Thursday, August 23, 2018

In the south, we love our monograms! Do we have an identity crisis?  Are we afraid we will forget our names? Are we afraid someone will steal our stuff? Who knows? Who cares!

Monograms add a fun touch to clothing, accessories, notebooks, cups, and much more. I even gave my bridesmaids sterling silver monogrammed earrings to wear in my wedding and beyond.  Someone gave me earrings at a wedding shower with my future monogram.  

I usually get my monogrammed items on Etsy. I love to support small business owners and Etsy has so many choices. Check here for their monogrammed products.  

When I bought my car two years ago I decided to put a monogrammed front plate on my car. I used my married monogram that uses my husband’s first initial, my first initial, and our last initial. I think this was $8 on Etsy.

You can find tons of monogram inspiration on Pinterest.  How cute is this shirt for the holiday season?  

I added monogram stickers to my Yeti cups for a fun touch.

What do you think? Are you a fan of a monogram?

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Monograms

  1. Love me a monogram! One of my first pieces of jewelry was a block letter N pin that my mother gave me in junior high school, I still have it!


    1. How cool that you still have it! Me, too! I need more monograms in my life! I forgot how much I love my LLBean monogrammed canvas tote!


  2. I love monograms especially on bags. I have a lot of “M” lettered items since that’s what my last name starts with!


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