Thursday, September 6, 2018

Here is what I’m excited to pull out!

My new/used Madewell Transport Tote – I have carried it a few times, but it screams fall to me.  So excited to have a bag with no silver or gold and a black and brown combo so I can wear with both color palettes.  Are you like me in that you don’t like to mix metals?  I just feel weird if I carry a bag with tons of gold on it and I’m wearing silver jewelry and vice versa.  


My leather cuffs.  I have worn these a bit this summer, but I think they are more fall.  The leopard and red design are from Etsy ADVdesigns and the strappy one was a consignment store find.  img_3659.jpg

My leather earrings can be worn year round, but again I think they have such a fall vibe.  The left ones are a nice cognac color from Nickel and Suede and the camo ones are from ADVdesigns.  I can’t wait to wear the camo with a black top and jeans.  img_3660.jpg

Are you a bootie person?  I just feel like they are so much easier to wear than a tall boot.  I do have tall brown boots but to be honest, sometimes they make my legs hot to wear all day long.  I love the look, but I just think a bootie is more fitting for my lifestyle.  These are a TJ Maxx find from last year.  Would you believe they are Jack Rogers?  I didn’t even know they made non sandal type shoes.  I fell in love with the rosette detail and didn’t care what brand they were.  So, I was surprised when I looked inside.  I love this cognac color.  img_3661.jpg

These are going on three years old and I have worn the heck out of them.  They are Lucky Brand and are so comfortable, even for all day teaching.  These are my winter shoes on repeat.  I tend to wear more brown in the fall and then more black in the dead of winter.  Seriously, check out Lucky Brand shoes.  I also love that these have no zipper – they are slip on.  The cognac ones have a zipper.  

I was obsessed with finding clogs last winter and I played it safe and went with black on black.  I kind of wish I had gotten black on a brown bottom.  These are Lotta From Stockholm from Amazon.  They are about $40-$50.  So, these aren’t that comfortable.  It kind of feels like walking on wood.  Maybe I will continue my search for a more comfortable pair.  I love, love, love the look of clogs.  I have loved clogs since visiting Holland in 1995.  My two sisters and I clomped all around Europe in our clogs.  I remember some dudes in Italy yelling “Hi, Dutch girls” in Italian to us.  I wish I still had those clogs.  

What are your favorite fall accessories?  What do you recommend to me?  

Yes, it’s still 90 degrees here but I’m so over my summer clothes! Are you tired of me saying that?  

Have a great day and it’s almost Friday!


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on Fall Accessories and Shoes

  1. Lucky Brand makes such comfortable shoes! They have the best footbeds. Those Jack Rogers booties were a great find – who knew! I mix my silver and gold all the time but I try to do it in a subtle way so I’m okay with it. I know you’re gonna love that tote!


    1. Yes! Love everything Lucky really. Yes, The JR were a score! I guess I do mix silver and gold but I like a bag that is neutral!


  2. I try to stop thinking about fall stuff until mid October when it gets below 90! But I do like to see what’s current and by the time I’ll need it, it’s going on sale to make room for holiday fashions… if I’m lucky.


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