Thursday, January 10, 2019

Today’s edition of Thursday Thoughts is on my thoughts about why you should own some clutch and crossbody purses! 

My everyday bag is a tote style.  This is my favorite because I can use it for a school bag, too.  I own about 5 tote style purses.  I like being able to carry it on my shoulder. 

But, for a night out I love to simply bring a clutch.  Below you see my fall and winter clutch collection.  I have a few more that are definitely for spring or summer. 

Left bottom is my favorite.  It’s like a crackle gold with a gold tassel and a cute print on the interior and it was consignment!  Yup – it was like $8.  On the top left is a light grey from a local boutique that I bought about a year ago for $12.  Finally on the right is an Old Navy leopard that I purchased a couple of years ago for around $10.  So, as you can see, none of these are very expensive. 

Do you own any clutches?  I heard a tip to keep a clutch in your big tote or everyday purse for when you just want to simplify on the go – genius, right?  


Then, we have the crossbody purse so that you can be hands free.  I use these when I go to music festivals, farmer’s markets, flea markets, for traveling and sometimes just to run errands.  It’s so freeing to not have to hold your purse!  

Left is a fun hippy style that I got on a few years ago – I think it was around $20. On the right is a the Sak brand from a consignment store that I got a few years ago for about $12.  It always amazes me how much these can hold.  I can even put a water bottle in these!  


Do you own clutches and crossbody purses?  How often do you use them?  If you want to just start with one of each, I think a metallic makes a great neutral to go with just about everything.  

Here are a few examples from our good friend Amazon!


Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I agree a clutch and a crossbody are necessary for different reasons. I am realizing now how much I like a clutch with a wrist strap. It’s helpful because then I can use my Clipa to clip it to a table at a restaurant. My favorite crossbody is the Sak bag you have – I got mine at TJMAxx last summer with a gift card my sister gave me for my birthday. It holds so much and the leather is so soft!
    You picked out some great one from Amazon. I especially like that that blush one looks like a Rebecca Minkoff!


    1. Good point – the wristlet is another category that I should have mentioned. So nice to run in with just a little something on your wrist. I don’t have a Clipa. Should I get one? I had some trouble with links but yes, it did look like a RM. Sometimes Amazon pics are deceiving but I may just order one for myself! The price can’t be beat!


  2. I just got one of those crossbody bags from Amazon and just love it. And the sak crossbody is one of my favorites too. Way to go scoring the secondhand deal!


    1. Oooh Tanya! Tbanks for the rec! I wanted to order but was a little worried about quality. The San was one of my great consignment finds!


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