Monday, August 6, 2018

O.k, guys today is the last Monday that I don’t have to punch in at work at a certain time.  Teachers start a week from today and students start the Wednesday after that.  What about the other teachers out there? When do you start?  Parents, when do you start?  

My goals for this week:  Savor coffee on the patio in the mornings, walk or go to the gym to get the energy I need, get my classroom set up, get lunch out a couple of days because I won’t be able to after this, spend Friday with my two BFFs I hope!, stay up late and sleep in a bit late.  

Friday after my training I came home to packages!  The first was the Jack Rogers knock offs I talked about on Friday Favorites.  They may only be a one or two season sandal but I’m happy with them for $27. I wore them to walk around for a couple of hours later on Friday and they passed my test.  I don’t know if they will pass the teacher test, but I regularly have more than one pair of shoes in my classroom!  My colleagues laugh at me but there’s nothing worse than your feet hurting all day long.  Well, there are many things worse, but you know what I mean.

The second package was my ThredUP Goody Box.  I’m doing a full review later this week.  If you can’t wait, yes, there were amazingly nice things.  3 of the 10 items were new with tags.  However, they didn’t really nail my style or my color preferences and the prices were steep compared to what I normally pay for consigned clothing.  Come back Thursday for a full review if you can!


I napped for a bit from 3-4 and talked to my boys and my dog.  Then, pardon the lame photo below, but I talked one of my BFFs into attending this with me from 4:20-6ish.  It is so tempting to not do anything on Friday night, but it really helps you to eek all the fun out of the weekend if you do get out and do something. So, I picked her up and we did a little open air shopping.  There were 3 little pop up boutiques, food trucks, a couple of veggie stands, and they said there would be music later.  We enjoyed a little cocktail and conversation and we both left with the same pair of earrings below.  Then, we went to Blaze Pizza to get takeout for our respective families.  Her hub had been travelling and mine wanted a quiet night at home.  I got my social time in and still had my family time.  I’m really going to try harder when school starts to do something on Fridays even if it is just an after school happy hour with friends.  


We both got these earrings for $12.

Saturday morning I decorated my mantel minimally for August and back to school, did laundry, cleaned, ran errands, etc.  Hub had a bike ride with a friend and the boys helped clean and hung out.  

I can’t find my fake apples that I put in vases on either side of the chalkboard and I would like to add a small globe.  I wasn’t kidding when I said “minimally”.  I will let you know what I add to it.  img_3274.jpg

When I was at the grocery I had to restrain from getting all of the fall magazines!  I’m sure some will pop up in the free bin at the library soon.  I’m ready for fall decor, clothing, weather, football, chili, etc.  I’m going to try to enjoy the season and try not to be so busy if I can help it.  

We ate lunch at home and when hub got home, he and one son left for Mission Impossible and the other son and I saw Eighth Grade.  Everyone loved their respective movie. 

Let me tell you about mine – the writer and director, Bo Burnham, is a comedian that we discovered on Netflix last summer.  I wouldn’t call this movie a comedy but it was funny and the audience laughed out loud many times.  It was so good, in my opinion, and my almost 16 year old son loved it, too.  Now, it is rated R and he and I both agreed that it isn’t intended for an actual 8th grader.  I have a feeling many parents may think that it is.  There was one particular part that I would have been mortified for my 8th grader to see.  

I think this is a movie that every middle and high school teacher should see because I just feel that he hit the nail on the head of what it’s like to be a teenager today.  I would love to hear what you thought if you saw it!


The movie started at 3 and I was getting sleepy so I got a Starbucks at the theater! It kept me from eating too much popcorn, too!  

We all met back at home and decided to have a light dinner of nachos with chicken, black beans, etc.  

We watched an episode of Psych – so good!  One son and I also started watching The Good Place.  I was surprised he was into it but we both agree it is a clever show.  

Yes, I’m watching entirely too much tv right now, but soon things will be changing so I’m letting myself do so right now.

Sunday I tried this baking mix – I really haven’t gotten a bad one from TJ’s and I recommend keeping a couple on hand.  I don’t think you could make better from scratch.  

I gave myself a wild purple mani.  I think this is a Sinful Colors polish and it didn’t go on as well as OPI.

I placed an order for this top that was recommended by Stang&Co blog.  


I made a mini version of a Spanish omelette without the onions for breakfast.

Then, we did a little boating for Sunday Funday!  It was very spur of the moment. One of my BFFs (same one from Friday) and her son came. We had a nice little ride and floated in the water in the cove for a bit.

What did you do this weekend?  Are you over the heat and ready for fall?  

Thanks for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. You always have the best weekend Amy! I love your purple nails btw! Ok those shoes are cute but I could never wear them to school all day – but maybe if you add something like Air Pufs you could? I know coming home from school on Fridays how tired I always was but we made a point of going to HH last year and it really helped kick off the weekend, I think it’s important to do that. Teachers in our area started back today and school starts next Monday.
    Oh thanks for the info on 8th grade – I was going to see it with my niece who is actually going into 8th grade but I’ll pass now. I’d still like to see it. I’m mad at MoviePass right now for not having Mission Impossible 3! I hope that changes soon!
    Enjoy your week!!!


    1. Thanks! I am afraid you’re right about the shoes! I will be glad to give you specific details about the movie if you want to email me. I’m pretty liberal but I think your niece may be too young.
      So right about Fridays!
      Setting up my room today!


  2. I love that arrow and chalkboard. Cute decorations. I head back in two weeks and the kids head back in three. Enjoy your last week. It sounds like you have some great plans to enjoy and savor. It is always such a bittersweet time…I love being home but I love teaching. I hope you have a great week ahead my friend!


  3. Yummy lots of good looking food. Yay for Blaze Pizza. Love that nail color!!! Thanks for the review of the Eighth Grade movie. I want to see it but wanted to check out reviews first.


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