asking if they need a meal train website set up.  My sister in law did this for her husband’s cousin (did you stay with me there? ) and last night was my turn to bring a meal.

If you don’t like to cook:  

-Bring snack foods – especially healthy ones.  Cut up veggies, fruits, cheese

-Bring breakfast foods

-Bring coloring books for kids

-Order Panera delivery, Jimmy John’s delivery, pizza delivery or even consider a nicer restaurant take out meal

Anything you do will be appreciated!

Tip:  Do not give them a meal in a container that has to be returned to you.  Use disposable all the way in this situation.

Tortilla chips, salsa, guac, Mexican lasagna, brownies and a sticker book for the 3 year old older brother!

I also prepped four breakfasts and four lunches for myself!  Plus, there’s a Mexican lasagna for our dinner tonight!


Today is black and white stripe shirt day if you have one!  

Hope everyone is back in the swing of things today!  It was a nice three day weekend!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip

  1. Years ago – my boys were in preschool – I ran Care Meals for our church. It was a much needed ministry since we had older members with health problems and young families with new babies. It kept me busy and reminded me of how such a simple gesture is so very much appreciated!


    1. What a wonderful ministry! I should have included home cooked meal ideas in today’s post, too. It’s not too hard to double a meal you are making anyway and it really helps people!


  2. What great tips you have here. I really like the one about the dish having to be returned. Those foil pans work well or just gifting a cute piece is also nice. I also love that you included a little something for the kids. I love this post!


  3. That’s such a nice idea. I know I sure appreciated the simple gift basket my husband’s work sent us after his dad died. It was full of tea and cookies. Every time I used anything from it, I was reminded of Dad and reminded that other people cared. Its funny because we really enjoyed the peppermint tea the most and now we have a nice mental association that goes along with it. Its not JUST peppermint tea anymore. Its a comforting drink.


    1. Thank you. I love the basket idea! Oooh tea and cookies would be so cute! I may just start giving random baskets for no real reason to repay the kindnesses we were shown!

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