Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What have you done so far this week?  This is my son’s second and final week of an in town acting camp so it’s made me get up and out the door by 9 a.m.  I have enjoyed some free time last week and this week getting things together for the upcoming school year.  I have purchased some new school clothes for the boys.  We purchased two new pairs of shoes back in June so we’re good there.  We’ve ordered and started reading summer reading books.  I bought a bunch of 25 cent notebooks for the boys and I.  Target doesn’t have the major school supply bargains that they used to have, you guys.  I’m waiting to buy the specifics after the first day of school so that I don’t waste money on things we don’t need.  

Monday night, my husband’s wonderful company hosted an appreciation night for employees and spouses at a wine bar with heavy appetizers.  We stayed out until 9 on a weeknight!  

Tuesday morning after dropping my son off at camp, I met my former work neighbor (next door teacher for 17 years!) at a cute new bagel place.  It was great to catch up!  

Last week I had a chance to visit my three local consignment stores.  I don’t always find things and you hear me talk about going often because you really have to go frequently  to find good things.  The stock changes daily.  About a month ago, I mentioned that anything else I bought this summer would have to work for school.  Here is what I found:  

Our school colors include maroon, but maroon is also part of my fall and winter clothing palette.  I highly recommend deciding what your colors are and only buying these colors.  This is a Target brand long sleeve with a cute lace detail at the shoulders and at the hem. Sometimes when you are shopping consignment you will need to go up a size because things have been washed and dried.  I actually think this can be an advantage because you can see that it held up in the machine.  



Here is another Target brand long sleeve top.  I think this will look great with white jeans.  This will be good if I’m supporting UK, my husband’s college team, too.  $6

This is a brand I hadn’t heard of but I like the boho chic nature and the light cornflower blue color.  It’s long sleeve, too.  I’ve already worn it!  $8.  img_3068.jpg

These were a little pricey, but you know how I feel about Hue leggings/jeggings from my post here.  These are full length, not capri length and I had recently thought I needed olive pants in my closet.  These were $15.  Original price would’ve been $30-40, I think.  img_3067.jpg

Finally, I found some shoes.  Now, I will say that the shoes I buy at consignment stores look like they have never been worn.  I know some people might be squeamish about used shoes.  Also, the clothes are oftentimes not worn more than once or twice and I just wash them right away.  I thought this shoe would be great for fall and it mimics my summer sandal at the top of the photo that I have worn a bunch.  Don’t overlook metallics in your wardrobe.  They are great!  So, this is almost the same but a different brand and a little more gold, but with a closed toe for when open toe no longer seems appropriate.  $15.

I also might add that I sold clothes to the consignment store and earned a whopping $8 to put toward these purchases!  

How do you think I did?  Just go into your consignment store or even your Goodwill or thrift shop with an open mind and see what you can find.  Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap, though.  Really make sure it fits your lifestyle, your needs, and your color palette.  Or, if you can’t get out easily, check out the online consignment options such as ThredUp.  I’ve heard of people finding great things.  

Happy second hand shopping!  I’ve gotta go and see what else is new at mine!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts and Recent Consignment Finds

  1. You found some great pieces and you’re right you need to shop frequently to get the goods! I haven’t been consignment store shopping in quite a while but it sure is fun to go treasure hunting!


    1. Thank you! I’m just reading Modern Mrs. Darcy blog post about Thredup Goody Box like Stitch Fix but for consignment. Check it out!


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