Thursday, August 9, 2018

Have you all heard of ThredUP?  It is an online consignment store.  How cool, right?  Not everyone lives in a city of great consignment shops like I do and not everyone has the time it takes to comb through the items.  Besides shopping, you can also order a “clean out” kit which is a prepaid bag to send in your unwanted items to receive credit to shop.  

Even though I can and do frequent consignment shops and talk about it here frequently, I thought I would give it a try and let you all know how it went.  I found out about it through which is a blog mainly about reading and the writer of the blog lives in my city of Louisville.  In addition to writing about books, she has some other posts on things she has learned in a given month, her uniform for getting dressed, interesting, links, etc.  She offered up a link to save on this Goody Box so I ordered mine for only $10.  Normally it is $20.  I was not offered a link and they have no idea who I am, by the way.  So, for $10, they sent me a box of 10 items and I could put the $10 toward anything I kept. It was free shipping and free returns.  Basically, it is Stitch Fix but with consigned clothes.  I might add that they are highly curated consigned clothes because they were in pristine condition.  I don’t use the word “pristine” lightly!  

Here is my cute box – it took exactly a week and a day to arrive from my placing of the order!


Inside the cute box is a list of your items along with the retail value and their price.  I should also mention that when I ordered, I was asked my size, age, style, and shops I like.  I said I like boho chic Anthropologie -ish clothes.  I also said I prefer pants and skirts that are knit and elastic waist and that I didn’t want anything sleeveless.  img_3256.jpg

Now, I will tell you that in addition to the pristine condition, 3 of the 10 items were new with tags!  But, look at the prices.  I rarely spend more than $12 on an item at my consignment stores.  The prices ranged from 16.99 to 48.99. They also gave you the original retail price.

I think they missed the mark on boho and gave me more of a vintage/feminine feel.  Also, what is up with all of the purple!  

The photos aren’t great but it will give you an idea.  They were wrapped in tissue paper and folded nicely. After I loaded my photos, I realized I forgot to take a picture of the Women’s City Chic Cardigan, so you will see only 9 of the 10 pieces.


I liked these pants below but they were HUGE!  

I hope you can tell what everything is.  I almost kept the last item – Athleta pants – great material but ultimately decided that I would prefer them in black.  

I ended up sending everything back.  It was worth $10 to share it with you, even though I didn’t keep anything. I am extremely picky at this point about what I let into my closet.  I am a fan of Marie Kondo and I’ve learned from my mistakes and I am not going to buy something just because it’s cheap or because it almost works.  

So, do I recommend this to you?  Maybe.  I think it depends on how you feel about someone else picking things out for you and how much you are willing to spend on consigned clothes.  I love the concept and love that people are recycling clothing.  Part of the cost is the shipping and the work of the stylists to curate these items for you.  Also, time is money.  You may think this is worth your time savings.  

Let me know if you try it!


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – on thredUP Goody Box

  1. Thanks for sharing this Amy! I agree the prices are high. A few years ago I sent in a bag and I’ll never do it again – they offered me next to nothing for my clothes. I prefer to sell my clothes to Style Encore. Nonetheless this might be a good option for someone who wants the Stitch Fix experience but at more reasonable prices!
    I think you did the right thing by sending it all back!


    1. Yes, I agree. It might be right for some people. It satisfied my curiosity at least so now I know. I still think I am a better in person shopper than online because I like to browse and I care about fabric and I’m pretty picky.
      Thanks for your feedback!


  2. I have heard of Thred Up and do alot of shopping ( online thrifting) via Poshmark. I need to learn the lay of the land with Thred Up and use more filters as there is so much! Great buys and love the colorful tops/skirts. There are a few other sites I want to check out as well, The Real Real is another.
    Have a great day!
    jess xx


    1. Thank you! Yes, check it out! Be very specific about your style and color preferences. I don’t think I was specific enough!


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