Wednesday, August 8, 2018

So, last Thursday I wore this to my professional development workshop.  This is my black Old Navy swing dress and a LulaRoe kimono.  Some people wore jeans or shorts and some people dressed up a little bit more.  This outfit is as comfortable as if you are wearing pajamas, but I think it looks pulled together.  

This is what I wore to the second day on Friday.  I forgot to take a picture in the mirror.   I was equally as comfortable.  I love these pants!  The top is the Target Universal Thread flutter sleeve.  The pants are from Steinmart.  I wore my black Tory Burch wedge flip flops that you can kind of see.  I bought them 5 years ago on sale on  They still look brand new.  

This is what I wore Saturday to run some errands and go to the movies. These are black linen Old Navy shorts, white detailed Old Navy top, and black Birks.   

Monday I set up my classroom so I wore athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. There is no photographic evidence!  My boys helped their history teacher set up and were rewarded with pizza and then I took them to get their back to school haircut.

Tuesday I put this on to run some errands.  It is just a simple tee from and the skirt is a LulaRoe Cassie.  I really love this print – birds and flowers.  I really like some of the LulaRoe line but I don’t plan to add anything to my closet unless it’s from the consignment store.  I love the kimonos, the long vest, the long sweater, the Carly dress (a simple knit that is a little higher in the front than the back – I could do without the tiny chest pocket – why?), the Cassie skirt, and the perfect tee.  I did a post in the spring on my feelings toward LulaRoe and Lipsense that you can find here if you are interested.  

I am also wearing the fake Jack Rogers/Pierre Dumas shoes.  Can I call them “John Rogers”?  I really like them, by the way!

I went to the library, the mailbox store, and to get my back to school pedicure.  

I also wore my new $12 leather earrings from the pop up boutiques on Friday.  

Caution:  I will now be talking about The Bachelorette finale from Monday if you haven’t seen it yet.

I couldn’t watch all of The Bachelorette finale Monday night because it ran too late, but I did finish it Tuesday.  I just wasn’t that invested.  I was fine with either guy.  I thought they were both kind of boring and I thought Becca was, too.  I’m sorry if that sounds harsh.

Maybe the real issue is that I’ve outgrown the show.  No, that can’t be it…

Bring on Bachelor in Paradise, baby!

Here is a bad and awkward photo of my back to school blue/grey pedicure using the new Orly De-Stressed Denim I bought last week.  

I had books that I had requested ready at the library!  

Do you read her blog?  I am definitely not this hardcore frugal, but she has a beautiful writing style and I’ve loved seeing her journey to her farm in Vermont through her blog.  

When you can’t watch Season 4 Poldark yet, you consider reading the series, right?  I was surprised that it was written in 1945.  

I have seen many people post about this book below so I’m excited to read it during this last week of my summer.  Elin Hilderbrand’s books don’t disappoint for fun summer reads.  

What can Rachel Hollis not do?  I currently have her book “Girl, wash your Face”, too.  This is a great cookbook.  I have also checked out her blog –  She also has two works of fiction – Party Girl and Sweet Girl but my library didn’t have them.  I enjoyed my 3:00 p.m. coffee Tuesday with a squirt of whipped cream for a little bit of fancy.  It is a Dunkin Donut hazelnut k cup.

My top from Amazon came in.  You can find it here.  I think I like it but will probably learn to tie it better as in the product photo from Amazon.  

So, that’s where I’ve been since the week started and those are a few outfits from the last week.  

Thanks for stopping by!  


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts and What I Wore

  1. Yes, call your shoes John Rogers, go right ahead! Lol. I love that outfit with the skirt and simple tee, so cute and comfy! Your back to work style is terrific! I don’t own a thing from Lula Roe and I need to check out both Rachel Hollis and Poldark! I’m way behind the times!
    Happy Wednesday friend!


    1. Thanks! The LulaRoe stuff is way overpriced but the dresses and skirts are very popular among many teachers here – comfortable, appropriate, washes well, non wrinkle. I only like a few styles. The skirt I’m wearing, for example, is $50 I think. I got mine discounted from a friend who used to sell it. Check your Clothes Mentor. I will say that I can wear my pieces in all four seasons so that could justify the price.
      See if you like Poldark. Amazon Instant Video. Let me know!


  2. Love the outfits!!! Those are some good looking books too! I didn’t tune into the Bachelorette this season as well. I am looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise!


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