Thursday, July 5, 2018

I have now been out of school for the summer for one calendar month!  Tuesday, June 5 was my first day off.  In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s already been a month and in other ways it feels like a long time.  

I posted my original list here, but no need to click as I will recap them for you. I have added a few new things that I forgot. Did you make a summer bucket list?  How many items have you checked off?

Here we go:

-Go to lake with my sister’s family – Yes, we did a short ride last Saturday but plan to do another one this Saturday. She lives 2 hours away and I don’t get to see her as much as I would like!

Have different people on our boat – Yes, we have had 2 couples, one family, and our niece and cousin out so far.  We have done one time with just our family of 4 and several day dates for hub and I.  

One of our couple friends below!

-Learn to make a new recipe – Yes, gruyere and asparagus tart on puff pastry!

-Read 20 books – No, I’m still not finding books that suck me in and life is too short to read bad books!

-Go to the pool by myself once – No, but I did go to my co-worker’s apartment pool with her.  I did not join the pool this year so I would have to go to a public pool or use a friend’s name at the private pool that I like.

-Walk up to eat dinner at nearby restaurant – No – can I blame the heat?

-Do a boat brunch – No, we have done lunch and happy hour, though.

-Eat lunch poolside – Yes, kind of.  It started storming!

-Drink coffee on the patio – Yes, almost every day!

-Go for at least one bike ride – Yes, to garage sales!

-Go to outdoor concerts – Yes, 3 free outdoor concerts so far!

-Go to farmer’s markets – No, not yet.  I really need to research which one to try.  

-Have a few dates with hub – Yes, boat, a couple of dinners, and a couple of movies.  

-Celebrate hub’s birthday – Yes, we had a Mexican dinner at home and gave him gifts

-Celebrate father’s day – Yes, we went on the boat and did what he wanted.

-Shop locally – Yes!  I have frequented my favorite local boutiques and consignment stores.  

-Sit in a coffee shop – No, not yet. I need to decide which one to try.

-Call people I haven’t talked to in awhile – Yes!  My dear cousin K was one phone call and other friends to set up dates to do things, mainly. I meant real phone calls and not texts, by the way.

-Invite friends to walk in parks – No – can I blame the heat?

I forgot:  

-See lots of movies in the theater – Yes -so far Adrift, Ocean’s 8, Life of the Party, TAG

-Make myself stay up later and sleep in later – Yes – staying up until at least 10 and sleeping til 6:30 or 7 which is late for me

So, I would say I’m doing fairly well!  Let me know how you are doing or any ideas you have for me?


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Summer Bucket List Check-In

  1. Such a good idea to have a summer bucket list check-in! Even with the slightly more relaxed pace of summer, I still get busy enough with regular life stuff to remember to actually do those summer things sometimes! I have checked off some fun summer outings with my kiddo and finding the perfect pair of sandals, but now I’d better get to work on planning some bike rides with friends and finding some front porch planters, like I intended! Love your list – outdoor concerts and farmers markets are the best 🙂


    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I think lists keep you accountable to really eek the most out of the season! Good luck with your list, too!


  2. I don’t really make summer bucket lists. I mean, I plan things and such, but I like my summers to be more fluid because during the school year, my life is ruled by the alarm clock and bedtimes and schedules and meetings. I utilize the summer to allow myself to go with the flow and restore some balance. But, I can see the value in a seasonal bucket list bc it might help you keep in top of all the things you want to do. Have a great rest of your summer!

    Visiting from WNWY


    1. Ericka! I just read your blog post and your “missing” and “annoyed” are so me! I can’t eat corn either and I get at least one of those calls a day. I’m a high school Spanish teacher in Louisville! I understand what you are saying about not demanding too many things of yourself. Mine are mainly fun goals. I am proud of my self for being more spontaneous because I am not at all during the school year.
      Thanks for commenting!


    1. Haha! Luckily my husband works so I can do what I want! I cleaned out the medicines and the spice cabinet just so you don’t think I’m totally lazy!
      Did you know I live in Louisville?


  3. Yes, you can blame the heat! Ha! It’s so hot sometimes there’s just no way to accomplish outdoor activities. I’ve been slacking off on my reading lately, need to get back into it!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. I know! Ok, I think I finally have a book I can get into: Match Made in Manhattan by Amanda Stauffer.
      It seems light it will be a light and fun summer read!


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