Monday, January 28, 2019

Hello Monday

Well, here we are again, Monday.  I’m linking up with Heather, Lindsay, Johannah, and Tanya so go here if you want to see other posts!

This weekend went by very quickly and I didn’t do a whole lot, nor did I take many pictures.  

Friday night we ordered pizza and watched Enlisted.  It’s a hilarious show that all four of us enjoy.  We try to watch something together each night which gets hard with teens.  Our favorites have been The Office, Psych, Frazier, Whose Line is it Anyway, and Franklin and Bash.  

Saturday morning one boy had to be at school for academic team and then hub and I went to the annual boat show to support his sister and brother in law’s business.  If you are nearby and in the market for a boat, come see them!

It was so cool to see the new boats with all the upgrades!  

I’m still enjoying Limelight by Amy Poeppel and had a cup of hot chocolate along with my book Saturday afternoon.  

Saturday night we went out with two other couples to watch the UK basketball game and eat dinner.  

Four Roses and gingerale and honey mustard popcorn to get started.  We shared The Royal Crostini and boneless wings from the menu above.  

Sunday was a lazy day with the exception of a son’s audition for another play.  He is already cast in two plays for this spring and I think that will keep him plenty busy!  This third one would be after the two current ones are over, though.

I did meal prep, made everybody lunch and dinner, laundry, cleaning, reading, and that’s about it.  

We are going to get some extreme cold this week and maybe some snow.  We have a super busy week and honestly, I wouldn’t mind some of it getting snowed out!  I should be careful what I wish for.  

How was your weekend?  Are you over winter or still wanting more?  

Thanks for reading!  


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Brrrr – sounds like you’re in for a chilly week. I agree that it can be challenging to find shows to watch with teens. The Office is a big it around here! Hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for linking up with Hello Monday!


    1. Yes – polar vortex coming – the name alone is enough to make me cold! I love The Office so much that I watch one episode before bed every night!Hope you have a great week, too, Tanya!


  2. The boat show sounds like fun, I can only imagine how luxurious some are. We had a great Saturday but I had a terrible cold yesterday and spent the entire day on the couch in my pjs. May be headed to the doctor today if it isn’t better, my eyes teared and my nose was so runny yesterday I was a huge mess! Yuck! Stay warm this week!


    1. I’m sorry you got so sick! That’s the worst! At least you had some fun Saturday? There are lots of cool boat shows on the water in Florida. There’s a big Palm Beach one when our spring break starts. We think that would be fun to plan a trip around. We just look for fun!


  3. That popcorn would be amazing! I love your outfit for the boat show. What a fun weekend. We usually have hard winters with snow and lots of freezing temps from about November-March and this year we have been in the 40’s and 50’s…it is so weird. I kind of miss winter but not really…this kind of weather puts me in the mood for spring!


    1. It was good! Thank you! Our winter was mild until recently. I bet you will get real winter before it’s all said and done? I’m hoping for 2-3 snow days!

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  4. No, I’m so done with winter! And it just keeps going on… In Scandinavia we have winter for five (!) months, and it gets really boring after a while… Thank god I have a summer in Florida to look forward to!


      1. Fika! Well, we have really become masters of fighting the darkness with candles, christmas lights, good meals and trying to create a cozy time. I actually thing we crave the coziness… I can see that Swedes living in for example California still have open fire places, warm puffers and so on…


  5. Enjoy your polar vortex! I think we’ve got one forecast for the next two weeks. I am SO over Winter. But Imbolc is this Friday and I can manage. Just like I do every year 😉
    You’ve got me craving popcorn!


  6. Happy Monday! Snow here, and another snow day! looks like a perfect weekend you had, and that popcorn sounds amazing! Stay warm, and have a great week!


    1. We still haven’t had our first snow day but I’m hoping soon! I love them more as an adult! Lol! The popcorn was really good! They change the flavor and I would like to go again and see what other kinds they have! Hope your day was good!


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