Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Did you have a nice Labor Day weekend?  I had originally planned to post on Monday and Tuesday, but I was busy having fun!  I had a really nice weekend!

Friday, we decided to do takeout.  While I waited for our food to be ready, I bought just a few groceries until I could do a bigger shopping trip. Our Thai place is in the same shopping center as our grocery store.  

Here’s our Thai takeout- yum!

Saturday’s weather was kind of rainy and cloudy.  We had been invited over to our friends’ house for lunch.  It is a nice change of pace to do lunch at friends’ house. I made these easy beef and cream cheese roll ups because my friend loves them. 

Let your cream cheese soften, spread, and roll.  I used light cream cheese. 

I also made lemon bars.  Any baking mix by this brand is great!

And, finally, I made mac and cheese. 

I brought stuff to make a purple rain cocktail. 

They had a panini maker and a make your own panini bar set up. It was lovely.  We came home at 3:00 and I read and napped.  

Then, very spur of the moment we went to another friends’ house where they had some people over for football and pizza and I took spinach and artichoke dip.  I forgot a picture of the dip and I just didn’t think to take any pictures!

We left their house around 9 and I went to bed shortly after we got home. 

Sunday morning I did our big grocery trip to hopefully last through the week.  I left wishing I had done Clicklist and the bagger shorted me some of my items – ugh!  But, I used my coupons and these checks they give you based on your purchases and I got all of these groceries for only $36. 

Later that morning, we had friends and their kids on our boat. We enjoyed some mimosas.  

We had to drop them off after a couple of hours and we went back out for a bit.  This is what the party cove looked like. 

I finished my last book and started this. 

After we got off the boat and cleaned up, we had to go to World Fest – a celebration of all of the cultures in our city with food, entertainment, crafts, etc.  One of our boys had to film it for a project and I told my students to take a selfie if they went for some bonus points, so this is my selfie. 

Monday morning, I wanted to try french toast with this bread from TJ’s.  I rarely make it, but with this bread it was amazing. 

I have something shocking to tell you – I didn’t do any Labor Day sales!  I did, however, order this Free People Top for now and into the fall.  I’m hoping the size works.  I don’t want it to be so oversized.  I ordered it in an olive green color, too.  I’m sure one will go back because I ordered two different sizes.  I love this brand, but usually won’t pay their prices. 


I ran some errands for school and the boys’ birthday, did some laundry, and did some cooking prep. 

Finally, we went to see this movie. We all really liked it.  Now, my almost 16 year olds may not be typical in their movie taste but they thought it was really well done.  I cried a few times.  Fred Rodgers was a great man who made an impact on the lives of thousands of children.  


O.k., a four day week – we’ve got this! 


7 thoughts on “Hello Tuesday!

  1. I was too tired to shop any sales!! Oh well- I usually go big on Black Friday anyway 🙂 I love the panini bar idea. I have a panini press that I need to use more often. I feel the same about Free People. Their clothes are so cute but pricey! I really want to see the Mr. Rogers movie but oh my goodness I know I’m going to bawl so I’m waiting until it comes out so I can ugly cry in the privacy of my own home!!! Glad you had a great weekend!!!


  2. You had a great weekend. My aunt makes those roll ups and puts a pickle inside and I can’t get enough! Happy Tuesday!


  3. You have the best week-ends – boating, mimosas, festivals! Looking forward to seeing what your town has on offer in Autumn – it looks a glorious place to live! J xx


    1. Thank you Joanne! I’m so jealous of your weather! I will try to do some fun fall things! We keep boat out until end of October!


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