Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

If you need outfit ideas, go here!

If you need easy recipe ideas to take to a cookout or to host a cookout, go here and scroll to bottom!

Since I don’t have enough outfits to make a post for “What I Wore Wednesday” I thought I would change it up this week and tell you where I’ve been this week and where I’m planning to shop sales! 

Monday I did my usual morning routine and then left to run some errands. I had a blouse to pick up from the tailor. Do you have a tailor? I think it’s so important to mend clothes or get them out of your closet.

Then I went to meet my niece and Pia, the 17 year old German cousin,  for lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen. Do you have one near you? I ordered a Mediterranean trio bowl and it was delish! See below!


After lunch, we ventured in 3 stores. I didn’t buy anything but Pia found a shirt, a necklace, and hair things.  She is really finding some good bargains!

I left to pick up my Kroger Clicklist grocery order. has been posting her Kroger deals and her free Friday downloads so I finally figured out some couponing while doing my online order.  I saved $23!  After my son and I did the unloading and putting away of all the things, I rested for a bit while watching a new to me Netflix original called “Love”. It is full of bad stuff for non-adults, so beware. Netflix is cranking stuff out like crazy and it’s pretty good! Check out the movies Kissing Booth and Set it Up. Have you watched anything lately? I watch one episode of The Office before bed because I’m just so charmed by it.


I taught my Spanish lesson to the young couple and then made spaghetti, zucchini, and bread for dinner. We feel weird with my one son at camp. The other son will have to do all the chores!

Monday night I binged on more Love, the Netflix original and then texted with son at camp when he was able.

Tuesday I did usual am routine but watched some of my DVRed Bachelorette. It’s so bad but I can’t stop – especially in the summer!

Then, my son and I picked up Pia for her first experience of a Chick Fil A breakfast eaten in the car while driving like a true American.  Ha!  She had chicken minis and hashbrowns and an iced coffee and loved it!  Then I picked up friend’s son and then went to my other friend’s house where she and her daughter were waiting.  We did a nice little nature trail.  

Then we swam in her pool to cool off.  I swam, too, and participated in some pool games.  We ordered sandwiches from Which Wich.  Note:  We don’t eat out this much normally.  During the school year, it is pretty rare but in the summer a little bit more, but not like this.  I just say “yes” more to fun and opportunities in the summer and that means being out and doing things!

We had a great day and then I did cook dinner at home for the 3 of us.  Pia is staying at my niece’s house this week.  

Are you a fan of Southern Charm on Bravo?  I am!  I love most things Bravo!  I saw these black framed and black aviators on adorable Cameran and wanted them badly but didn’t want to pay.  Imagine my surprise when my husband showed me he owns these exact glasses!  They’re mine now!  (Insert evil laugh here!)  I love sunglasses and I like to mix it up and not always wear the same ones.  

Is she also wearing lightweight leather earrings?  


4th of July sales:  O.k., people it’s time to lace up those shoes.  I’m only going to say this once.  (I will probably say it again, but you know..)  It is time to get the last of your summer wardrobe because the fall stuff is already in many stores.  It is definitely time to get a new bathing suit or anything beach or pool related because that will be gone soon.  Do you need some more summer clothing for a July or August trip?  In my part of the country, we can wear summer clothes or some summer clothes through October.  

Please make a list of what you need and don’t buy things just because they are cheap.  Here are some sales I plan to check out or I have already checked out:

American Eagle 60% off – Ladies of a certain age, you can still wear many of their things.  The quality is really good.  They have a bit of an Anthropologie vibe for way less money.

Gap 60% off sale and 40% off entire store

Loft 50% off

Old Navy up to 60% off – I’m not fooled by their “up to” language, but I will say they had some good deals when I visited a few days ago.  

Target 20% off swim

Don’t forget:  Your consignment stores are also trying to move summer merchandise to make room for fall things.  One of my consignment stores will have everything at least 25% off and up to 75% off.

If you are a Louisville local:  Clothes Mentor, Sassy Fox, Dunc’s, and Slugger Kids are my fave consignment stores.  

My Thoughts on Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

This may surprise you but I’m not a big fan.  In case you don’t know, this is a sale for selected fall and winter items.  If there is something you absolutely love and know you will wear, it might be a good thing for you.   This year as I looked at the online catalog (Just go to and click “anniversary sale” tab), I didn’t fall in love with any items.  I went a bit crazy one year but ended up returning a few things.  I am really not ready to think about fall stuff yet, so I shopped like a drunkard. When a new season is approaching, I like to carefully inventory my “old friends” and see what holes are in my closet.  This is the time to purge any item that doesn’t feel like a long lost friend, too.  

Last but not least, are you an Amazon Primer?  Prime Day sounds pretty good, but again, make a list of what you need and see if their deals match up.  Do you have birthdays coming up?  Please don’t tell me you’re so organized that you are ready to shop for Christmas gifts!  It will soon be time to think of school supplies, dorm room necessities, and things of that nature.  Maybe Prime Day will help you out there.  If you aren’t an Amazon Primer, why not?  Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Music, and free shipping are where it’s at.  Even my most frugal friend is one!  


O.k, if you stuck with me for that long, thanks for reading!  

What sales will you hit up?  Any deals I should know about?  Got any 4th of July recipes?  (I will still have to go to the store this morning!) Any Netflix or Amazon Instant recommendations?  


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts and 4th of July Sales

  1. Happy 4th Amy! I LOVE Zoe’s, it is my favorite “fast food”. I’m kicking myself because I ran out of time to claim my birthday reward (a piece of chocolate cake!). I made a list of the Netflix shows, I go through series like there’s no tomorrow so I’m always looking for new ones. I just started Somewhere Between – so far so good.
    You are right about the NSale. I’m not blown away by anything but the more I see everyone else falling in love with all the things they get the more excited i get! I did see the underwear I like are on sale and there is a cardigan I’m thinking of splurging on – I have several gift cards I have saved since Christmas.
    You are having a terrific summer my friend!


  2. Hi Amy, Happy Independence Day to you too. I also live in an area where it’s warm, sometimes hot until October (AZ) and this year my husband has an Army reunion in Florida in early October. My plan is to wait until the end of August when Dillard’s has their clearance sales to get a new bathing suit, they are usually 60-75% off by then. The last few years I got swimsuits from Costco, they are great quality and value but this year I wasn’t impressed by the selection. As for the Nordstrom sale, I used to get excited for it, but not so much now. First because what you said about the fact that I generally wouldn’t use the clothing or boots until November or December. Second I do not have a Nordstrom credit card or atm card because we only have one card that we use strictly for airline miles as our children all live in different states and most of anything I would be interested in is gone by the time they open the sales to the rest of us. Frankly, this whole set up really chaps my hide because I certainly have the means, but the store chooses not to take my money.
    Okay, sorry for the rant!
    In the meantime, it’s going to be 108 here today, so I’ll be in the pool and I hope you will be cool too!


  3. No worries about ranting! Rant on! We are the same about credit cards and you’re right, the year I bought so much was the last store credit card I opened and then promptly closed! I couldn’t take that heat!
    Great swimsuit plan and I will watch for the Dillard’s sale because I have one close but never think to go there.
    Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you will visit again!
    Happy 4th!


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